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What do the loops on the palm

The orientation of the loop on the palm symbolizes the orientation of spiritual energy, which the corresponding finger orients. The direction of the brush shows the way of realization of energy: the introversion and extraversion orientation. The radial loop says that the energy mainly refers to the improvement of the personality, and the ulnar one — that the main human need is realization in its social environment.

What do the loops on the palm

Elbow loop

The ulnar loop is oriented to the outer, ulnar side of the arm.

It symbolizes social openness and demonstrates the ability to adapt to the environment.

Often the ulna loop is on the thumb, which indicates innate flexibility and adaptability to circumstances. If such a loop appears on an inactive thumb, this partly compensates for the straightness and clumsiness of its owner.

The loop on the finger of Jupiter belongs to a man who can adapt, but who is not driven by ambition. He is versatile, prone to improvisation.

With a strong index finger and a pronounced mound of Jupiter, the ulnar loop reveals the temperament of the sanguine in all its diversity.

In palmistry, the ulnar loop on Saturn’s finger indicates a practical mindset and collectivism.

This type of papillary lines on the ring finger reveals a congenital interest in artistic creativity and a sociable character. If the loop is extended upwards, the person can comprehend the heights of the art; besides, it betrays his idealism.

The elbow loop is the accessory of the little finger, it is ideal for its properties. Among the innate qualities dominated by contact, responsiveness and ability to find the exact wording. These inclinations should correspond to a harmonious form of a little finger.

In this case, the ulnar loop indicates the ability to understand the depths of your subconscious.

Papillary loops have a different arrangement: low, medium or high. If the basal triad is shifted to the side, the loop «settles» down.

The photo shows the low elbow loops on the fingers of the master forging.

  • Low located figure reveals a person’s ability to put his talents into practice.
  • If the loop is high, the person has abilities for abstract thinking and his own ideals.
  • If the loop occupies a central position, a person can equally realize both his abilities: to theoretical and practical exercises. This figure indicates a successful combination of theory and practice.

What do the loops on the palm

Basic elbow loop, left hand in loop chiromancy

If the radial loop on the mound of the moon is located at the end of the line of Mind and is open to the inner side of the palm, the loop is open to the outer side of the palm, that is, it is oriented to the lower part of the hypothenar. This means that the properties of the Moon or Uranus are oriented with respect to the external environment, revealing extravertive features in a person’s character.

What do the loops on the palm

From an astrological point of view, the formation of a radial loop on the palm depends on the influence of Mars. Such a person has a choleric temperament, he is a pronounced extrovert, independent and claiming leadership.

The elbow loop depends on the influence of the elements. Air, temperament in this version resembles a sanguine type, with extravertive character traits, sociable, clever, many-sided, with a flexible intellect, a variety of emotions.

The elbow loop in the palmistry of the loop can not be attributed to the signs of Air — Libra and Gemini; their influence is subject to a double loop, which will be discussed a little later.

People with the elbow loop of the hypotenar instinctively feel the hidden background of events, changes that occur to people, and the properties of things. Many of the people with the elbow loop “skin feel natural relationships, which is why some of them become dowsers, others perfectly understand the power of plants.

The actions of these people are based more on feelings than on reason. True, this same loop is found, including 70% of people with Down syndrome. Conducting astrological analogies reveals in the horoscope the strong influence of the «female» planets — Venus, the Moon and Saturn.

First of all, the influence of the moon is felt, and among the karmic planets — Pluto. The presence of Uranus and Saturn is always felt, as well as the sanguine influence of the signs of Gemini and Libra, as well as Aquarius.

Carpal loop hypothenar opens to the wrist, this area is associated with the properties of Neptune.

What do the loops on the palm

Such a reversal of the loop resembles an overturned horn, in this case it is comparable to a vessel of inspiration. In people with a “loop of inspiration,” transcendental influences crowd out all others.

All owners of carpal loops, whose prints are collected in my collection, possess the abilities of mediums. They all see prophetic dreams. In addition, they interpret well the symbolism of other people’s dreams.

It should be noted that the accuracy of interpretation is confirmed over time. Obviously, the holders of the carpal loop on the palm of their hands are freely oriented in the sphere of the collective unconscious.

Astrological counterparts «loops of inspiration relate to the influences of the Moon and Neptune, and are also often associated with Pluto or Uranus.

As noted above, there are various options for «funnels». The “funnels” on the hypotenar must necessarily correlate with the data of the papillary pattern of the fingers and palm, as well as with the general appearance of the hand.

There are «funnels» in the form of spirals, circles and ellipses. But most of the «funnels» on the hill of the moon has a specific and often combined form.

The spirals are associated with the influence of the moon in the horoscope, the «funnels» — circles — with Pluto, and ellipses refer to aspects of Neptune or combinations of Neptune and the Moon.

It is believed that the right-handed spiral is associated with the influence of the Sun (Fire), and the left-handed spiral with the Moon (Water), circular funnels with the Pluto / Sun (the Fire element prevails), and the almond-shaped ones with Neptune / Moon (Water ).

What do the loops on the palm

The center of a left-handed circular helix, on the periphery of a rolling ellipse.

