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What do the creases on the forehead mean

The depth of wrinkles determines the size of mental control. If the vertical crease is very deep, it means wayward and even violent will.

In this case, it is accompanied by thick and naughty eyebrows of the Mars or the earth type. This type of forehead and eyebrows is found in people who are not amenable to any discipline.

If you want to know if a person who offers you his services (whether male or female) can become an active and efficient official, watch his forehead and eyebrows during a conversation.

  • If he raises his eyebrows and horizontal wrinkles form on his forehead, he may be an active person, but nervous, and his activity will surely be erratic and uneven.
  • If he shifts his eyebrows, as a result of which his forehead stretches and two or three vertical creases on his forehead cut between his eyes, then this is a person who can listen and focus: he really wants to work and has a desire to succeed. This person can become an official with the future.

What do the vertical creases on the forehead mean?

Single vertical crease on the forehead, offset to one of the eyebrows, evidence of poor health. Such a person may often experience a headache, which is associated with osteochondrosis. On this line, you can determine what profession this person has, mobile or sedentary work.

Most often this line is found in people with the names: Irina, Polina, Zinaida, Daria, Alla, Svetlana, Anna, Dmitry, Arthur, Vladislav, Leonid, Ivan.

What do two clear straight lines between the eyebrows mean? They talk about organizational skills and opportunities to make a good career. Especially easy to move through the corporate ladder people born in October and November.

They are thorough, everything is carefully thought out, balanced, stable. They do not get excited in business, they know how to pick up like-minded people, reliable work partners. «December» — bold and decisive, but not all balanced. An important role is played by their first and middle names.

For example, Nikolai, Dmitry, Anatoly, Rostislav, Stanislav, Boris, Denis with patronymic Nikolayevich, Veniaminovich, Rudolfovich, Anatolyevich, Dmitrievich, Alanovich — people are very emotional, hot-tempered, can spoil a thing that spent a lot of time and effort.

Instantly break relations with those who have an opinion different from their own, it is difficult to work with them.

They do not know how to obey someone, do not get along well with their superiors. They make a career difficult.

But David, Harry, Alexander, Daniel, Bogdan or Vitaly can easily adapt to people and circumstances, therefore they make their careers faster and more successful.

If a between the eyebrows are three vertical wrinkles, then such a person can achieve great heights in his career in his youth. They are stubborn, persistent, persistent. “November”, “January” and those born in August are very hardworking and physically fit.

By nature, they are not careerists, but fate is preparing them high posts, and they should wisely use this gift.

«February» is not only hardworking, but also very talented. Prudent, able to direct their abilities in the right direction. They become scientists, professors and academicians.

For the sake of a career they are able to refuse happiness in their personal life.

“September” — talented politicians, philosophers, economists.

Often, people with such lines on the forehead can be found in leadership positions in the government.

Such qualities are possessed by people with the names: Andrei, Gennady, Vasily, Aleksey, Victor, Anton, Georges, Yefim; Valentina, Bogdana, Irina, Iraida, Tamara, Tatiana, Elena.

A vertical, slightly left-curved wrinkle, strongly manifested in conversation, speaks of an analytical mindset. A man with such lines on his forehead is very diplomatic, cautious in his statements and actions.

It is easy to make contact, a great companion.

What do the creases on the forehead mean

What do the creases on the forehead mean

What do vertical wrinkles on the forehead mean

  • Deep vertical frontal wrinkles — a sign of the ability to concentrate.
  • Vertical folds in the center of the forehead — a sign of loneliness.
  • A vertical fold going up from the point between the eyebrows to the very hairline is a sign of a high-ranking official.
  • A single deep vertical line located in the middle between the eyebrows is a sign of possible unhappiness, often observed in people of extreme professions.
  • Two clear straight vertical creases between the eyebrows are a sign of organizational skills and a good career.
  • Three clear straight vertical frontal wrinkles between the eyebrows are a sign of a successful early career. In addition, the owner of such a forehead is stubborn and persistent to persistence.

What do horizontal pleats on the forehead say

Women who have a forehead sa horizontal wrinkle, intersecting the entire forehead, has the shape of a «snake», different ambitious. They are demanding, pretentious, selective in the fans. Enjoy the success of men, extremely attractive to them.

Such women are devoid of prejudice, persistent, selfish. Do not tolerate criticism in their address, do not like comments. They are emancipated, do not tolerate restrictions of any kind, do not like dependence on someone, so they rarely ask for a favor.

Freedom-loving, unbearable to others’ shortcomings.

«May» women are purposeful, persistent, very hardworking. They achieve great success in any professional field.

These are people of a wide nature, benevolent and generous. Themselves choose their friends, do not tolerate obsessive, annoying people. Women have a bright appearance: they are beautiful, well-built, slim.

Unusual dress, have a good taste. Marry late and only for love, mercantile relationship is not for them.

Have a strong-willed character male warehouse. Brave, proud, brave in actions and deeds.

They are able to overcome the most difficult life difficulties. Secretive, their faces rarely show signs of anxiety, uncertainty, confusion. Not influenced by influence, but they themselves easily influence their neighbors, enjoy the authority and respect of others.

