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How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Very important information that helps determine the fate of a person carries ears. In this regard, many factors are decisive: size, shape, proportions of individual parts, and even color.

Ears can be very large, large, medium and small. In this article we will tell you how to determine the character of a person by the ears.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Large (big) ears

In physiognomy, large ears indicate that their owners are prone to philosophy, global thinking. They are very kind, sociable.

Willingly listen to the opinions of others on their topic of interest. Calm, non-conflict. They live an interesting, eventful and interesting life.

In the family, compliant, executive, always go to meet the household. They are promoted only due to their diligence and wide knowledge in many areas.

Do not tolerate dependent on the authorities of the situation, never ask for favors.

«December» — avid debaters, always prove their point of view to the end, even if they know that they are wrong. Eternal fighters for justice, for the protection of the offended unfairly.

They have many friends and sympathizers, they all find support. Great success is achieved in the professions of the investigator for particularly important cases, lawyer, lawyer, human rights activist. The family does not seek leadership, it is enough for them in the service.

More time spent at work. Comprehensively developed people who are interested in sports can achieve great success in professional sports. Naturally born drivers who never get into accidents have a great response.

Extremely explosive in extreme situations, can be cruel if they are brought. They like to drink, but they are never drunk.

«July» — calm, friendly, pliable. For a long time they cannot choose a life partner, they are very careful and suspicious, they are somewhat modest in dealing with the opposite sex.

Talented in the field of mathematics, can devote themselves to scientific activities. Unobtrusive, never interfere in the affairs of others, do not ask anyone for help, are too independent and proud. They cannot be called talkative, but if necessary, they show excellent oratorical abilities.

Clearly state their thoughts, lucidly explain ideas.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

The “autumn” large ears of a person, and especially the “October” ones, are very prudent, perfectly manifest themselves in the field of financial activity. Talented in the field of medicine, especially in surgery or cardiology. Very attentive to work, never make mistakes.

Endurance physically, have good health, psychologically resistant. They do not like to lament their fate, they easily endure a lack of funds, they know how to be content with little if there is no possibility to have more.

It is believed that everything can be achieved by their own labor. They are constantly in search of new technologies, they will improve the existing ones.

They try to raise production to a higher level, often devoting their whole life to one business. Vindictive, but they remember the offense for a long time, they do not know how to forgive. Strongly experiencing failures, but do not lose faith in the best.

Carefully analyze the causes of failures, find misses. Have a wonderful ear for music, can be conductors.

What do big ears mean

  • Very large, large ears foreshadow many small troubles and complications. A person very often does not make up his personal life; there is an unsuccessful marriage, a failure on the love front. But at the same time, he has no intractable, leading to a significant loss of problems and trouble.
  • Huge ears say that the life of their owner will be long, and old age — happy.
  • Large, but not much more than the average ears are people who can achieve a lot. Most often, such individuals will succeed, and if they put in some strength and determination, they will not only make a career and achieve material well-being, but will also become famous in science or creativity. These people are lucky primarily in business, science or art. In their personal lives, they can expect some disappointments, sadness, unpleasant surprises, which will lead to forced loneliness or misunderstanding.
  • Large fleshy ears portend a great disappointment or loss that will change the next life. Most likely, this is due to the next of kin, the child. But in your future many positive events, joyful meetings are expected. In addition, in the future you will not be alone if you try to be more restrained, calm person.
  • Thin big ears foreshadow career success. In youth, the success of the opposite sex. This does not always lead to the creation of a family. Most likely, a person with such ears and character will prefer loneliness, independence and independence. Family ties will attract him at a more mature age. If the family is created in youth, then the probability of divorce is great. Usually, people with such ears have a long life and a happy old age, among loving loved ones.

Medium Ears

Determining a person’s character over medium-sized ears is easy. They will say a lot about the future of their owner.

Such a person is hardly waiting for the bitter disappointments and failures associated with the opposite sex. A little effort on their part — and success is assured. But at the same time, such people cannot be called absolute lucky ones.

In the future, they are also waiting for some disappointments, sadness, associated primarily with their material well-being and career growth.

Small ears

Small ears foreshadow a tumultuous life, full of unexpected pleasant and unpleasant events.

Such a person is waiting for a lot of adventures, especially if his life, work, activity is connected with moving, traveling. A person with such ears will lead a rather frivolous life, commit rash acts.

