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What is energy vampirism: signs, protection

Speaking of vampires, we imagine creatures that drink human blood. This image goes back to fairy tales and legends about monsters and dragons. In real life, our sensation with vampirism leads to the fact that we do not feel sympathy for the person and do not know how to explain it, or after talking or contacting him we feel bad.

It is like an intellectual conversation, we are discussing with a very intelligent person, so there is no cause for concern, but after the meeting we are tired, and we «feel like a squeezed lemon.» What is going on? What is energy vampirism?

Read on.

Signs of Energy Vampirism

The term «energy vampirism» means the energy impact on a person or animal of a certain psychic force, leading to a violation of its functions. Of the many energetic influences, 4 main groups of alien forces (vampires) can be distinguished:

  • Physical, gross, material vampirism. This is a force directed from outside, destroying the system, harmony. In principle, most people who come into conflict with justice have physical vampirism. They are rapists, murderers, sadists, etc. Physical vampirism can turn into intellectual vampirism.
  • Sucking, taking away energy. Such energetic vampirism can be compared with “black holes” in physics, when energy disappears without a trace in time and space. The impact of this type of vampire manifests itself in a feeling of great fatigue, loss of strength. This is the most insidious type of vampire, but palmistry allows you to detect such individuals and avoid contact with them.
  • Vibrating energy vampirism — undermines a stable system unforeseen actions and behavior. This kind of vampirism is inherent in women. The contradictions rooted in them have deep internal reasons. People say that their mood changes like the weather. Their main feature is that they are not credible.
  • Combined type. Contains features of all of the above. Considering the ways of impact, you can distinguish between vampirism, destroying others, and vampirism of self-destruction. Usually every person possesses a mixture of these traits. All of us, to a greater or lesser extent, manifest the features of energetic vampirism.

Protection against energy aggression

Now we’ll talk about how to protect yourself from the energetic aggression directed at you. The most common source of such attacks in everyday life are energy vampires.

What are energovampiry

They are divided into active and passive (or, as they are otherwise also called, solar and lunar).

  • Active behave aggressively, usually the first controversy and scandals. Their favorite weapon is rudeness and an elevated voice (or other forms of “raids”, if upbringing or situation do not allow).
  • Passive vampires, on the contrary, behave quietly, but at the same time they manage to cause others pity or irritation and thus receive the energy they need (favorite methods are constant whining, complaints about life, but without any attempts to change anything).

There are among the vampires and those who use mixed tactics, depending on the circumstances and environment.

At the level of energy, everything happens very simply: the negative emotions caused by the vampire provoke a burst of energy, which with pleasure and absorbs the culprit of the ugliness.

Moreover, the fact that this energy carries a negative charge in itself is not a disadvantage for it.

The fact is that energy vampirism is in many cases a disease in which energy exchange with the outside world is disturbed, as a result, a person is simply unable to perceive a certain type (or several types) of energy.

But the processed and spoiled by negative energy coming from others and already tuned to it, it turns out just right. So, perhaps, you shouldn’t be too angry with such people — after all, most of them have no idea that they are vampires. Although sorry, too, is not worth it, because pity provokes an outflow of energy.

It happens, however, that energetically healthy people from time to time resort to this method of “feeding” because of its simplicity. By the way, it’s completely in vain, since with someone else’s energy you can at the same time pick up some kind of energy infection in the form of sores, depression and other things.

The main thing for a vampire — to establish energy contact.

To do this, he needs to hook, attract attention, annoy, or arouse sympathy.

It is precisely this obstruction that is the number one defense. This can be expressed in avoiding a conversation, in mental detachment, when you think about your own (or do not think at all — remember the techniques of getting rid of thoughts), and in completely ending the relationship, if the vampire tries to feed on you systematically.

You can use lightning, pentagram, all types of cocoon, mindset (o-very useful technique for working with people!), A wall, and so on as defensive techniques.

Ways to protect against energy vampire

With all the variety of existing methods of protection and control of energy vampirism (both outlined here, and those that you yourself can think of) there are two points that can spoil the effect of their use: fear of the enemy and inability / unwillingness to mentally (and , energetically) disconnect from it and from the whole situation as a whole. To overcome the fear of opponents in general and specific individuals in particular, there is a whole mass of techniques described in the literature on psychology.

For example, to present the enemy in some ridiculous form (or to search for something ridiculous in its present appearance) or to imagine oneself as a giant (or an elephant), and his — a tearing pug.

(These methods can be practiced both during the contact itself, and at home, in a relaxed atmosphere.) Another tip: withdraw, enter an altered state of consciousness, imagine this person and ask: why did he meet you? What should you learn from this meeting?

Do not forget: in life everything happens because it is necessary, and not to someone there, but to you, just a conscious part of you, your ego, does not remember this yet.

Protection against energy aggression. Often, in order to ignore the energetic vampire (especially one whose weapon is aggression) or to discard unpleasant memories from his head, quite a long workout is needed. The training of consciousness, the discipline of thinking and here is the key point.