In extreme situations, act quickly and accurately, do not lose composure.

The “December” women with a horizontal wrinkle on the forehead are more emotional, they create difficulties for themselves, they cannot live a calm measured life. With a smile, they endure all the difficulties and failures, creating the appearance of carelessness and irresponsibility.

In pursuit of their own well-being, they are so selfish that they can trample everything that hinders them on their way to the goal. Capricious, exalted natures than annoy others. Curious and curious.

Intrigues on the basis of jealousy, skillfully build plans for future victories. Ultramodels love to stand out from the crowd. They do not heed the advice of neighbors, which often harm themselves.

Most often such a character in women with names and patronymic names: Alla Stanislavovna, Irma Andreevna, Georgy Vyacheslavovna, Juliette Anatolievna, Marina Arturovna, Iraida Antonovna, Luiza Feliksovna, Consuela Albertovna, Yuna Olegovna, Yadviga Leonidovna.

What do the creases on the forehead mean

Such eyebrow wrinkle down the bridge of the nose at a right rounded corner, rarely meets and speaks of the extraordinary talent of man in all areas. Such people are hardworking, stubborn, able to realize their abilities in any professional field.

They do not like the attention of all, do not seek fame. They are fanatical in their work and need only the help of colleagues.

“December” — excellent organizers, leaders. In various fields of production, in art, they manifest themselves as innovators, strive to improve production, they are interested in new technologies, progressive methods.

The nature of such people is not simple, they are impulsive, painfully experiencing failures, irritable. If they are not supported by the team, if they are confident that they are right, they will sweep away all the obstacles to the goal.

Fame comes to them not immediately, but they don’t need it — they are obsessed with ideas, try to bring them to life. Many of their ideas turn out to be discoveries and their ill-wishers try to become friends.

What do the creases on the forehead mean? People with such a crease on the forehead and bridge of the nose are not always lucky in their personal lives, they are more interested in their favorite work, there is no time left for the family.

Many famous people have such folds — Maxim Gorky, Albert Einstein, Vladimir Fedoseyev, Lyudmila Zykina, Raimond Pauls. Such people have to achieve everything with hard work, they never count on someone’s help.

If you notice such a crease on the forehead of your child, when he wrinkles his nose, you know — you have a talented child growing up, help him decide in life, take a closer look at what he has the greatest abilities. Talent should be developed, and as soon as possible.

Values ​​attributed to the horizontal folds of the Eastern tradition: right in the center of the forehead — luck; wavy — danger from water; obliques on the forehead — an unfortunate fate; slanting over the left eye — propensity to violence; “Fountain” over the bridge of the nose — the sign of a sailor; the cross in the middle of the forehead is evil rock; the letter «T» — beware of head injuries; the letter «C» — beware of poisoning.

A lot of horizontal wrinkles are characteristic of a woman’s forehead. This indicates bad luck in your personal life. Very executive, efficient, in work she finds an outlet.

In the company of fun. Has a lot of friends.

Beautiful hostess.

Two vertical, bent in different directions wrinkles mean that a person has a certain amount of altruism, an analytical mindset. Very sociable. He does not complain about difficult life, he prefers to experience everything in himself.

Easily gains credibility. Friends adore him.

What do the creases on the forehead mean

Cross wrinkles that cross the forehead speak of an extraordinary talent, a few short lines indicate a desire to reach the goal in any available way. Such a person can be a first-class athlete, coach. Good family man.

He usually gives birth to boys. Likes animals.

Early balding.

Asymmetrical, short curved lines indicate that this is a man with a developed imagination, most likely an artist. Very talented.

Nature is closed. Do not tolerate praise.

May emigrate, but for a long time in a foreign land is not able to.

Earlobes, accrete with the neck, speak of great stubbornness.

Such a person achieves success in the second half of life — about forty years. Very hardworking.

What do the creases on the forehead mean

What do deep wrinkles on the forehead mean

  • Two long parallel frontal folds — a sign that a person is endowed with power and can become a high ranking official.
  • Three parallel horizontal folds — indicating a very high position in government circles and great power.
  • A zigzag or slightly wavy groove horizontally crossing the forehead is the harbinger of serious misfortune or even death while traveling.
  • Above the eyebrows on both sides of the forehead can be located two even and deep horizontal folds on the forehead, which are called wrinkles of talent. These wrinkles speak about the versatility of a person, about the possibility to achieve success in different areas of activity.
  • If there are a lot of small fine wrinkles above the eyebrows, then this is an alarming signal: a person has poor health and needs to visit doctors more often (and even better to have his own doctor).
  • Sometimes there are five distinct and identical horizontal folds on the forehead located exactly in the center of the forehead. It is believed that a person marked by such wrinkles is rewarded with the mind, he is friendly, open to other people, and does not know how to achieve goals with deceit. Predictors predict the owner of such wrinkles a short but stormy, rich life and death as a result of an accident.

Now you know what the wrinkles on the forehead mean.

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