As a result, it will not only bring him trouble and unpleasant experiences, but also the happiness he dreams of.

Small, pale, beautifully “fashioned” ears foreshadow a quiet life. Such a person, most likely, will successfully make a career, will achieve a lot in material terms, he will be respected by employees, friends, and acquaintances.

But in family life the probability of complications is high: disagreements and quarrels with close people are possible.

Symmetrical ears

Symmetrical ears — a sign of harmonious human development, asymmetrical ears — a sign of physical disharmony.

According to the ancients, each is dual in nature. Accordingly, there is an ear “good” (for men — right, for women — left) and ear “bad” (for men — left, for women — right).

It should be remembered that the previous and left ears are different according to the information provided. A “good” ear speaks of karmic achievements, of a favorable balance.

So, for men, the right, “good” ear is the most important indicator. If anyone had any sinister signs, in ancient times such a person could be cursed or beaten with a stick.

First of all, it is necessary to determine which person is more pronounced, at least slightly, more harmoniously (harmonious — this is a whole ear, without faults, even in shape). If it is an “evil” ear, then such a person is karmically more prone to evil and must realize negative karma.

Each of us has ears that are expressed approximately equally, and this suggests that a person has equal chances to use both good and evil. Each ear symbolizes the cup from which we draw good and evil in order to use it in our life.

Pointed Ears

The shape of the auricle with a pointed angle at the end indicates the inconsistency of the nature of their owners. The nature of spiky ears is complex, difficult, unyielding. It is difficult to make acquaintances, have few friends, it is difficult to build relationships with the team at work, it is difficult to endure quarrels in the team and family.

However, very responsible, obligatory, hardworking. Depending on the name and patronymic, such people may be loyal friends, never leaving friends in need, or they may not have friends at all.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Children with this form of ears are very irritable, easily excited. Parents should pay attention to their nervous system.

«January» people with pointed ears are difficult to communicate, always dissatisfied with something, dissatisfied.

They do not know how to perceive criticism in their address, even fair. But they themselves love to criticize everyone and everything.

Not too easy to come together with colleagues, they choose their own friends. Squeamish, have a good sense of smell.

Not every home can eat, notice the slightest details of cooking. Achieve great results in sports, in any form of it, bold, fearless, hardworking.

Such ears can be found in world champions, in Olympic champions. In the family, such people try not to create conflicts, they have enough difficulties outside the home.

Unobtrusive, do not burden anyone with their requests, do not like when they impose their ideas or problems. They are inquisitive, they are seriously interested in politics, they can devote themselves to political activities.

Have a good memory, including visual. Have a tenacious memory, sharp mind.

Born in March — very vulnerable, sensitive. They try not to offend anyone, they are correct and tactful, carefully weigh their every word. Intelligent, have a good upbringing.

Show sympathy to others. Loyal friends and partners, reliable, obligatory. Punctual, pedantic to some extent.

Balanced, laconic, listen more than they say. They have something to say, but they are not in a hurry with conclusions, they do not consider it necessary for everyone to talk about their opinions. Many turn to them for help, and they do not refuse anyone.

Difficult to build their personal lives, may marry several times. Long can not find your pair.

They choose their satellite for the first time for a long time, but rarely successfully. There are also troubles in the team, it is difficult to find a common language with them, to agree.

They do not tolerate falsehood, hypocrisy, fawning. Do not go on scam, difficult to compromise. With some patronymic names, such people may be too cruel, capable of killing if they are taken out of balance.

Mostly such people are good diplomats, psychologists. They are able to build a dialogue, but only for the sake of a common cause.

In private conversation, they behave quite differently.

«July» people with pointed ears are very mobile, energetic.

The nervous system is unstable. Impatient, can interrupt the interlocutor, ending his thought.

In the morning they like to sleep, they hardly wake up, but I do not advise waking them up. Purposeful, able to plan their time.

They have many friends, they like an interesting society, they will not miss a single party, an official reception, or a presentation. Women consciously get married late, very independent, always rely only on their own strength. They love animals, have cats or small dogs in the house.

However, little attention is paid to pets, do not like to walk with them.

Meaty ears

In physiognomy, too fleshy ears are more common in sullen, terse people, locked in their own little world. In extreme situations, such people can be tough and even cruel.

Fleshy, lagging behind the neck muscles lobes indicate the strong will of such people. They are bold, resolute, strong natures. Often these ears can be found in professional sportsmen engaged in strength sports: wrestling, heavy weight barbell.