“The funnel on the mound of the moon symbolizes an extraordinary ability to concentrate its mental strength. However, it is also a sign of their overstrain, which puts into question mental health.

Categorical evaluation of this feature is unacceptable without an analysis of the character of the palmar lines. One thing is certain: this chirological feature pushes a person’s psychological abilities to the border of the generally accepted norm.

A “funnel” on a soft hand with a weak thumb may indicate the presence of any complexes. On a strong hand, these are remarkable adaptation abilities due to extraordinary decisions.

Others use powerful streams of their subconscious in their work, or have the ability to live in an image that is often used by talented actors.

Radial loops («loops of Mars»)

Radial loops on the palm are usually found on the index fingers, less often — on large and medium ones.

Radial loops on the thumbs indicate people who can always and everywhere realize their intentions. The radial loop of the thumb shown in the photo was not inherited by the children.

But the daughter of this man has radial loops on both fingers of Jupiter and a similar pattern on the hill of Mars.

What do the loops on the palm

People with radial loops on the index fingers (bottom photo) are able to adapt to circumstances in order to achieve the goal. Radial loops on the hands in palmistry testify to a dynamic and impulsive temperament.

It is quite rare to find a radial loop on the middle finger. She points to a person with an analytical mindset, striving for professional growth, independent in work and very reluctant to accept the opinions of others.

In a woman with this sign, the male features are noticeable in the character.

What do the loops on the palm

Middle and index fingers of the left hand

Papillary hand patterns

Loops of skin that look like loops on the palm are often found on the palms. And although the curls are not as common as loopback papillary patterns, they have the same meaning, only more accentuated.

What do the loops on the palm

Rajah loopback papillary pattern

Very peculiar configuration. Sometimes it meets with an additional radius, is directed downwards, and is directed to a point between the index and middle fingers (the fingers of Jupiter and Saturn).

Symbolizes power and status. Usually, the owners of this sign are visually attractive, successful, arrogant.

The name of the sign indicates, as it were, affiliation with the royal blood or the local aristocracy.

Loop papillary patterns of serious intention.

Located between the middle and ring fingers (respectively, the fingers of Saturn and Apollo). This configuration is quite common.

Characteristic of people adapted to serious mental work, hardworking.

Sense of humor

Located between Mercury and Apollo, she testifies to a sense of humor, love of the word, writing texts, communication.

If this part of the palm is sufficiently developed, then its owner is also characterized by a love for animals. In the case when there are marks on the hills, then with all the love of animals the subject will not have enough time to care for them.

A sign of ability to foreign languages ​​will be a pronounced curl in the center of the loop.

Loop papillary patterns of memory

Loop of memory is easy to see at the end of the head line. She points to a good memory and ability to use different acquaintances with business benefits.

For a person with such a sign on the palm is characterized by a very pragmatic approach when choosing a friend.

She points to a developed imagination and intuition. They are used deliberately, if the sign is located near the hill of Mars.

Curl testifies to the gift of the psychologist. In palmistry, a loop on the palm in the zone of the moon — about the love of nature, active activities, such as fishing.

Loop papillary vanity patterns or style loop

It is located between Mercury and Apollo, directed to the ring finger. It is widely believed that signals a vanity.

Usually the owners of such a sign on the palm are proud of themselves, their affairs. They are characterized by a pronounced individual style.

Twins loops

What do the loops on the palm

Comparable hinge variants to analyze from an astrological point of view is much more complicated than the main types. To understand the papillary lines, it is necessary to evaluate the harmony of their pattern and the number of curls. But if the symbolism of fingerprints is viewed in the context of palm lines, one can come to a strikingly accurate description of a person’s character and style of behavior.

The meaning of the “twin” loop is most easily understood. The drawing of the lateral axis is most mysterious. Exploring the papillary lines from the point of view of astrological analogies, I first found the “twin” axis with a significant load on aspects of the Libra sign, then the dominant of Gemini was revealed, and partly Aquarius, that is, the elements of Air (contacts).

In the influences of the sign Libra, like in no other zodiacal sign, there is a tentative edge of choice: the balance between some polar phenomena.

In addition, Libra is the only «male» sign, the ruler of which is considered the «female» planet Venus. Astrological analogies in the description of the “twin” loop are simple, especially taking into account the properties of Libra and / or Gemini.

Their effects on the formation of a “twin” loop are not very different. Depending on accents, such a papillary loop in palmistry may indicate a desire for harmony and balance and at the same time speaks of the versatility of the individual. In the first case, Libra has a great influence on its formation, in the second — Gemini.

But one way or another, both of these signs are very significant in the horoscope.

Among the undoubted qualities represented by the “twin” loop is the ability to establish connections and harmonious coexistence in the environment. The “twin” loop looks good on the hands of, for example, the head of the personnel department, who aligns the desires of the staff with the requirements of management.

This type of hinge speaks of livability in the team, just like those born under the sign of Libra and Gemini, these people are very reluctant to be alone, preferring to communicate.

A “twin” loop belongs to a person with multilateral interests who can combine the incompatible. Such people are sensitive to the nuances in communication, prefer to bypass sharp corners and wait in conflict situations.

