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Numerology of numbers, key concepts, meaning and application

Numerology of numbers is an ancient science that tells about the connection of a person’s life with the date of his birth and all the numbers that arise and repeat in the course of life. The founder of numerology, Pythagoras, developed a unique method of calculation, which people use to this day.

Meaning numbers

Numerology of numbers, key concepts, meaning and application

Each digit, according to numerology, has its own unique meaning. Brief decoding of numbers:

  • 0 — the beginning of everything, a symbol of non-existence and intangible things that are beyond the usual understanding
  • 1 — the personification of masculinity and courage, the symbol of masculinity. The personality characteristics indicate incredible perseverance and willpower, the desire to achieve goals and succeed.
  • 2 — the symbol of the feminine. Indicates such qualities as femininity and softness, the ability to improve and harmonize the space around them. A person whose unit is dominated by a numerological map is endowed with incredible flexibility and is committed to partnerships.
  • 3 — the personification of creative potential. It is a symbol of an extraordinary, bright person who dreams of recognizing others and glory
  • 4 — indicates such qualities as diligence, ability to organize and manage processes, people. Characteristic for patient and consistent people who strive for stability and stand firmly on their feet
  • 5 — the ability to adapt to an abrupt change of circumstances, environment. People with fives in the map are curious and curious, they are interested in everything. They love to search for new things and share knowledge with others.
  • 6 — the number of harmony and love, happy relaxed lifestyle. The pursuit of family and romance, creating a warm, spiritual hearth
  • 7 — the number of people with high intelligence. It is they who make discoveries in science, become philosophers, scientists, researchers. This is a person capable of introspection and one who knows how to penetrate the very essence of things and phenomena.
  • 8 — a symbol of the material world and everything connected with it. The number of wisdom and self-confidence, love and acceptance of the world in all its glory. Ability to seek and find compromises in any situation
  • 9 — the number of people is incredibly sociable, social. They do not represent life in solitude, they seek to surround themselves with friends and fans. Rejoice at new events, impressions. Sociable and able to find common language with anyone

To understand which of the numbers corresponds to your personality, you need to make a numerological calculation and determine which numbers prevail in it.

Calculation method

To make your own numerological map, it is enough to know the date of your birth. The calculation method is quite simple and is based on the sequential addition of numbers.

Numerology of numbers, key concepts, meaning and application

Everything is very simple: for example, the date of your birth is 16 of 1991. We fold: 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 1. We get: 27.

Repeat the addition: 2 + 7 = 9. Nine and will be the main number of your card.

There are a few exceptions. If your number turned out to be 11, 22, 13, 14, 16 or 19, they do not need to be reduced to a single digit, but consider special values:

  • 11 is a very powerful number, which is endowed with a great magic meaning. The person whose life is affected by this combination, from birth is endowed with an incredibly strong energy. If you develop this quality, it may well become a psychic, telepath, or discover other supernatural abilities
  • 22 is a symbol of a very rational person. Logic and reason always come first. It strictly follows the law, moral principles and obeys social norms. The weak side is the tendency to submission, to curry favor with the powerful

Numerology of numbers, key concepts, meaning and application

13, 14, 16, and 19 are karmic numbers that indicate negative manifestations of character:

  • 13 — the extreme degree of egoism. A person lives and acts only for the sake of his own desires and needs, disregarding others and does not take into account their interests. Egocentrism — the basis of life and the formation of principles
  • 14 — a person without a sense of responsibility. Not from evil, but he constantly harms other people. Because of him, someone constantly suffers — suffers financial losses or moral damage. The tendency to dominate, the absence of a craving for spiritual development and indifference to others
  • 16 — a person who is his own law and authority. Full contempt of social, moral, legislative norms. Refuses to bear responsibility for offenses and committed actions that harm people and the world. Not able to control themselves and limit in something. Life that is continuously associated with the processing of heavy karmic debts
  • 19 — the tendency to self-deprecation, low self-esteem, the complete lack of self-love and self-acceptance. Self-esteem is completely absent. It is terrible, if such a person gets power — can cause enormous harm, abusing the powers

Watch a video about the meaning of numbers in terms of numerology:

Key concepts of numerology

In addition to the main number, by the date of birth, you can calculate a few more main figures that characterize the personality and the main karmic moments:

  1. The number of life path. Indicates the karmic destination of the soul, which exists in the current incarnation of man in the physical world
  2. Birthday number — indicates the ways in which the destination can be successfully fulfilled. The shortest way to fulfill the mission of the soul
  3. Soul Number — shows the sources of energy that are most correct for a particular person.
  4. The number of appearance — reflects the way you perceive the environment

Knowing how the numbers affect your life, you can correct the negative aspects and shift the focus to the development of the strengths of the individual.

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