These people are very kind to their families and friends, they like cheerful companies, are reputed to be good-natured and wit. But I do not advise you to try their patience.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

«February» people with fleshy ears — it is difficult to build their lives, especially personal. They can marry several times, they have not been able to create a strong family for a long time.

Such people are not very sociable, secretive, do not like to talk about their personal lives, do not share their problems even with loved ones. Very hardworking, stubborn, assertive.

Have a good reaction, perfectly oriented in any setting. Do not tolerate lies, can explode and break the wood.

Prone to justifiable risk, practical and prudent. If it is profitable for them to undertake, they will do their best to achieve success, if not — they will never get involved in a dubious business. Decisive, do not pull time if they want to achieve something.

They do not tolerate unnecessary, those who want to spend them can end badly. They love to admire themselves in the mirror, have a perfect haircut, they are always elegant, pulled up. Early start to turn gray, or even go bald.

Loyal to relatives, they adore parents, they never forget about them.

How do you know the character of a person by the shape of his ears, if he was born in March? People with such ears are somewhat awkward, clumsy. Very vulnerable, too squeamish.

They do not like to visit, couch potatoes, only very large events can make them visit friends or acquaintances. Such people have a good intuition, bordering on the foresight of events, but they absolutely do not believe in fortune telling, they are wary of astrologers and psychics.

Women with such ears — also difficult to arrange their personal lives, there are several marriages. They often give birth to children of different sexes and from different marriages.

They are very inquisitive, read a lot, are interested in everything, have extensive knowledge in all areas. Inveterate debaters, prove their case to the bitter end, very upset if they do not succeed.

Many have good musical data, sing well. They love drinking songs, they gladly fulfill the request of friends to sing.

«October» women are very prudent, observant, practical.

With certain patronymic names, women are adventurous in nature, perfectly realizing themselves in the political sphere of activity, in the economy, in business. They are contact, sociable.

Get along well with men. Have a good figure, bright personality.

Attractive for men. Easily promoted. Beautiful actress.

Jealous, arrogant, if they catch the beloved in treason, can publicly arrange a scene of jealousy. Love flattery, praise, compliments.

However, with all women’s weaknesses they have a masculine mindset, have iron logic. They achieve great results in professional activity, occupy high positions.

What do ears say about a person

The table below gives the main guidelines for determining the character of a person by the ears:

Full, solid, large, bright color

The outer and inner rims are well rounded and well balanced.

A very good way out of poverty in the middle years.

Well rounded, hard, full, closely adjacent to the head, located above eye level, bright color.

The perfect type for a very successful career.

Relatively small rims, almost invisible in front

Adventurous type, high position with power

The outer rim as if on departure, the middle ear sticks out

Endless toil no help from ever, never earn much

Lack of an internal rim, the ear entirely comes forward, lobes are weak

Violent events at the end of life

The outer rim is flat and wide open, the inner rim — on the contrary, the whole ear is low

Clash with the law in adolescence, constant poverty

The ear is located quite high, but the middle part is overgrown, closing the lobe

Inability to save money, endless, exhausting work

The top of the ear is relatively small, but located above the level of the eyebrows and lighter in color than the face and earlobe

Wide popularity, prosperity, life to old age, death without offspring

The top of the ear is higher than the eyebrows, the outer rim is outward, bent back

Pleasant life to old age, death without posterity

The ear is large, the top is round, on departure.

pointed lobe

Lack of intelligence, thieves, bullies, scammers

The ear is located above the eye level close to the head, the outer rim is hard

Nobility, wealth, great glory in generations

External rim shabby, thin, not massive

Waste of inherited or acquired condition, poverty in old age

Drooping ears bent forward

Good life in youth, good success in middle years, poverty and loneliness in old age

The top of the ear is located above the eyebrows, full of external and internal rims, shoulder lobes, round head, large forehead

Noble, high position, life to old age

Good outer and inner rims. soft lobes, slightly divergent

Daily work, poverty, failure in old age

Determining the character of the size of the ears

In physiognomy, the size of the ears is also of great importance in determining the character of a person.