It is sometimes difficult for them to make unambiguous decisions, on the one hand, because of the desire to pay tribute to both, and on the other, because of natural indecision.

The properties of the “twin” loop are optimally revealed in combination with a large distance between the lines of life and the mind. In this case, we can expect sober and balanced actions.

In an impulsive person with a quick reaction, prone to “tempest and onslaught”, if there is a “twin” loop, then such a wide gap is extremely rare.

A clear, beautiful “twin” loop indicates the need for a harmonious environment, which, often, such a person creates.

The structure of the papillary pattern on the hypotenarus corresponds to a loop that can be traced on the thumb.

Versions of twins loops, otherwise — double loops on the palm on the mound of the Moon, indicate the greater role of the subconscious in the thoughts and actions of man.

Their character depends on the shape of the hand and the signature of the palm.

On strong hands with developed and proportional thumb and index fingers, a twin loop indicates the favorable features of the psyche. Such a person is able to adapt to the requirements of the current moment.

In the hands with pointedly long fingers, a twin loop on the hill of the moon indicates observation, an ability to assess a person’s mental state by a number of signs, including the facial expression of the interlocutor. Most often, this ability is possessed by good psychologists and psychiatrists, social workers, therefore, in English-language literature, this loop in the palm of your hand is called the «psychological twin.»

But over time, these specialists may also find signs of a split consciousness in themselves.

Loop “twin” on thin and nervous hands reveals the lability of the psyche, the tendency to frequent mood changes, hidden complexes and neuroses. These people are not self-confident and neurotic.

«Funnels» on the palm

There are various forms of «funnels»: simple curls, twisting to the right or left; double and concentric in the form of a circle, ellipse and almond-shaped.

Forms of curls can not always be clearly demarcated.

«Funnel» — a sign of individuality. «Funnels» of various shapes are interpreted ambiguously. The spiral rotating to the right indicates the dynamic development of a strong personality.

The left-turning spiral speaks, first of all, about spiritual power, about the gift of intuitive foresight, which helps out in emergency situations. On unexpected events that require instant action, a person responds extremely quickly. But this is not a consequence of hasty decisions, but rather the gift of instinctively finding the right solution.

Concentric helixes indicate people mired in dogmas. The ellipse indicates the receptivity of all that is beautiful, in some cases it is a sign of narcissism.

Almond-shaped «funnel» indicates a tendency to parapsychology and paranormal phenomena and / or craving for a partner, which is strongly influenced by Neptune.

A person with a papillary “funnel” is, in fact, very susceptible, even if outwardly (due to influences, for example, a shovel-like hand), he may seem somewhat rude.

The more complicated the “funnel”, the more difficult the psyche. Such a person will never make a hasty decision.

Unexpected changes to his plans are unpleasant. First, he must internally tune in to a new wave and mentally lose all possible situations.

What do the loops on the palm

Samples of the almond-shaped «funnel» on all fingers, except the little finger

The almond-shaped “funnel” is noticeably elongated and often occupies the entire pad of the finger, therefore, in the papillary phalangeal pattern there are often no basal lines and triads common to other types of loops.

What do the loops on the palm

Clear almond-shaped «funnel» with several basal curls

In people with almond-shaped «funnels» find:

  • very weak communication with parents, “lack of roots”;
  • sometimes difficult relationships in the family or with a partner, character traits determined by the influence of Neptune;
  • interest in parapsychology.

My handprints with almond-shaped “funnels” belong to mainly active, obsessed people who are capable of unexpected actions (the influence of Uranus).

Often they have an intuitive understanding of the collective unconscious.

It is therefore not surprising that such variants of papillary pattern are found in the hands of healers and spiritual shepherds, as well as visionaries, magicians and writers — the influence of Neptune can be multifaceted.

But, of course, one cannot draw serious conclusions from one “funnels”; this requires analysis of the entire palm, but it is better to compare it with the data of the horoscope, since it is he who is in this case the most informative.

The central axis of the palm («peacock eye»)

The central axis consists of radial and elbow loops, combined into a single «funnel». This is a simultaneous connection of loops and «funnels», so this pattern has an axis of symmetry, and it, at least, has two deltas.

The central axis in the English-language literature is called the «peacock eye», because such a figure resembles a drawing on a feather from a peacock’s tail.

What do the loops on the palm

«Peacock eye» loop in palmistry is usually found on the index or ring finger, occasionally — on the middle and little finger. A man with such a curl on the ring finger has charm and good observation.

The “peacock eye” prints belong to people with a developed sense of beauty and creative abilities. In my collection with such a sign were fashion designers, designers, jewelers, dentists, etc.

The central axis, the peacock eye, has astrological parallels. They tend to combine the properties of the Sun and Pluto with the qualities of Venus.

In addition, under the influence of Neptune reveals all the fullness of feelings. If the “peacock eye” is in the radial loop, the influence of Mars and / or Pluto dominates in the natal chart.

Double loop consists of two mutually twisted loops, passing one into another in the photo. The central curl has its twin, shifted to the periphery.

As a rule, a triad is located below the “twin” loop — a triangular connection of basal loops.

Now you know what the loops on the palm mean.

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