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What will tell about the nature of the loop on the fingers, palmistry

People with a predominance of looped patterns on the fingers are a kind of «golden mean» between the two described above. They usually have a fairly wide range of interests, although they do not have the same intensity and depth, as people with curls, neither the one who pleases, but someone annoying unambiguity and concreteness, as people with arcs. Holders of loops easily converge with others, tolerate any oddities, while quite adequately evaluating what is happening.

They are ready to take part in undertakings, neither benefit nor intention of which they do not share or even do not understand. With all of them “good luck and good” and “good and bad”, these are ideal leaders who are capable of satisfying everyone, even if at a minimum.

Moreover, they do not put pressure on others (as people with arcs do) and do not torture anyone with ephemeral and constantly changing designs (as holders of curls). Holders of loops on all fingers are the most sociable, tolerant, friendly, understanding.

In the service of this will take up any work; the school will listen to the teacher when it is needed, and indulge when everyone is “on their ears”; in the campaign, he will sing with a guitar (no need to persuade for a long time) and with duty after a hard transition will cope.

If something is wrong with such a person, then either serious trouble is at home, or people around them have exhausted their patience with unfounded claims.

All these characteristics, of course, are not absolute and very generalized. Especially when you consider that people with a predominance of one type of finger patterns are not very common. In fact, it is important not only that a person has this or that pattern, but also on which finger and which hand it is located.

The fine topography of dermatoglyphic features somehow links up the features of the fine organization of different areas of the brain. Loopback patterns, as already mentioned, is the most common pattern, and the features of their localization are not so important. As for curls, they, as patterns of higher complexity, are most often located on the fingers of the right hand, and mainly on the index and nameless.

This is the norm rather close to the hinges. But if the asymmetry in the distribution of patterns of varying complexity exceeds two signs, then such a person is likely to be marked by a strong imbalance.

When curls are marked mainly on the right hand, he is quick-tempered, but he is quick, but the greater the asymmetry, the slower the curvature. If the picture is reversed, which, incidentally, is much less common, then such people are more likely to digest everything in themselves, and this gives a person a great peculiarity, because he can hide an offense for an extremely long time, and who knows when and how she will suddenly remind of herself. Such people are vulnerable and secretive, and sometimes even vindictive and vindictive.

Once their ideas are extremely difficult, they are abandoned. But at the same time they are artistic, sometimes musical or have the ability to draw.

They tolerate alcohol badly and can become aggressive under its influence.

The owner of a single curl on the thumb of the right hand can plague others with lengthy arguments on various issues (what experts call resonance). In stressful situations, when it is necessary to make an important decision quickly, or even simply with an emotional conversation on heightened tones, he can completely lose his orientation and do things that would seem to be in no way relevant to his experience and level of intelligence.

And if this single curl is located on the index finger of the left hand, while on the same finger of the right hand there is a loop, then there is a hereditary left-handed person in front of us. There are legends about left-handers, but such a person is far from always different from the rest by some peculiarities of thinking and behavior.

Loopback patterns do not exhaust the area of ​​application of dermatoglyphics, because the comb skin is also on the palms. True, patterns such as arcs, loops and curls are very rare here. The people possessing them represent a certain riddle.

More often than others, they are found among patients at neuropsychiatric clinics, but maybe this is the price paid for some unique abilities?

An extremely interesting phenomenon is the proximity of dermatoglyphic patterns in married couples. If one spouse has rare patterns on the palms, then they are most often noted on the other side. Interestingly, the owners of rare patterns still find each other, however rare these signs may be.

The only exceptions are people with an arc pattern who never connect to each other.

The owner of the arcs, as a rule, unites in an alliance with the owner of curls and in the married couple, as a rule, leads.

Amazing and not yet fully explain the relationship of skin patterns to the individual characteristics of the nervous system, this allows a result of careful observation to give some assessments of the human character and behavior. But to an even greater extent, this relationship gives reason for reflection and further research.

The arc «tents» with fragments of «loops» are quite rare. Usually they are defined on the index and much less often — on the thumb.

As a rule, people with this type of loop on the fingers have a few unusual inclinations or occupation; in addition, they are able to do two things at the same time or often change their profession.

People with a radial «loop» can not stand the orders and regulations, preferring the free profession or, at least, setting their own style of work. Such people can assert their principles to the detriment of others, often in the family, among relatives or neighbors.

The “loop” symbolizes interference, or rather, the inability to integrate into the existing order of things.

What will tell about the nature of the loop on the fingers, palmistry

The “loop” on the index finger demonstrates repressed self-esteem, which prevents the individual from fully revealing his or her abilities. Almost all the owners of the loop on the fingers have an uncompromising character, a desire for independence, conservative opinions.

Very often, their intuition fails, and illusory ideas lead away.

It is quite difficult to find astrological correspondences to the “loops”; apparently, they arise from combinations of a number of signs.

What will tell about the nature of the loop on the fingers, palmistry

Different types of loops on the fingers are found not only on the fingertips. They can also be formed on the palmar tubercles. Wherever there are such curls, a huge amount of energy is concentrated.

On the tener, this is an indicator of vitality, on the hill of Mars, the nature of consciousness, on the hypotenar, the power of subconscious influences.

On the palm, the following patterns of papillary pattern are regular: on the tener — radial, ulnar and carpal open loops and «funnels»; radial loops prevail on the Mars hill, radial, ulnar and carpal open loops dominate on the hypothenar; on the mound of the ring finger, as a rule, the “fir-tree” arches and the ulna direction of the loops prevail.

The same types of loops are found between the toes of the base of the fingers, concentric «funnels» are often found on the hills of Saturn and Venus, forming the so-called «magic eye.»

Tenar with papillary curls on a normal arm is a rather rare phenomenon.

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