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The number of fate in numerology

The number of fate in numerologyPredictions, divination, interpretation of dreams have long existed. People develop and use different techniques ranging from fortune telling on the coffee grounds, ending with the location of the planets and stars in the sky.

Numerology is a long-standing science, which allows you to calculate the value by which you can decipher your destiny by a simple method of adding the numbers of the date of birth.

There are several methods for calculating the number of fate:

Quantitative calculation of lucky numbers without further interpretation.

A simple technique that provides for the usual addition of numbers without further interpretation. For example, Vasilyeva Vasilisa Vasilyevna, 12, 1990 year of birth. Here you should write each word in a column, count the number of letters in a line:

  • Vasiliev = 9
  • Vasilisa = 8
  • Vasilyevna = 10
  • Twelve = 10
  • Nineteen nineties = 25
  • January = 6

If the calculation turns out two identical numbers, as in our example, two tens, then the second one should be added 0. It turns out that the lucky numbers should be considered: 9, 6, 8, 10, 25 remain unchanged, to the second 10 it is added 0.

What to do with them next? Anything: compare with anything, plan important events, go on a trip, on vacation.

For example, make an appointment from 08.00 to 09.00 in the morning 10 or 25 and at the same time believe that the outcome of this meeting will be positive, and may be fateful.

Relationship with higher powers

This is a new method of counting the number of destiny, in which the counting is trying to find some connection between himself and his guardian angel. The number is calculated by the time of birth.

If we add the Pythagorean interpretation to this value, we can get a powerful argument for influencing our own fate.

The number of fate in numerology

On the left in the table are the hours of birth with an interval of 60 minutes. The next columns are the day of the week (I) — the first half of the day, (II) — the second.

For example, you were born on 03.06.1970, at 10.45 am — that was Wednesday. We look at the table — we see that for this period of time 3 is considered a lucky number of fate.

Counting lucky fortune by birth

Proposed this method of counting Pythagoras.

Each count must have a value from one to nine.

This is a kind of analogue of the zodiac sign. For example, the number of fate from 15 of 1993 is calculated by adding all the numbers in the date of birth:

1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 35. We put together these two numbers 3 + 5, we get 8.

Enter your date of birth:
Day Month Year

To calculate

What are the numbers in numerology?

The number of fate in numerologyEach number from 1 to 9 in numerology has its own magical meaning.

Value 1

Power, courage, power, courage, vitality — all these qualities are endowed with people with 1 in the number of destiny. A unit in the numerological core is also evidence of the imposition of a specific mission.

Which sooner or later a person will have to perform.

Positive qualities 1

The key positive feature of the unit is thought independence. For a person who has it among his destiny, there is no one’s, even an authoritative opinion.

He will never take the experience of others as a basis. If he knows and knows how, then at the cost of his own practice. These people are always original, brave and resourceful.

Endowed with the ability to convince. 1 in the number of fate — unfailing determination, self-confidence, leadership.

Negative qualities 1

Negative sides 1 — the reverse side of the positive traits. Lack of doubt, the ability to think correctly creates assertiveness and arrogance, aggression, altruism, authoritarianism.

Units are able to control the crowd, but never become part of it. She would never agree to be first among the first, she always considers herself first.

Hence the manifestation of such qualities as boasting, cynicism, self-will, vanity, impulsivity.

Value 2

Two, according to the value in numerology — flexibility, grace, delicacy, femininity, partnership.

Positive qualities 2

Numerological interpretation 2 is identical to the canonical list of universal human virtues:

  • peacefulness;
  • insight;
  • generosity;
  • correctness.

If you add here more romanticism and aristocracy, you get a real «crown of creation.»

Negative traits 2

The number 2 in numerology is an equilibrium point, an axis of symmetry, providing a state of inner peace to a person.

Any deviations in this balance are perceived by a person as a threat to their own well-being and even life.

These feelings provoke twos on actions that allow restoring harmony and order in the family and environment.

Meaning 3 in numerology

Creativity, fantasy with the subsequent realization in life. The three in the numerological core indicates a special vision, with the ability to independently determine how much and what humanity lacks for complete perfection.

This is the main motivation, the driving force behind every vital step.

