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What people will say about wrinkles on the forehead

If the European tradition paid not so much attention to the lines of wrinkles in the forehead area, then the eastern one built a whole system of predictions on the location of wrinkles. Each wrinkle has its astrological significance and is associated with certain planets (and of course, with the qualities attributed to each planet).

What will tell about the person wrinkles on the forehead? We give a variant of the ancient Mongolian predictive system.

What people will say about wrinkles on the forehead

Saturn’s wrinkle

According to this system, a horizontal wrinkle is located at the very edge of the hair, going through the forehead. This is the wrinkle of Saturn.

This wrinkle in the Eastern system shows that a person cares about his future and how his life will be perceived by his descendants. It happens that the Saturn wrinkle is curved in the shape of a bow.

This form speaks of the ambition of a person, of his efforts to earn the respect of his descendants. Such a person leads a quiet life, in old age he achieves real wisdom.

And if the wrinkle is sinuous, then this is a sure sign that a person is eager for glory and strives with all its might.

And he will certainly achieve fame, his children will occupy a prominent place in society. It happens that the wrinkle is all torn and very deep.

This shows that a man has many sexual contacts, and this is neither good nor bad — it’s just his fate. True, sometimes such a person has the feeling that he did not give something to his illegitimate descendants, and this state of affairs can cause sadness and a desire to change the situation.

Jupiter’s wrinkle

Slightly lower is the wrinkle of Jupiter. What does this wrinkle on the forehead tell about a person?

This wrinkle (also horizontal) is below the wrinkle of Saturn and testifies to high ideals (it may be some kind of spiritual values, political views, fundamental principles, in general, everything that is related to human convictions). If it is straight, then the person will be faithful to the chosen path and will not back down from his convictions. If the wrinkle is curved, then the more so he will not depart from convictions, because on the basis of these convictions his reputation in society has developed.

A wavy or broken wrinkle, on the contrary, suggests that there is an abyss between the affairs of a person and his convictions: that is, in words he will support some ideas, but in fact he will propagandize those that have nothing to do with the first. Nevertheless, such a person does not feel ashamed of his actions, he is convinced that he is doing everything right.

In most cases, he leads a measured lifestyle and has excellent health. In any case, mental conflicts do not affect his well-being. If the wrinkle of Jupiter has no Minor additional wrinkles, then this is a traveler sign.

Such a person will seek to break out of familiar surroundings. A wrinkle with a break in the center shows the potential of a person’s spiritual strength.

Wrinkle mars

Even lower, in the middle of the forehead, is the wrinkle of Mars. In general, Mars is associated with pressure, aggressive behavior, scandals.

This wrinkle in the eastern system is very good if it marks the face of a military or an athlete. But for all other people whose achievements are not connected with overcoming obstacles, it will only show additional problems.

Especially not good if this wrinkle is torn or barely visible.

Then she shows a person’s weakness, lack of will. And in this case, there will always be controversial situations, so it is better to put an end to the protracted conflict in time and surrender to the victor’s mercy (because of the weakness of will, it will still not be possible to achieve the goal).

Sun wrinkle

Below the wrinkles of Mars is the wrinkle of the Sun (Apollo in the European tradition). It is believed that such a wrinkle shows the desire of a person to take a high post. This wrinkle is often marked by careerists, high-ranking officials.

But to achieve the ranks need a smooth and clear wrinkle. If it is weak or torn, then the person will constantly feel jealous of those who climb the career ladder, but he himself will not be able to get into the heads, because he is not so focused and not so stubborn. That is, the torn wrinkle of the Sun is a sign of fruitless strivings to achieve a high position *

Venus wrinkle

Below the wrinkles of the sun is the wrinkle of venus. In Europe, Venus is associated with love relationships, sexuality.

What will tell about the person wrinkles on the forehead?

In Eastern tradition, the wrinkle of Venus is associated with the successful achievement of the goal. If a person has an even and clear wrinkle of Venus, he is marked by the “safeguard letter” of intuition: such a person is sensitive to the slightest hints of fate. He is able to avoid trouble in time, he knows exactly how to act.

Such a person does not build plans for the distant future, but he is easily guided in the present. If he is engaged in business, then he is often called “unsinkable”, because he stops business on time, if he feels that it may be unprofitable, and begins to invest in companies that can bring success.

It is not for nothing that the Mongolian predictors of the future call this wrinkle a “sign of power and God’s chosen people,” and often such people carry a badge on their foreheads.

Wrinkle mercury

Below is the wrinkle of Mercury. In the Eastern tradition, Mercury is associated not so much with trade, as with the attitude of man towards his health. A wrinkle of Mercury shows that its owner is a suspicious person, he cares too much about his well-being, sometimes even a common cold can cause his fear.

Such an attitude to health often develops into a mental disorder. Among the visitors of the doctors there are “clinically healthy” citizens, which doctors call simulators. They are not simulators, many of them have this wrinkle, forcing them to experience anxiety at the slightest indisposition.

Sometimes these people may even be worried about not feeling sick in any part of the body, but even talking about other people’s diseases, the news of the death of a stranger, rumors about the beginning of disastrous epidemics. The usual reading of the symptoms of a disease leads to the fact that they begin to experience these symptoms!

By nature, these people are cautious and cautious, they give too much attention to their feelings, so they cannot reach great heights and all the time they feel left behind by fate and unhappy.

Moon wrinkle

In the lower part of the forehead, practically close to the superciliary arches, is the wrinkle of the moon. She testifies to the power of feelings, the ability to love. If the wrinkle is deep and straight, then the person has strong feelings, constant attachments.

If the wrinkle is weak, shallow or torn, then the strength of the feelings is low, the feelings themselves are changeable, and it is customary to say about such a person that he is windy.

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