If in your head, forgive me, mess, if fragments of incoherent thoughts and memories (especially negative ones) revolve in it, then any rubbish, such as impressions from an aggressor, risks lingering there for a long time.

In this situation, the walls with the cocoons may not help — they themselves will pierce them, mentally returning to the abuser. Conclusion: learn to disconnect, do not keep emotional debris. By the way, what is the setting for yourself, have not forgotten?

There are situations when you need to be someone unnoticed. Use a reduction in aura — make it as small as possible so that there is no discomfort.

Just do not forget to return to a normal state later, otherwise your own attention will not be paid to you, and on the street or in transport people will simply fall for you. (After all, the recognition by one person of another takes place first on a subconscious level, in energy, and only then — visually.) In general, do not forget that self-confidence is a cornerstone in dealing with people, then people will have to constantly you reach out, and those who want to «run over» will diminish, and you will feel much more comfortable.

How to work with energy channels

The extremely important skills that a novice magician should master.

It is possible to isolate and absorb energy as the entire surface of the aura (which, in fact, happens without our conscious participation), and with the palms — due to their special sensitivity.

It is quite simple to do this: Imagine that a stream of energy comes out of your palm (just do not direct it towards people or other living beings). Naturally, do not forget to accompany this image with intent.

And now, on the contrary, draw in energy from the surrounding space. Try this practice first one, then the other palm.

Ideally, you should be able to use each hand, if necessary, both to gain energy and to transmit it, but most likely you will notice that one does work better at absorption, the other at radiation. This is due to the fact that in humans, energy can circulate in one of two directions — either clockwise or against.

Just as blood passes through the veins and arteries, energy moves through the energy channels. The figure shows the main circles of energy circulation: the upper, passing through the arms and shoulder girdle, and the lower, passing through the legs and pelvis (rice).

Most of the channels that make up the upper and lower circles lie inside the tubular bones. In the upper circle, the energy moves as follows.

The center of the palm (canal inlet), ulna, humerus, clavicle, the top of the sternum, the other clavicle, the bones of the other hand, the palm (canal exit).

What is energy vampirism: signs, protection

The lower canal includes the center of the foot (entrance), the tibia, the patella, the femur, the pelvis, the femur of the other leg, the patella, the tibia of the other leg, the center of the foot (the exit of the canal). If in the course of working out the previous exercise, you determined that your right hand is the receiving (entering) hand, while the left hand is more suitable for outputting energy, it means that the energy in your channels moves clockwise.

If on the contrary — therefore counterclockwise.

It is possible to determine the direction of the current of energy as follows: bring your palms closer to one another at a distance of about 25 centimeters and try to feel from which hand comes a stronger energy flow.

If it did not work out even after a series of attempts, you can figure it out directly in the process of performing the next exercise.

Energy Vampirism Protection

Sit in a comfortable position, cover the wrist with the palm of the inserting hand. If you have not yet decided which one is which one, you can choose any of the hands for the role of the incoming one, without hesitation for a particularly long time.

Even if you make a mistake, nothing terrible will happen, then you will simply understand that it is still more comfortable to move energy in the opposite direction. Do not forget to keep your back straight.

The legs are not yet involved, simultaneous work with the upper and lower circle — this is the highest aerobatics.

For convenience, it is better to imagine not the entire flow of energy passing through the channel, but to visualize a small energy ball inside the energy channel, for example, in the palm of the inserting hand. There is another way — to bring the ball out of the energy center (chakra) located in the center of the chest (as you probably already guessed, we create it in this way — in the sense of the ball, not the center).

And now lead him up the arm, up to the shoulder, through the collarbone, along the other collarbone, down the excretory arm, and again towards the inserter.

For a start, perhaps, one circle is enough. Dissolve the ball inside the channel (or return it to the chakra, if taken from there).

During the following workouts, increase the number of ball runs up to three times.

You may have noticed that the ball passes faster in some areas, and slower in others. This is due to the fact that the walls inside the channels sometimes accumulate excess energy, a kind of energy debris, which hampers the passage of energy.

In such cases, you can narrow the ball by squeezing it through the jams, while clearing the passage inside the channel. Of course, a lot depends on your concentration. By the way, due to the lack of the latter (and also due to lack of experience), some manage to lose the ball in the process of its sweep through the channels.

If this happens to you — do not panic, because it, in the end, consists of your own energy, which will eventually resolve itself.

Or you will find it the next time you do the exercise.

Another time, you can try to hold the ball in the opposite direction — it will be especially interesting for those who could not decide how its energy moves. Practice the option that turns out best, but from time to time, train to drive energy in the opposite direction. Similarly, work with the lower circle of energy, close it, putting one foot crosswise over the other (of course, razuvshis before).

While you are not working with the upper and lower circles at the same time, you can try this option in a few months, and even if you want, there is little practical use from it.

