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Numerology, number 7

According to numerology, the number 7 is very ambiguous, magical and mysterious. Many consider it unreal, heavenly and even controlling space and time.

But is it?

The magic value of the number 7 in religions

Numerology, number 7What associations do you have when we talk about the number «seven»? The first thing that comes to mind are plots from the Bible.

The Son of God was resurrected on the 7th day, such a day of the week is special for all Orthodox.

If we turn to any religion, we will see the deification of this particular number.

  • 7 deadly sins;
  • seven seals (Revelation 6: 1-17; 8: 1-5);
  • the seven bowls of the wrath of the Lord (Revelation 16: 1-21);
  • the seven trumpets (Revelation 8: 6-21; 11: 15-19).
  • There is a special seven-barreled candlestick — the menorah.

In Islam, every pilgrim should:

  • 7 times throw a stone at the devil;
  • the same time around Kaaba;
  • 7 times to go around the hills in the courtyard of the main mosque Al-Haram.

As you can see, numerology surrounds us everywhere, every day, and it is this magic number 7 that follows us everywhere. So, in the world around us, there are only seven wonders of the world, 7 chakras of a living being, the same color of a rainbow, days of the week, main notes in music, the main parts of a human body, 7 days the spirit of a deceased person hovers around the grave.

Of course, such an amazing magic number 7 could not but be reflected in mythology. The magic of this figure is found in the legends of ancient Egypt. There, this number symbolizes the afterlife and symbolizes Osiris.

According to the myth, at 7 pm, the journey begins to the afterlife. The deceased must pass exactly 7 rooms and enter the same number of doors.

If we talk about the ancient Greek culture, Apollo is the patron saint of this number. He was born on the seventh day of the month.

And the musical instrument that belongs to him has seven strings.

Numerology, number 7

Seven Daughters of Atlanta

This figure is reflected in other ancient Greek legends. How many young guys and girls were sacrificed to the Minotaur?

Seven, right. Exactly so many years was concluded Odysseus nymph Calypso.

And the same number of daughters were counted in Atlanta.

Not spared the magic of the number 7 and the Celts. In their myths, this figure is very important.

In ancient legends it is indicated that so many people were able to return after traveling to Britain, in total there were exactly 7 visionaries.

Did you know that the Buddha was sitting under a tree with 7 fruits on it? All this confirms the fact that the number 7 is amazing, and people from all over the world knew about it and regularly emphasized its significance.

Seven — the magic of numerology in literature

Numerology, number 7Why is the number 7 considered magical? Everyone finds his answer to this.

For some, this is the number of an angel, someone believes that this is a combination of heaven and earth or soul and body, a symbol of eternal life. There are a lot of explanations for this, and everyone really stops at the one that is closer to him.

It is impossible not to mention that the supernatural figure really connects the real and the magic. For example, in ancient times they believed that in order to make an infusion that would restore vitality and cure all diseases, you need to take 7 herbs and boil them in 7 spring waters.

The drug is drunk 7 days in a row on 7 spoons.

If you go back to the oral folk art, then we will meet many sayings that use this figure, for example:

  • seven spans in the forehead;
  • to feed a chicken for 7 years — still 1 lunch;
  • measure seven times — cut one;
  • work up a seventh sweat.

The value of the number 7 in numerology — people born under this number

The number 7 in numerology is really unique and its meaning perfectly describes those who were born under this number. Such people are original, non-standard, possess really unique talents and abilities.

Their worldview is unusual, they do not depend on social principles and principles. They themselves create themselves, consciously create a new world.

Most often, such people choose the path of a philosopher or a creative person. The works of art created by the sevens are truly unique and stunning.

Such people are wise, patient and able to have compassion.

Their main principle is self-development. Perhaps that is why next to them is often not easy to be.

After all, in order to achieve all of their goals, they will easily say goodbye to everyone who prevents them from moving forward.

Positive traits

People born at number 7 have a clear advantage — they are the best leaders, natural leaders who can lead their team in the first place.

These people have logical thinking, clearly make plans, courageous and courageous, they are not afraid of difficulties, difficult situations, they always act quickly and clearly.

Negative traits

All people have their drawbacks, the «sevens» are no exception. Often they may seem too insidious and cruel.

However, almost always this impression is deceptive.

Such people are just trying to achieve the desired by hook or by crook, and, unlike others, they are not afraid to go towards their goals. Sevens can be very tricky and pedantic, which complicates relationships with them.

Number 7 in human relations

A person born under the number 7, according to numerology, is a very good friend, as he stimulates new ideas, feats, is balanced, smart, ready to help.

Numerology, number 7However, such people were attractive to society only if they failed to lose their dignity, self-control and charisma, being in even a state of constant chaos and confusion. Unfortunately, the sevens are often hard to adapt to the circumstances and life in general.

Therefore, be prepared for the fact that the seven will win their right to live by their own rules.

Numerology, number 7

Numerology, number 7

Both children and adults born under this number do not like when there are a lot of people in their house. This makes them unprotected, so noisy companies do not seduce them.

Such people are hard to choose a life partner. This should be a sophisticated, intelligent person, interested in the same things as the «seven».

There may be big problems in communicating with numerous relatives of the partner. A large relative may cause an individual to dislike the family hearth.

The number 7 in numerology is really special. There are many events connected with it, which people treat with special trembling and warmth. People born under the magic number 7 fully correspond to this number.

They are mysterious, non-standard and able to achieve a lot.

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