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Icon of the Mother of God the Healer: meaning, prayer, help

Icon of the Mother of God the Healer: meaning, prayer, help

No one is insured against serious diseases, any person can be in the shackles of illness. In these difficult times, the queen of heavenly Mother of God comes to the rescue. The icon of the Mother of God, the Healer, has a long history;

In our family, the icon performed a miracle of healing of a sister’s bedridden, when the doctors simply shrugged it off and could not help. In the article I want to tell you how to pray the icon and ask the Virgin Mary for mercy.

The Healer Icon is especially revered in the Orthodox world, it is located in every temple in every corner of the earth. At the bottom of the miraculous image is written a short story about the miracle that the Most Pure Virgin performed. In some lists with icons depicted saints.

There is a lot of evidence when the Mother of God appeared to sick people in a dream and indicated which face needed to offer prayers. Thus, on many occasions, the Mother of God healed St. Seraphim of Sarov from mortal ailments.

Celebration of the veneration of the holy image — October 1.

The history of the miraculous face goes back to the IV century AD. One day, a severe illness struck the Georgian priest Vikentii, distinguished by piety and prayer. The pain was so strong that the holy father at times fainted. Once an angel came to him in a dream, who prayed to the Virgin for the recovery of Vincent.

After the zealous prayer of the angel to Vincent, the Virgin Mary herself appeared and healed the affliction. The priest fully recovered and gained bodily strength. Vincent immediately went to the temple and together with the singers glorified the Mother of God. This was a real miracle, as the priest’s disease was considered incurable. After this, the icon painters began to write the icon of the Healer.

In Russia, the icon appeared only in the XVIII century, it was located in the Alexeyevsky nunnery. During the war with Napoleon’s army, the monastery was destroyed, but the nuns managed to preserve the miraculous icon and other church items in the ground. In the same place, a hospital was established, thanks to which Napoleon’s troops were afraid to approach the shrines (they were afraid of being infected by the sick).

During the revolution, the miraculous image was transferred to the Church of the Resurrection of Christ in Sokolniki. He is still there.

Prayer to the Virgin Healer:

The icon of the Virgin The Healer will save from various ailments, including incurable ones. The Mother of God is so gracious that she hears the heartfelt pleas of the sick and softens the sensation of pain and suffering. In addition to bodily healing, the icon grants:

  • healing from mental anguish and passions;
  • strengthening the spirit during the test;
  • protection from harm and misfortune;
  • the release of the innocently condemned;
  • the joy of motherhood is childless;
  • assistance in raising children.

A sick person should sincerely pray and ask for help without losing faith in healing. Prayers are offered daily, and every day they thank the healer for mercy and help.. Some diseases are so serious that it is necessary to strengthen the faith in God and the help of the Virgin Mary. In these difficult moments of trials, a person must approach God and strengthen faith. Many people are given tests specifically for this. A man realizes his weakness and begins to rely only on God’s help.

The believer must continually offer prayers to God, both in sorrow and in joy. This is what the gospel and the holy fathers teach us.

Bodily ailments are more easily tolerated with a prayer on the lips.

Do not forget to confess and receive communion, and also need to undergo the Sacrament of the Unction. The Apostle Paul commanded the faithful to worship the believers, which helps to get rid of those sins that a person does not suspect. Any sin, even the most insignificant, is a heavy burden on the soul and leads to suffering.

During the prayer offerings to the Virgin The Healer, you must order forty sheets of health.. Holy people will pray tirelessly for the health and healing of the sick for 40 days. Also You can order the Incessant Psalter in the monastery for 40 days / 6 months / year. This will be a powerful help in overcoming the disease along with the prayers of the patient and his family.

When writing a note on health, you need to enter the names correctly. Indicate the baptismal name of a person in the genitive case (Sergius, Fotinii, Lyudmila). Middle names and surnames do not indicate. You can write down «sick» to the father said it in prayer.

The prayer service with the water-icon of the Healer icon has a very strong effect. Consecrated water is brought home and given to the patient to drink every morning on an empty stomach. A small blessing of water has tremendous power, this prayer is ordered at any time in the church (the presence of the sick is not necessary)

It is also necessary to have in the house baptized water, consecrated on the Epiphany Eve on January 18. Water is consecrated immediately after the end of the liturgy. It is possible to take Epiphany water on the 19th day, since on this day they spend exactly the same consecration. It is impossible to think that the water of the 18th is something better or worse than that which the 19th consecrate.

Holy water is well kept for a long time, without losing its properties. Just need to remember that it is taken on an empty stomach, and not after a meal. Holy water requires trepidation, therefore it is kept in a clean and bright place, and not under a bed or in a closet.

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