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Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

For several terribly long years, my son was sick. The notebook is swollen from the phones of the best doctors and clinics addresses throughout the city, and beyond. Our every day was painted hourly: lifting — special classes — breakfast — tablets …

For some time, the therapy gave very weak results. But then my mother, a newly made grandmother of a sick baby, brought the Matrona icon from the church (the priest who had learned about our trouble presented her with a small icon).

I do not know whether it is a coincidence or not, but she began to pray before the icon daily, and the results of the treatment a week later pleasantly amazed the doctors!

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

Holy, about which so far very few people know

Matushka Matrona is a woman who lived a hundred years ago. She was born into an impoverished peasant family, absolutely blind.

Despite this, she grew up a very religious person. Already in childhood she became famous as a healer.

People came to the Matron from afar to pray with them and help.

As an adult, she moved to live in Moscow, and the stream of believers seeking her increased even more.

And even when she died, people, eventually learning about the wonders of Matrona, began to go to the tomb of the holy old women. Because of such popular veneration, the holy relics were transferred to the Moscow Pokrovsky Convent.

There you can bow to the matron today.

More details about the life of the saint can be heard from this bright and detailed film:

Day of reverence for the holy old woman

The Russian Orthodox Church has appointed an official day of worship for Matrona of Moscow. it 2 (a new style).

What are Mother Matronushka praying for?

  • On the protection from the disease and the healing of ailments.
  • About conception, safe bearing and the birth of a healthy baby.
  • On the protection of home from all evil, including satanic tricks.
  • About financial well-being.

Who and how can pray, where it is better to do

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

Who! Prayers are read by anyone who finds them on the Internet or rewrites with friends. But in reality, the Matron, other saints and the Lord can only be addressed to baptized people.

And if the saint is recognized only by the Orthodox Church, Catholics and Protestants should not turn to him.

Do not forget about it!

How? It is not necessary to read the holy words mechanically, but to open your soul.

Do not think “maybe help” — sincerely believe that the Lord will surely hear your words, and if they are convincing, He will not refuse to help. Without attention will remain only the prayers of non-believers.

They will listen to you more quickly if you lead a maximally sinless life and distribute help to those in need (donating online to the fund for helping cancer patients will also be counted).

If the patient becomes worse, do not refuse to visit the hospital. Prayer does not replace treatment, but enhances its quality.

Finally, do not refuse prayers when you see improvements. And having recovered, do not forget to thank the heavenly patrons, as you can.

Someone will just say a sincere “thank you” to Matrona and the Lord, and someone will make a generous donation to the address of the baby house or the same charity foundation.

Where? Of course, it’s best to turn to the heavenly intercessor in God’s temple.

But if you do not have such an opportunity, buy an icon, consecrated candles and pray at home (in the hospital).

The main thing — with sincere faith and regularly.

Will these prayers help you? Probably yes!

In this edition of the popular program “Let They Speak!”, Stories of our contemporaries are gathered, faced with miracles after prayers to Mother Matrona. And since such an amazing, but the long-awaited miracle has entered their lives, it can also enter into yours:

Texts of the strongest prayers

About child health

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

Oh health neighbor

Often we ask the Lord and other heavenly patrons who transmit the words of our prayers to Him, for their friends, colleagues, and sometimes strangers, whose tragic fate they learned on TV or from the Internet. But the strongest prayers are words pronounced for blood relatives or for a spouse who have become relatives to us due to the sacrament of marriage.

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

The same prayer is read, asking about your own health, as well as healing from the disease.

About pregnancy

The inability to give birth in many women is associated with the presence of disease. And even if the verdict of the doctors is “physically healthy,” for years, an inability to conceive a child a woman still believes that this is not so.

On the other hand, there are many stories on the Internet of couples who, after prayers, church visits, or pilgrimages, sent children to holy places. Maybe you will soon find yourself among those lucky ones? Start with a prayer, the text of which is below:

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

Think health and money are not related? Relatives of people (including small children), whose life has an exact price called by surgeons, will not agree with you. In a difficult moment, such people rush in all directions — they sell property, write to charities, to television, to volunteers …

Do not forget about the heavenly support. The Lord can send you a generous patron, a promotion at work and a better salary, finally, just a positive response from a charitable foundation.

Pray, hope and do not give up!

Prayers for improving the financial condition of the family are read not only by Matron. At the same time it is worth asking for help both to Nicholas the Wonderworker and Spiridon Trimyfuntsky.

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

Matrona of Moscow Prayer for Health and Healing of Illness

  • Matrona Moskovskaya is one of the most popular Russian saints of the new time. They pray to her first of all for health, and on the Internet there are many articles and videos about the miraculous healings of the most serious illnesses that came after the prayers of this saint.
  • Matronushka can pray for their own health, and the health of relatives, loved ones. But most often the saint is asked to protect the child.
  • And they also appeal to the old defender, asking for the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy, as well as salvation from lack of money, because of which some people even with a simple illness cannot buy medicines.

But have you ever wondered if there are similar saints on our land that now live and work miracles? Of course! This film will tell you about three such people — Nikolay Guryanov, Mother Alipia and Elder Hippolyte Halin:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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