  • Big ears are considered good if they are balanced with other factors, including thickness, softness, elegance of form and radiant coloring of the ear. People with such ears can succeed. But overly large ears, of poor shape, colorless and covered with coarse skin, are a sign of an evil person. As a general rule: ears that are too big, not in balance with other facial features, mean vain, stubborn nature.
  • Ears, smaller than normal and not in balance with the rest of the face, indicate a dull and dull person. Because of their nature, such people easily fall under the influence of others, and they lack determination and self-confidence.
  • If the small ear size has a defective bezel, then this indicates a perfidious personality.
  • The unusually small ears of a man of great intelligence, having a high forehead, strong eyebrows, and imperious eyes, indicate a person who cannot be trusted, prone to violence and often of a criminal nature.
  • How to determine the nature of a person’s ears? Thin and soft ears with a small weight, indicate a tendency to unjustified risk in business. Most of the observations said that the ears with small masses indicate a lonely person. Soft ears with an inner rim, turned out, indicate a lustful, voluptuous man, sexually illegible. If such a soft ear is tilted forward, then it indicates a very tolerant person, an indulgent, indulgent, and sometimes obscenely lascivious.
  • How do you know the character of a person by the pointed shape of the ears? Such ears are relatively common, and come in various shapes. Pointed at the top, they point to a person of destructive nature and low intelligence. If the ears are pointed and prohibitively small, this indicates a stubborn and cruel character.
  • The rim or hem of the ear must be free from defects. If the bezel is small and soft, then it says that the person is weak and lacking willpower. If he is round, smooth and balanced with other facial features, this indicates a happy person with a beautiful character and close family ties. When the bezel, external, internal or medium, is clearly delineated, then this indicates intelligence or early development at a tender age. Ears with heavily disheveled external headbands — which in the West are called «cauliflower» — indicate a brave, determined person with an independent mind. Such people, in the literal sense of the word, conquer their destiny.
  • Reddish ears affect the character of a person — a stormy life filled with adventures and unusual incidents will lead to a not very pleasant ending. If a person does not change, he will face losses, loneliness and significant health problems.
  • Ears, tight to the head — this person can achieve a lot in life. If he sets a goal, he will stubbornly walk towards it, no obstacles will stop him on the way. That is why it can be said that he will achieve everything in life not so much due to the favor of destiny towards him, but because of his own perseverance and unbending character. Most likely, such a person does not have much success in his environment (at work, among his friends), but his close, well-informed people value and respect him.
  • If the ears are proportional, careful — success in love, special attention from the opposite sex. But it is quite possible that the first marriage will be unhappy. Problems and complications in relationships that could lead to a divorce are likely. Such a person expects several successful periods of life. At this time he will be successful in everything. But after the ascents, the moments of recession, deep disappointment and painful experiences surely follow.
  • How to determine the character of a person by the ears rounded — quiet long life. Sometimes it may seem to a person not so much prosperous as it’s boring. Some variety can be considered minor family troubles and complications. But in the future there may be some amazing, extraordinary event that will change a person’s whole life if he decides to take a risky step. With such a development, a person is able to achieve a lot.
  • Gritty ears foreshadow a happy family life, pleasant experiences, incidents associated primarily with loved ones. A person with such a trait, in the event that he aspires to love, fate gives an overwhelming feeling that will become the main thing for him. Success comes with relationships. He will probably have many faithful loyal friends.

When studying the structural features of auricles in centenarians, we were able to reveal an interesting fact. It turned out that for people older than 90 years of age, 85% of cases are characterized by three significant signs: large, somewhat elongated ears, elongated and thickened earlobe, convex comb anti-contraction.