Positive qualities 3

Key benefits 3 — all-conquering optimism, vitality. It is virtually impossible for a trio to force one to doubt oneself personally or the importance of the role it plays. She is not afraid of minor life troubles.

She is confident that soon everything will fall into place, and the finish line — fantastic. Carefree attitude and assessment of reality explain the artistry and expressiveness of triples.

Negative qualities 3

The negative aspect of the «triples» — despondency every time, if their «celebration of life» stops at least for a minute.

This can happen when they have a lack of communication and attention.

Then selfishness simply forces them to demand recognition and interest, literally, from everyone who surrounds them.

Value 4

Four in numerology is: organization, consistency, patience, stability, work, reliable life, stability, respect from others.

Positive characteristics 4

The fours are firm in their own convictions, they clearly understand that nothing in life is given for nothing, any reward, any achievement is deserved and have their price. Therefore, people with 4 in the number of fate are considered the basis of society.

They are always aware of what they need to do, when exactly to make important decisions.

Negative qualities 4

Pointing to the negative qualities of the fours, first of all they mention:

  • tediousness;
  • sluggishness;
  • excessive stubbornness.

In order not to make mistakes, the fours are never in a hurry. Until recently, they defend their own point of view, they are always ready to “stick their nose” at their opponent, if he is somehow mistaken.

They do not cover personal distrust of others, easily make promises. Characterized as irresponsible and lightweight personality.

Surrounding people often blame them for excessive suspicion.

Meaning 5

The five in numerology is curiosity, fickleness, mobility, total rejection of any rules or restrictions. This does not mean that people with 5 in the number of fate, the laws are not written. They cannot be equated with the number of potential violators.

They simply “let through” any rules through the prism of their own perceptions with further evaluation on their own rating scale.

Positive traits 5

Strong qualities of the «fives» character:

  • high degree of social vitality;
  • contact;
  • love of strange, unnatural.

The role of sevens in life is “travel”. Constant dissatisfaction, restlessness and impulsive actions targeted. All achievements become socially useful action.

The energy of the five allows you to endure any life changes, including bad ones, without serious consequences.

These people are able to «get out» of any difficult situations.

Negative qualities of number 5

The most obvious negative qualities of the «fives»:

  • imbalance;
  • irresponsibility;
  • frivolity;
  • quick temper.

From their point of view, it is considered unfair to impose any obligations on the part. They often give up what they have just begun, embarking on doing another.

Value 6

Harmony, romance, tranquility, self-denial, loyalty, freedom. So you can briefly describe the six in numerology.

Positive qualities 6

The key positive qualities of the Sixes are the cordial attitude, genuine humanism towards their surroundings and towards all people in principle. It does not matter who a person works with 6 in the number of destinies: in the government service, in the tax inspection or simple workers, for them human life is sacred, and the freedom of the right to vote is indisputable.

Simply put, the “six” are very responsive and kind, at any moment ready to give the most valuable things to their neighbor if they need it.

Their surroundings can always count on them in difficult times and rely on them as a faithful friend.

Negative traits of 6

The disadvantage of the «six» can serve as uncontrollable positive qualities. For example, in defending their friend they are merciless and cruel to his enemy.

Willingness to stake their interests and achievements for the benefit of others engender the desire to be tormented. This is pride, if we interpret the number 6 in a negative field.

Confidence in the legitimacy of all that the «six» are doing can cause serious conflict situations. And the neglect of rational arguments and arguments can bring any person to insanity, especially when they interfere in his private life, strongly proving that they do it from the best of intentions.

Value 7

Self-analysis, research, the philosophical mentality of intelligence, wisdom, refinement — these are the properties that endows the fate of people with 7 in the number of fate.

Positive properties 7

The influence of the seven on the life of a person is mostly positive and very huge.

Nature has endowed them with an analytical mind, originality of thinking and, as they say in the people, “golden hands”. One of the key qualities of the «sevens» — the ability to really think.

Taking full advantage of logic, insight and erudition. They, as a rule, always manage to emerge victorious from different life situations.

They are considered wise advisers. Another good quality of the sevens is internal balance, but if they break down to shout, then they get out of balance, but they are not capable of losing their heads, and it is a waste of time and effort to make them do it.

