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What is a complex Taijiquan

The main content of Taijiquan complex is physical and breathing exercises, combined with training and improving the senses, the ability to concentrate. The healing effect of these exercises is based on the unity of the psychological and physical functions of the human body, on the connection of the mind and will of a person with the work of muscles, heart, lungs and other internal organs.

The history of the gymnastics

The appearance in 1956 of the complex “24 forms of Tai Chi Chuan gymnastics” (24 Shijianhua Tai Chi Chuan), in which scientifically grounded teaching methods and centuries-old experience gained by wushu masters were harmoniously combined, made it possible for millions of people to learn Tai Chi chuan themselves, since learning traditional complexes meant a large number of complexly coordinated movements and complex methods of psychoconcentration, without a mentor is almost impossible.

The Taijiquan complex began to be used as a base for training beginners. The complex «24 forms» consists of uncomplicated exercises performed without stopping.

The whole complex is conventionally divided into 8 parts, and consists of 24 groups (forms), each of which includes several exercises.

The true tradition of Taijiquan training complex is that such a division ensures the gradual study of coordination-complex movements combined with concentration and breathing.

Requirements for the implementation of the complex Taijiquan

The main requirements for the implementation of complex gymnastics Taijiquan are:

  • Each subsequent movement follows from the previous one and is the beginning of the next;
  • It is necessary to maintain the correct posture;
  • Movement should be easy, smooth, without abrupt changes of position;
  • The movements of the head, arms, torso, legs are strictly coordinated;
  • Breath at the initial stages can be arbitrary, but without delay. In the future, it is necessary to achieve consistency of breathing and movements.

Initial stand of Taijiquan complex

What is a complex Taijiquan

First movement: legs apart

  • Perform a step to the left with your left foot. First, lower the forefoot on the surface, and then the entire foot. Feet shoulder-width apart, feet pointing forward.
  • Looking forward.

What is a complex Taijiquan

The second movement: Raising hands forward

  • Slowly and evenly lift your arms forward to shoulder level. In this position, the arms are straightened freely, the distance between them is equal to the width of the shoulders, the elbows slightly sag, the shoulders are free, the palms are pointing down, the fingers are slightly bent, the fingertips are pointing forward.
  • Performing Taijiquan complex — look forward.

What is a complex Taijiquan

The third movement: squatting and pushing hands

  • While keeping your torso straight, bend your knees slowly and perform a half-squat. At the same time, the waist and hips are relaxed.
  • Simultaneously with the squat, slowly lower your arms. By pressing lightly down, stop your hands at belly level. In this position, the hands are open, the fingers are spread, the shoulders are naturally lowered, the elbows are slightly sagging and are located above the knees.
  • Looking forward.

This is the final position in the “Starting Rack” form.

When you perform the third movement of the “Initial Rack”, the body from the natural straight rack goes into the half-squat position. In the Taijiquan complex, for beginners, all movements, with the exception of some (the first two movements of the “Initial Rack”, the final position, the right stance in the initial position, the attack), are performed in the half-squat position.

In subsequent movements, the degree of flexion of the legs at the knees should be the same as in the third movement of the “Initial Stand”. In other words, during the performance of the whole complex, the body is kept at the same height; sharp rises and lows are not allowed, contributing to vertical torso oscillation.

Guidelines for the implementation of complex Taijiquan

After completing the original position, take a step to the side. To do this, relax the knee of your left leg and shift the center of gravity towards the right leg. The mistake is to perform a step in which body weight is distributed between two legs.

The step to the left is performed in the following order: first, raise the heel above the surface, and after that — the front of the foot, so lift the entire foot. Do not lift the left leg above the ankle of the right leg when performing the step.

The distance between the legs after the step should be equal to the width of the shoulders. First, put your foot on the front of the foot so that the toe is pointing forward, then gradually put the entire foot.

When the arms are lifted upward, palms located on the outside of the thighs, we first turn back and then slowly and evenly lift in front of the torso. The movement of the hands should be like stretching the rubber, one end of which is pressed with the foot, the other is connected to the wrist.

Such a comparison helps the proper use of force and gives a figurative representation.

The rules of the position of the hands during the execution of the complex

The main point in the performance of the movement is the position of the hands, you can not allow the fingertips to be directed downwards and there is a bend in the wrist. When you put your hands down, you need to consider three rules:

  • The applied force and figurative representation should be as follows: the board, which floats on the surface of the water, is partially immersed in water;
  • Simultaneously with bending the knees, we lower both hands down to the level of the abdomen;
  • When we lower our hands, palms are pointing down, fingers are open. Avoid a position where the fingers are pointing downward, as with the wrist arched.
  • When performing the movement “Squatting and pressing with hands”, we lower our hands after bending the legs at the knees, performing both movements at the same time, starting and ending with the same speed.

After studying the entire complex, it is necessary to spend from 4 to 6 minutes to complete it.

Pay particular attention to the requirements for the position of various parts of the body, which are provided for in Tai Chi gymnastics. Hold the torso strictly vertically, not tilting it forward and not backward, the protrusion of the buttocks is unacceptable, the abdomen is drawn in.

Detailed complex Taijiquan: each form consists of transitional and final movements. In each form, we focus on the final position.

In the final position of the “Initial Stand”, the legs are bent at a certain angle, the arms are lowered to the level of the abdomen, the hands are open, the fingers are bent, the chin is picked up, the gaze is straight ahead, the practitioner is focused.

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