Warning! If too often to drive energy against its natural current, then the direction of the latter may change. The consequences can be very different: for someone — positive, for someone — negative (up to depression and thoughts about suicide).

Therefore, I recommend trying to drive the energy in one direction, then in the other — until you determine for sure which way it is moving.

If you really want to experiment — please, but in the beginning it is better to “talk” with the subconscious about the necessity and safety of such experiments. But if, after all, after changing the direction of the current of energy, you feel any negative changes, it is better to quickly return everything to its place.

The possibilities of moving energy channels are not limited — it can be carried out in arbitrary directions.

How to protect yourself from vampirism

Also, as you did in the previous exercise, form an energy ball — for example, in your right hand. Now make him move, for example, in the palm of his left (it is not necessary to track this whole process, just imagine that he once — and appeared where you need to). Now send the ball to the left foot, from there — to the thumb of the right hand. and so on, wherever you wish.

Learn to do so that it works easily and naturally.

The exercises outlined above do for about three weeks. And at the end of the curtain, here is another way to tune before workouts — before it didn’t make sense to describe it, because you didn’t know what energy channels were.

“Flowering branches” against energy vampires

Imagine the energy channels in the form of branches with flowers — first with closed buds, then with blooming. Thus, you set them up to work with an unusual amount of energy for them (unless, of course, you have done anything like this before). Technique is especially good in the fight against energy vampirism for beginners.

But after the end of training (work) do not forget to close the flowers, so as not to go with the open channels. Of course, they will gradually narrow themselves, but why waste energy?

How to protect yourself from negative energy

No man can live in a vacuum. Each of us has to contact daily with dozens of our fellows — this includes family members, colleagues, travel companions, and many other people, even just by chance encountered on your way.

But only not all of them are ready to be good-natured, polite and good with you. There are also individuals who can cause harm.

Negative energy that comes from envious people, foes, detractors, can very seriously harm your health, biofield, aura, etc.

it is necessary at all costs, but to learn how to protect it. For this case, humanity has several ways to protect itself from negative energy.

Clearing Energy Vampire

Scientists have proved that the more positive energy around you, the stronger and healthier the aura and the biofield and no negative influence can take from you all the positive, destroy your protection.

If you want to save your energy and biofield, and protect yourself from the effects of negativity and vampires, start practicing meditation. She will be a cure for the negative. After you start practicing meditation, you will feel the changes, you will have more energy and positive.

If you can not practice every day meditation, you can do 3-5 times a week. Pose, choose the one in which you will be comfortable.

Where and how you will sit, does not matter.

And now back to the main, how to protect yourself from energy vampirism. What needs to be done: during a conversation with such people, you must cross your arms and legs.

Well, this way is also good for those who often have to travel in a crowded transport, where there are always those who are able to throw their negative on others.

You just need to do the following, put two fingers together — the index and thumb of one hand and the fingers of the other hand of the same name. And just put your free fingers on each other.

Make a circle from your index finger and thumb, you will get a ring and place it in the palm of your other hand. Change hands.

You need to do this three times.

A great way is considered the use of information and biological protection. For this, you should mentally build a shell around you that will protect it. Shape it a ball.

Fill it with bio-energy, which will protect you. The best color for this is purple or silver.

Imagine that this ball pushes away all unnecessary energy with the words: «You do not need me (you do not need).»

Ways to remove negative energy after talking with a vampire

There are various methods of purification of the biofield after talking with the energy vampire.

All of them are simple and are quite effective. Here are the main ones:

  • Discharge of negative energy to water. This is the easiest way to remove negative energy — just look at the water running out of the tap, while talking to yourself about your problems. Imagine that your words go along with the flowing water, never to return;
  • If you have not yet decided on how to remove negative energy most effectively, go to the river. Conveniently sitting on the shore, watch the current and say: «As these waves go away and never come back, so my thoughts will never return to me again.» If you can embody your problems in specific images, just imagine that they are drowning in the river, flush them off;
  • You can also transfer all your negatives to any stone that gets in your way. Lift it up and, holding your palms around your lips in a half-opened palm, gently pronounce everything that really bothers you, preferably on an exhalation. After that, throw a stone away from you: in the sea, down the drain, into the river, into a dense bush;
  • To get rid of strong negative emotions, you will need a fire. Visually imagine an image of what does not allow you to live in peace, and burn it in a flame. You can also jump over it, completely clearing your aura of negative inclusions;
  • Reset negativity to the account. If at the moment when you are experiencing a sharp bad feeling, you want to get rid of it, turn your eyes to any multiple objects: leaves, snowflakes, light bulbs, squares of tiles, etc. On a smooth exhalation, transfer your gaze from one small object to another, transferring your negative energy to them.

You can use other methods of discharge of negativity after energetic vampirism, the main thing — do not forget that it is dangerous to accumulate negative feelings in yourself not only for your psyche, but also for physical health, therefore, periodically conduct similar purification rituals.

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