Negative qualities 7

If we consider the number 7 in a negative way, then we can distinguish such qualities as:

  • cynicism;
  • unfounded suspicion;
  • misanthropy;
  • wildness of external manifestations.

They don’t care what they say or think about them. They do not turn on the subject of manifestation of the most elementary politeness or good manners to carry on a conversation. If desired, they can be “taught a lesson” in terms of etiquette in defiant form, then the “sevens” feel humiliated and offended.

In addition — such people never and never become part of the crowd, therefore, they do not become favorites either.

Value 8

Wisdom, materiality, compromise, confidence. Eight in numerology is considered the dominant principle, confidence, and is ineradicable in its own abilities and capabilities. The Eights are leaders since birth.

The way of life for them is a complete battlefield, and the benefits and achievements are personal trophies.

Pros 8 in the number of fate

Positive factors for a person 8:

  • good business sense;
  • courage;
  • perseverance.

Numerology believes that people of this psychotype govern all processes and everything that happens in the modern world. For them, impossible tasks or insurmountable obstacles simply do not exist. They foresee every step that they have to go through in their life path and the path of progress.

They always know what, when and how exactly they should undertake. “Eights are very reliable, impartial. They often act tough, but honest.

If someone is taken under personal care, then this lucky one can be envied.

He will always and everywhere be protected from any kind of problems and troubles.

Negative traits of 8

The obvious and frequently encountered negative qualities 8 are:

  • arrogance;
  • arrogance;
  • bad habit of testing those who are dependent on them;
  • vanity;
  • anger.

This is a list of the essential features of the G8 business life. They can often cause bewilderment to their subordinates or colleagues. In everyday life and communication, such manifestations significantly spoil their image.

They need to learn to control themselves and their emotions, so as not too often to abuse the patience of their surroundings.

Value 9

Universality, interpersonal skills, scale, diversity, idealism — this is the status of the basic life principle of «nines». Figuratively speaking, they do not claim at all what is meant by the concept of the Purpose of Creation.

They are convinced that everything that was invented before them is reasonable, arranged correctly and will end well for them.

Good qualities 9

The key advantage 9 is considered to be absolute, unlimited benevolence towards people, the ability to show and understand, showing mercy to those who need it most.

They are endowed with nature to enchant others, to cause only positive emotions.

Probably, nature has endowed them with this property to popularize their own views on life. The sensual component for them plays a significant role, apparently for this reason they do not consider it necessary to ignore their unattractiveness.

Negative properties 9

Negative aspects 9 in numerology are associated with melodrama and over-emotionalism. Simply put, “Nines” love and very often “arrange scenes” as a way of internal discharge and for relieving tension.

It seems to them that people used to live easier than in the modern world. Considering the times gone down in history — «a paradise lost for themselves.»

Interpretation of special numbers

The number of fate in numerologyDual digits are endowed with a special status — the dominant numbers. They reveal, in comparison with the others, a greater potential.

Value 11

11 — the unity of opposites. The double unit is shrouded in a kind of mystical aura, symbolizing magical power.

May be expressed in arbitrariness or excessiveness.

This number is doubled by the potential of the number 2.

Value 22

Doubled 2 or two squared is not as perfect as the previous value. Since it is not built on the balance (ratio) of antagonisms.

This is the number of law, logic, balanced actions, worship.

The value of the numbers 13, 14, 16, 19

They are in numerology is considered to be karmic.

Compatibility of people by the number of destiny can be calculated just as by name, zodiac sign or horoscope. This skill is given far from everyone and not everyone, in principle it is necessary. The importance of such a description depends on how seriously a person believes in it, and how correctly he perceives the information provided to him.

There are cases, and there are many of them, when two perfect opposites converge and live happily.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that every person living on earth is an individual and not all interpretations of astrology, numerology and other sciences can be fully applied to it. In some, these predictions converge, in others — not.

It is also necessary to understand that nothing in life is given by gift, in order to achieve something — you need to work on yourself, learn, develop.

This is the only way to achieve certain success, to get rich, to live happily, to emerge victorious in difficult life situations.

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