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The energy of trees: how to recharge your energy from trees

One of the aspects of geometry that can communicate sustainable energy to your environment is fractals, which are organic patterns created by movements — the «chaos» inherent in nature. In this article, you will learn how strong the energy of trees is and how to get it right.

Fractal movements

Fractals are related to the kind of geometry that deals with dynamic interactive movements in nature. They define the natural life-giving power of the universe in its original form.

The way the branches are located in the trees, the way the river current twists or turns, the way the veins are arranged on the leaves, the way the pebbles roll down from the mountain, and even the vessels in the human body branch again and again — all This is an example of a fractal movement.

And although it seems that everything in nature happens rather randomly, by itself, in fact, everything in it is subject to certain laws that regulate natural chaos.

The weather is a good example of this mysterious and at the same time subject to certain laws of the phenomenon of fractal movement.

This phenomenon is unpredictable, and at the same time it is associated with subtle and countless movements of the flow of energy fields. The interaction between these types of systems is so reasonably arranged that the movement of an electron at one end of the Universe is definitely reflected at the other end of space.

Fractal Motion Science

This science provides the basis for understanding dynamic circulation in nature. Within the seemingly tangled into one tangle of various systems arising and disintegrating in nature, there is some element of the inexplicable predictability of chaotic and disparate systems that exist in nature.

Maple leaves randomly fall to the ground, forming a chaotic color scheme consisting of red, orange and yellow flowers. The wind lifts them from the ground, rags and turns them over, twists them into small streams, which, whirling and spinning, form a whirlpool, pouring into the sea.

Each of these systems, ranging from the smallest pebble to the highest tower of mahogany and the swirling flow of the river, constantly interact with each other, thus playing the endless drama of the connection into a single whole.

There are two types of fractal movement:

  • regular,
  • chaotic, erratic.

Regular fractals are also called “geometric fractals” and consist of large structures that are a system of smaller, but at the same time identical structures. For example, fern leaves, starting with the smallest, are identical to each other, and small leaves repeat the shape of the leaves more, and the latter duplicate the shape of even larger leaves, etc.

This ability to repeatability is called self-similarity, and this means that if you look at the structure of an object more closely, you will find in it arbitrarily repetitive models, and these models will repeat on an increasingly smaller scale.

How to create a fractal movement

If you spend time in nature, then you are constantly surrounded by various fractals. They are signatures of dynamic interaction in nature, and your body and soul are constantly updated under the influence of this chaotic movement in nature.

However, if you are isolated from these natural forces in nature, your soul begins to deplete.

With the help of living plants or photos of plants or trees, it is easy to activate the power of fractals in your home. Plants are a good example of fractal processes, and this can be seen, in particular, in the arrangement of the leaves on the stems and on the veins on the leaves.

If you surround yourself with plants that embody the principles of fractal geometry, this helps you activate the forces of nature around you. This process takes place at the subconscious level, but it has tremendous power and energy.

The energy of trees: how to recharge your energy from trees

Another way to bring the power of fractals into your environment is to use the power of works of art. Some objects of modern art unwittingly embody the principles of fractal geometry.

Psychologist Lewis Wahlberg, watching how many artists, without realizing it, reproduce fractal patterns in their works, said that artists “most likely do this because they subconsciously react to the processes of interaction that accompany any process of creation”.

Emerson, in his essay «Nature», expressed this thought: «Regardless of what natural objects consist of, such as stars, sand, fire, water, a tree, or man, they all consist of the same natural material and therefore have the same properties. » You can create your own picture, which will reflect the fractal movement in nature, if you purchase a fractal program for your computer.

What trees give energy

A normal biofield surrounds a person at a distance of at least a meter, in people with strong energy — up to one and a half to two meters. These parameters, if necessary, are easily restored, fueled by the energy of natural donors — trees.

Most plants share their vitality with a person, restore “energy” immunity. The best time for energy recharging from trees is early morning (1–2 hours after sunrise) or early evening (1–2 hours before sunset).

At the same time, your clothes should be made of natural materials: wool or cotton. Synthetic materials create a kind of screen that does not transmit energy.

Stroll through the park, and better — through the forest. Trees growing in the city as well as people are far from being so energetically strong.

They, just like us, experience stress, suffer from gas pollution and noise.

Painful, negative, energy can be thrown, for example, on aspen: it is a natural «lightning conductor» of negative energy.

