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What will tell about the character of the first joint of the finger, palmistry

Joints are joints between phalanges. They influence the speed of thought and how much attention is paid to what is being said.

The joints of most people belong to two extreme categories.

  • People with large joints are very attentive to the little things, they say what they mean, and try their best to explain everything correctly. They are inquisitive and ask a lot of questions, but they love to find out on everything themselves, so they do not always believe what they hear. They are attentive listeners.
  • People who have even joints are just as impulsive about their words as they are about thoughts and actions. They say that what comes to their mind, they may behave strangely or speak out, which is funny. They are impatient when the conversation is delayed, they like to laugh and do not remember the details at all.

The first finger joint

In the palm of a person, such a joint, as we will show later, is by inhalation in direct and predominant proportion with starlight (liquid or vibration); this first joint, as well as the first joints of the other fingers, is necessary and it is precisely because of this relationship that it is especially important.

And as if to give people a lesson, to show them that will is everything and leads to everything, the most sublime part of the thumb, summarizing the whole hand, means desire. As in phrenology, the most elevated part of the skull is formed by the organ of desire, just as in physiognomy, desire is also expressed by a more elevated part of the face occupied by the eyes and eyelashes.

Thus, all who have this first joint are long and strong will have a strong and energetic will, greater self-reliance and an extraordinary desire to improve in their studies. If the first joint of the finger is too long, the will will turn into a desire for domination, into tyranny.

What will tell about the character of the first joint of the finger, palmistry

The first joint is too short. Lack of will

If the first joint of a finger is of medium size, the desire for supremacy will turn only into passive resistance, into an inert force; if he is short, then this will manifest a lack of will and constancy — this will express hesitation, doubtfulness, distrust of oneself, a predisposition to indulge in other people’s opinions.

If the joint is too short, it will mean a complete inability to resist, carelessness, self-sacrifice, cowardice, enthusiasm, causeless sadness or joy that a small cloud, clear sky, church or military music and especially everything can produce surrounding him at the moment.

What will tell about the character of the first joint of the finger, palmistry

Third finger joint

According to palmistry, such a joint is actually rather the root of the thumb and occupies a very important place in the palm of the hand; they express more or less the power of feeling, and usually sensual, material love.

If the third finger joint is too thick and long, then the person will submit to the supremacy of brutal passion; if he is moderate and in harmony with the rest of the hand, the person will fall in love, but without excess; if he is weak, flat and gently expressed, it means little tendency to sensual pleasures.

Palmistry changes these values ​​through lines and, as we will see later, brings a lot to them, but at the moment we are talking only about instincts or otherwise, about natural inclinations.

We now derive some consequences, some inductions from the instincts expressed by the three worlds.

A person who has a strong will, expressed by the first joint, long and thick, and without logic, which is expressed by the shortness of the second joint, will prevail. He will be neither logical nor rational, but energetically willing.

His life will be a struggle in which he will continually destroy himself; he, like a brave blind man, walking without a stick and a guide, on a choppy road hanging over a precipice, will sooner or later have to die.

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