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Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

A strange and inexplicable connection between certain numbers and the fate of man was noticed by the ancient sages and philosophers. Before them, many lost civilizations tried to interpret the relationship of numbers and destinies.

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

The study of numbers and their capabilities in determining the fate, events and human life contributed to the development of numerology, which caused the emergence of numerous schools that interpret digital calculus differently. Modern numerology according to the Pythagorean table is perhaps the most common and popular method of interpreting numbers and deciphering their meaning.

The main hobby of the great mathematician

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

The official founder of numerology still convinced his contemporaries of the absolute perfection of mathematics and digital calculi. It is to him that the famous catch phrase that with the help of mathematics can be explained everything that happens in life.

In his statements, Pythagoras was not unsubstantiated. All mathematical research conducted by the scientist was based on the writings and knowledge of the ancient Egyptian priests — the main keepers of all the secrets of civilization.

It is believed that it was from them that Pythagoras received a numerical matrix known in wide circles as the «Pythagorean table». Most modern numerological schools and trends, as well as applied sciences, in their research and works relies on it.

Mysterious magic of numbers

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

The Pythagorean matrix is ​​a regular table, in the cells of which all single-digit numbers, except for zero, are arranged in order. By themselves, they do not mean anything, it makes sense to fill in the table with the numbers that make up the full date of birth of the person.

Only through a filled matrix can one get an idea of ​​what a person is in a personal, physical, social relation, with what potential his nature has rewarded and where he can fully realize it.

Calculation of working numbers

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

Before embarking on introspection and self-knowledge on the mathematical scheme of Pythagoras, it is necessary to calculate the figures defining Soul, Name and Fate. To do this, write in a numerical expression the full date of birth.

All numbers must be added together.

The resulting amount will be the first number that is useful for further decoding.
Next, you need to add the digits of this two-digit number among themselves. The result is a second significant number.

The third number is obtained by simple mathematical calculations. From the received first number you must subtract the first digit of the date of birth (if the date is represented by a two-digit number) multiplied by two.

The fourth number necessary for decoding is obtained by adding the numbers that make up the third number.
Thus, the calculations should have two two-digit and two single-digit numbers.

Filling the matrix of Pythagoras

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

After calculating the required values, you can begin to fill in the Pythagorean table. To do this, draw a table consisting of three columns and three rows.

Each cell must be numbered by entering in order all the numbers from one to nine.

Then in the table you need to enter all the numbers that make up the full date of birth and the four numbers received, in accordance with the numbers of the cells.

After filling in the table, you can proceed to the interpretation of the data, according to the established tradition in numerology or using the interpretation of the modern numerological school of interest.

Deciphering numeric values

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

What happens in the end

According to the current classical table decryption scheme, the resulting numerical combinations will denote certain abilities, potential capabilities and talents, and characteristics of a person.

  1. The presence of one unit in the table indicates a pronounced selfish person, two — the balance of altruism and selfishness. The more units a person has, the more he is characterized by authority and toughness of character, but only in relation to others.
  2. The presence of one deuce suggests that a person is able to replenish energy losses from external sources. It can be, as works of literature and art, meditative and spiritual practices, and other people (vampirism).
  3. The triple testifies to the internal organization, self-discipline and self-discipline. The more triples a person has, the greater is his rigor to himself, internal organization and accuracy.
  4. Four speaks of good human health. The number of fours more than one indicates a healthy heredity, strong immunity and resistance to infectious diseases.
  5. The number of fives indicates that a person has intuitive abilities.
  6. Sixes are responsible for physical endurance and strength.
  7. Seven talk about the presence of hidden talents.
  8. Eight characterize the responsibility, punctuality and decency of a person in relation to other people and work.
  9. Nines talk about the level of intellectual development. The more nines a person has, the more developed, well-read and literate he is.

Other interpretations of the table of Pythagoras and their application

Pythagorean table numerology: decoding numbers

Among the many modern numerological teachings, there are those in which the decoding of numerical combinations goes in a different direction. In some, the eight denotes wealth and good fortune, the seven denotes social significance and love.

As well as the traditional system of interpretation of numbers, they enable a person not only to know better himself, but also to choose the necessary directions for further self-development and self-realization.

Various variants of decoding numerical combinations are widely used in modern practical psychology, self-development and positive thinking trainings.

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