How to recharge energy from the tree

A strong tree is as lonely as a strong man. Within a radius of ten meters there are no other trees. If the trees are crowded, interfere with each other, it means that their energy is not very strong, they need mutual feeding.

Just like people.

Choose a tree that you enjoy. Listen to yourself: do you want to make contact with this particular tree? Generally train yourself to trust feelings.

The ability to think logically, of course, is a typical human trait, but, unfortunately, not a strong one. In addition, the experience of past mistakes always superimposes the course of our reasoning.

And you need to learn to live here and now — the way our smaller brothers do.

So, leave somewhere — say, on the edge of this edge — the burden of your problems. Let him lie down under a bush.

Stop thinking about anything and everything at once. The energy of trees is different. Go to the tree that called you and trust your body.

Let it itself find the most suitable and pleasant position. Stop straining your mind: your body is smarter than you. You may want to hug a tree and cuddle up to it, or lean against your back, or crouch under it, leaning on its trunk.

And you can just attach the palm to the trunk.

To recharge your energy from the trees, mentally ask the tree for help and listen to your feelings: do you think it agrees to help you?

Do not hurry.

If you feel joy, energy rise, it means that your vitality is replenished. Communicate with the tree for as long as required, but, as with any treatment, try not to get an energy overdose. The minimum time is two to three minutes, the maximum is one hour.

Taking the energy of trees «in reserve» is not worth it: you will not put it in a safe.

Leaving, do not forget to thank the tree for the help. Silently say goodbye to him to share your energetic fields that have become one.

In a few days you can come back, and this time the effect will be much stronger: the tree “remembered” you.

If you feel a spiritual kinship with a particular tree, that’s fine. You can even “make friends” with him, establish permanent contact.

Which tree takes away bad energy

The tree should be selected depending on what you want: ask for energy, advice, certain qualities, or just speak out. A healthy tree is more suitable for energetic feeding or treatment, and rather old and sophisticated for teaching is more suitable.

Although, maybe, you will have a desire to communicate with a particular tree — trust your intuition.

Or, perhaps, the forest itself will indicate to a certain tree, although if you doubt that you understood correctly, then ask again.

Lean on the tree with your back and the back of your head, clasping your hands behind you. Do not hurry.

Feel one with it. Once this happens, you can begin to communicate, or rather, it will begin by itself. Ask if the tree agrees to help you, and if so, what.

Be sure to thank the tree for the help and attention.

As mentioned above, trees, you can ask for energy or any qualities that you would like to possess. In order to choose a tree with the necessary quality, rely on your intuition. You can ask for advice from the forest.

And for those who are just starting to communicate with nature and are afraid to make a mistake, here is a small list of trees with a brief description of their properties.

What are the names of energizing trees?

  • Birch — eliminates fatigue, dark thoughts, the consequences of heavy experiences, helps to restore emotional balance; with the disease facilitates its course, promotes recovery.
  • Oak — increases the strength of spirit, as well as physical strength, gives confidence. Gives protection, can help in achieving success. However, he has a peculiarity — he favors healthy and strong people.
  • Willow — the energy of the trees of this species calms, adjusts to the lyrical mood; gives softness, intuition, vision of the hidden.
  • Cedar — helps to cleanse physically and spiritually; increases the resilience of both physical and subtle levels.
  • Alder — possessing natural aggression, can enhance courage.
  • Hazel — the energy of this tree gives wisdom, justice, a sober look at things.
  • Aspen — knows a lot and can share their knowledge; relieves pain (by sucking off negative energy, so that those who often have a low energy level should keep this in mind).
  • Rowan — gives protection from evil forces; able to clear out negative energy. Keeper of many secrets.
  • Pine — gives peace of mind, relieves stress, promotes mental work and builds up spiritual potential.
  • Poplar — eliminates irritability; adds equanimity.
  • The apple tree is a tree of wisdom and virtue; gives the ability to forgive offenses.
  • Ash — in ancient Scandinavians, the World Tree; connects the material world with the spiritual, helps to understand the hidden essence of things, to find its place in life.

It should also be borne in mind that there are trees that tend to share their energy (oak, birch, cedar, pine, apple), and there are those that take it and thus can help, for example, in case of illness or an excess of negative emotions. These include alder, aspen, poplar, bird cherry, as well as ivy, grapes and other vines.

Sometimes, having received help from a tree that takes energy, it will not be out of place to communicate with the donor tree.

Only by making friends with a tree, do not forget to visit your new acquaintance, because friends should be contacted not only in cases when you need something from them.

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