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Numerology, number 3

In numerology, the number 3 is associated with something divine, absolutely perfect. Everyone knows that three is a sign of the trinity, one of the most mysterious, beautiful and lucky numbers.

The value of the number three in numerology and not only

Even without knowing numerology, one can understand that the number three is in fact unique. It is found literally everywhere, has a lot of reflections in a person’s life, in the religious sphere, in magic.

Numerology, number 3In the Christian religion, three are sacred, for it personifies the Holy Father, Son, and Spirit. Their holistic energy symbolizes boundless love and light.

What other interesting facts related to the troika?

  • 3 heavens of heaven.
  • Risen Jesus Christ on the third day.
  • Three crosses, located on Calvary.
  • The Apostle Peter denied Jesus three times.
  • When meeting a friend, take him to kiss three times.
  • Orthodox after praise baptized three times.
  • According to tradition, in a full-fledged family there should be at least three people: a mother, a father and a baby.

The figure is very many-sided, it symbolizes the unity of this world. For many centuries, people believed that this number can be considered a symbol of a threefold pagan deity, which appears in the guise of a young maiden, an adult lady and a decrepit old woman.

Three also symbolizes balance, maximum strength, pointing to the most stable geometric figure — a triangle. This figure is directly related to the most important processes occurring in the universe: birth, life, death. Therefore, very many witchcraft conspiracies end with this line:

Troika in literature

Numerology, number 3Since childhood, we have heard about the three-headed dragon, 3 travelers, meeting the main character on the road, three-eyed creatures.

And if we turn to the ancient bylinas, then in the story of Ilya of Murom there are three wise men. In stories, there are usually 3 sisters in families, the same number of brothers, and the hero of a fairy tale must perform one task in one of three ways.

Russian folklore once again confirms the magical meaning of the number three of our people.

The value of birth under the number 3 in numerology

People who were born on the third of any month are really special. They are sunny, happy, and godly children who are in constant development.

Such people are endowed with an extraordinary energy potential, they can do something that is not subject to others.

According to numerology, a person born under this number is very dreamy, but is able to fulfill most of his desires. Such people are impractical, but they love to create beauty.

The third numbers were born Pushkin, Vernadsky. Such people prefer to work in a team, together with others, loneliness may not be in their favor.

Routine is what destroys such people from within.

Troika are trying to draw attention to themselves to the maximum, to embrace everyone in their arms, to teach them to easily experience life’s troubles. These individuals ideally manifest themselves as writers, artists, in the sports field.

They are wonderful speakers who can become wonderful psychologists.

Plant number 3 — dandelion, successful days: Saturday and Wednesday, happy amethyst stone, color: purple and purple.

Positive traits

The most positive traits of people born under the number 3 are their desire to live, friendliness, cheerfulness.

They are sociable, eloquent, artistic and kind.

They have a good sense of humor, they like to support other people.

Negative traits

The negative quality of the three is excessive talkativeness and vanity. Such people become gossips.

If they understand that they cannot bypass the enemy in any other way, then they begin to intrigue him in every way, try to annoy him, “they are not playing by the rules.”

Often these people are very petty, experiencing constant alarm. Unfortunately, the proverb applies to those born under the troika: “he will see a straw in someone else’s eye, he does not notice it in his log”.

These people are very intolerant of the shortcomings and failures of others, can be very impatient, boastful and jealous.

The magic of number 3 in human relations

For those born under this number, it is very important to know that they are loved and claimed by the opposite sex. Without emotional harmony, such people will not be able to live a normal and harmonious and happy life.

Like no other, they are capable of loving, being faithful to their partner, or often sacrificing personal interests, desires for the future of the couple.

Numerology, number 3In the fate of such a person always happens a lot of events. These individuals always want to be admired, dreaming to be meaningful (both in the eyes of just friends and a loved one).

Children born under the number 3, do not need to talk about the shortcomings, to focus their attention on this. It should, on the contrary, be more supportive of them, encourage them for success, good behavior and make efforts to develop their talents. Such children are very susceptible to everything that others say and are easily amenable to re-education.

However, offensive criticism is remembered by them for many years.

The number 3 is unique, magical, and people born under this number are able to go to great lengths in order to gain what they want, reach their potential, and achieve harmony in this world with their beloved person.

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