How to know the character on the ears

  • The shapelessness and pallor of the outer ear speak of unfavorable factors, and the flabbiness and lethargy of the ears indicate the pain of the organism, which does not exclude stomach cancer.
  • Huge largest auricles (the “donkey ears” of King Midas), called makrotii, are observed with various personality flaws, as well as with oligophrenia and Down syndrome.
  • Moderately large ears with well-pronounced meanders testify to musical abilities. Ottopyrennye, big ears (lop-eared) are found quite often and to a certain extent they talk about the stupidity and ingenuity of the subject.
  • Highly set ears (upper line of the auricle above the eyebrows) — a sign of powerful intelligence.
  • If the tops of the ears are at eye level, the intelligence is above average; low location of the ears (tops below the eye level) indicates an average and even insufficient development of the mind.
  • How to learn the character of a person by the shape of his ears? Big, thin, bulging ears talk about musical talent, especially if they are also hairy.
  • Small, thick — about the absence of such abilities, pressed ears sometimes show pettiness, inconstancy, vindictiveness, deceit.
  • Long, narrow ears are people uncollected, unable to concentrate, often stingy, envious.
  • If the ears are thick and thick, then most likely a limited person is in front of you.
  • Gifted people have wide and thin ears. Pointed up «wolf» ears betray rudeness, cruelty.
  • Fluff on the ears characterizes the passion of nature.
  • The inner rim of the ear — an indicator of emotional expression. More hidden behind the outer rim — means restraint; convex — impulsivity. Normal ear color is pink.
  • Blue or yellow ears — a sign of indisposition.
  • Dark spots near the front and upper ear — the probability of a hidden disease.
  • Hard, hard ears indicate good health and longevity.
  • Soft, flabby ears — a sign of weakness of connective and cartilage tissues, unimportant health. Interestingly, ear stiffness varies from month to month, reflecting the general condition of the body.
  • Full solid ears, long, adjacent to the head and towering above the eyebrows, with a wide ear canal and fleshy lobes, light or pink in color, are considered favorable.
  • If the ears do not correspond to this description or the inner circle of the auricle is not clearly expressed, their owners are threatened with health problems, their fate will be less successful than among people with favorable ears.
  • Flabby flaccid ears — a sign of pain in the body (stomach cancer is not excluded).
  • Large ears with an elongated auricle, an elongated thick lobe, a convex comb of anti-waving are the ears of a long-liver.
  • Ears with deep auricles, large, dense lobes and split trestles are evidence of wisdom.

What the ears say about the personality and its character

Wide aisle ears

A passage is considered broad if 1-2 fingers can be inserted there. The wide aisle speaks of mind, generosity, generosity, openness and long life.

People with such ears love to get new knowledge, they are very sociable, by nature — democratic leaders. Ears in which hairs grow are considered the best.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Narrow aisle ears

A narrow passage is considered to be if even one finger does not enter there. It is believed that the owner of the ear dull, secretive, conservative and stingy. Often, businessmen have such ears.

But people with similar ears do not live long, because they are constantly under stress. Softening features can serve as a large distance between the eyebrows, eyes of good shape.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Ears with small lobes

These ears have short and thin lobes. It is believed that a person has very little vitality and is unhappy.

These are people with a complex character, they do not get along well with other people, often quarrel. They have to work hard for little money.

They rarely make a career.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Rectangular Ears

Ears with corners at the top and bottom are considered rectangular. The ears of this form — an indicator of strength, health, lust for power and ability to achieve their goals.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Ears set high

How to learn the character of a person by the shape of his ears? If the upper part of the ear is located above the level of the eyebrows, its owner is endowed with the mind, often talent, most likely will live a long life, can make an excellent political career.

Ears set low

In this case, the earlobe is located below the end of the nose. It is believed that people with such ears are very persistent, stubborn, purposeful, and they also live very long.

The first part of their life is full of difficulties, but the second is illuminated by happiness.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Ears with bulging circles

If both circles in the ear — internal and external — are clearly visible and even come forward, then the person has ambition, energy, is very energetic and able to rally people.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Ears with a convex outer circle

The outer circle is responsible for the mind and health. If a person has this circle is distinct and relief, then the person has talents who are not going to make money.

Most often, these ears are people who choose the free profession.

How to determine the nature of a person by the ears

Ears with a convex inner circle

People with a similar ear handicap are for a political or financial career. But a strong bulging of the inner circle shows ambition with a small mind and not too good health.

Both of these factors can prevent success.

How does the tragus ear affect the character

The tragus is an indicator of the secret, intimate, that every person has. The tragus is the “umbilical cord” connecting our karma with the Cosmos, through it we receive secret information.

Some of the structure of the tragus determine the origin of man.

  • The trestle of the round form and drowned inside is considered the best indicator.
  • The tragus stands out — a sign that a person needs constant feeding from the outside. Good only for the intuitive person.
  • The ear trestle stands upright — this means that a person needs constant feeding, receives information, sees prophetic dreams, but is not independent, there is no initially accumulated potential.
  • The tragus is bent inward — evidence that the person himself can realize their internal potentials. Sign of the complex: a person hides a lot, gives nothing.
  • Tragus straight <и не торчит, и не утоплен) — нормальные люди, которые сколько получают, столько и распределяют в себе.

Now you know how to determine the character of a person by the ears.

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