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Matrona of Moscow prayer — help from any misfortune

People believe that the prayer to Matrona of Moscow is able to save even in the most difficult situations. This saint still works wonders; divine healings occur to her relics and icons, which have no explanation.

Learn how and what prayers you need to read to ask for help from Matronushka.

Prayer to the Matron of Moscow — to whom and for what can be turned to the Holy

There are rumors and legends about miraculous healings near its icons and relics, as well as simply as a result of regular prayers at home. Even diseases that are extremely difficult to treat with the traditional method are able to expel this Saint, for example, alcoholism and drug addiction.

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortuneAlmost everyone knows what Matron of Moscow helps in — there are legends about this part of its sphere of influence. The saint helps to find the betrothed, to get married and to keep the relations in the family.

If your family collapses, regardless of the reason for this, you can turn to her.

Problems with children are especially close to this Saint. She did not have her children, perhaps, therefore, the Holy even after death pours out her maternal love, which did not find a way out during her life.

Under the auspices of Matronushka are all children’s homes, kindergartens and schools.

It can also be accessed if there are problems in raising a new generation.

The prayer to the Holy Matron of Moscow can also help in any worldly situation. You can contact her with almost any problem. The saint helps to solve material problems, to get rid of difficulties at work or in an educational institution, and also to get rid of sufferings of any nature.

She often pray to find their own housing, which in our time is a big problem. Matronushka is also an assistant in spiritual development, she can bestow a spiritual view on things to a worthy person.

After death, she took a worthy place in the Higher Board of Trustees of human existence. In the heavenly world, she intercepts the affairs of people before God, giving them help.

Matronushka’s sphere of influence includes everything connected with the life of people. Her powers are very broad, for the righteous life she received an award — to be able to help people in accordance with God’s providence.

In addition to the above examples, it is also a search for missing or stolen property, the treatment of dementia and brain diseases, the healing of ophthalmological problems — during her lifetime, like the seer Wang, Matrona was blind.

Of course, you can pray Matronushka anytime and anywhere. But if you do it regularly or consider this Saint your patroness, it is advisable to know her memorial day — 2. May, according to Matrona’s biography, was her favorite month. Days of Saints Remembrance are obligatory for believers who wish to receive their blessings and improve their lives.

In addition, Matronushka is especially pleased to everyone who was born in May.

Everyone can read the prayer to Matronushka. But she pays special attention to orphans who have not received parental love, the unemployed and the needy, as well as homeless people who have lost everything.

First of all, the Holy helps those who really need her help and can not survive without her intervention.

You can pray Matronushka at home, in front of an icon or a church candle.

Prayers are supposed to be taught by heart — so you show respect for her, but you can ask for help in your own words. For their reading, you can visit the Holy grave, as well as its relics.

To pray before the icon or the relics you need to come to the Pokrovsky Convent in Moscow. You can also pass a note to this temple, so that ministers of the church carry it to the relics.

Matrona of Moscow for help

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortuneMatrona of Moscow prayer for help is universal. You can read it to get help Holy in any situation.

Usually this prayer is read to get rid of bodily ailments. There is also a separate prayer to the Matrona of Moscow for healing, but you can also read this:

O blessed mother of Matrono, hear and receive us now, sinners, praying to you, skillful in all of your living, accepting and listening to all those who suffer and grieving, with faith and hope to your intercession and help of those who resort, quick help and wonderful healing to all who suffer; let not your mercy be depleted now to us, unworthy, restless in the multitude of this world and nowhere find solace and compassion in the mourn of the mind and help in physical diseases: heal our diseases, save the temptations and torment of the devil, passionately fighting, help. The cross, to tear down all the living and not to lose the image of God in him, to keep the Orthodox faith until the end of our days, to preserve hope and hope in God for a strong image and for the love of others; Help us, after leaving this life, to reach the Kingdom of Heaven with all those who please God, glorifying the mercy and goodness of the Father of Heaven, in the Trinity slavimago, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever.


In addition, this prayer text helps to transfer the above-granted trials, through which virtually everyone should pass. Reading it regularly helps to achieve a high level of spirituality.

Legends say that people who are patronized by Matronushka and regularly read this prayer can develop spiritual vision. She helps healers, magicians and clairvoyant beginners, who are engaged exclusively in good deeds.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for good luck is the same text. It can be read before an important business, when luck does not hurt. The matron has to do with all aspects of a person’s life, even luck.

True, luck can not be called luck, according to old omens, this is the name of a demon.

How to become a mother — Matrona of Moscow prayer for pregnancy and love

Matronushka helps to become a mother. If you have problems with pregnancy or conception, it will help you to continue the birth. Even doctors claim that the prayer to the Matrona of Moscow about pregnancy creates real miracles.

Conception becomes possible even if a man or woman suffered from infertility. When a couple loses hope of procreation, this prayer can help:

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortuneOh, Matron’s blessed mother, we resort to your intercession and we tearfully pray to you. For it is a possessing great boldness in the Lord, pour out a warm prayer for your servant, in the grief of those who are present, and those who ask for help from you.

Truly the word of the LORD: ask and it is given to you and the packs: if you two counsel from you, on the earth about every thing that you ask, there will be an image from My Father who is in Heaven. Our heartache and heartache to the throne Vladychnya, and you are waiting for you, as the prayer of the righteous can do much before God. May the Lord not completely forget us, but from the heavenly heights he will look upon the tribulation of his servants and give the fruit of the womb to the wholesome.

Truly, the Bogidet hostage, so did the Lord create for Abraham and Sarah, Zechariah and Elizabeth, Joachim and Anna, pray with him. Tako may the Lord God create for us also by our mercy and ineffable humanity.

Blessed be the name of the Lord, both from now and forever.


You can read this prayer for conception, if you cannot get pregnant. It also helps in maintaining pregnancy, if there are some threats to the health of the child or his mother. The same prayer can be read to facilitate childbirth.

It can be read as the very future mother, and her husband, sister, mother or father, as well as other close people. They pray for the possibility of the continuation of the clan of both men and women.

A prayer to the Matrona of Moscow about love helps in any situations that are connected with a person’s personal life. Her text is the same as the prayer for pregnancy. It is believed that the Orthodox Saints only help couples who have already tied the knot.

This is not quite true. A legal wife always has more rights to a man than his mistress.

This opinion is shared by representatives of most esoteric schools, not only sorcerers-cathedrals.

A prayer for love will help you find your soul mate, marry or marry a daughter who has sat up in girls, find a good wife.

Both a man and a woman can read it, as mentioned above.

In addition, the above text will help save the family if it is on the verge of divorce. Betrayal, disagreement, boredom of life — all these problems can be solved with the help of faith and prayer.

Divine Healing — Matron of Moscow Prayer for Health

From the biography of Matron it is known that she possessed healing abilities. She not only saw the future, being completely blind from birth.

The matron accepted the sick and afflicted who left her healthy. Matrona attributed the miracles of healing not to her paranormal abilities, but to the power of prayer read by a devoutly religious person.

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortuneA prayer to Matrona of Moscow for healing will help with any illness. Even seriously ill patients hope for it. This text has saved not one life:

About the blessed Mother Matrono, the forthcoming soul in heaven before the Throne of God, rested with his body on the earth, and exuding miracles of grace different from this grace. Regard now with your gracious eye on us, sinners, in sorrow, sickness and sinful temptations, your dependent days, comfort us, desperate, heal the afflictions of our lyutya, God permissive of us through our sins, save us from many troubles and circumstances, pray to our Lord Jesus Christ forgive us all our sins, iniquities and fall, we are from our youth even to the present day and hour of sin, and with your prayers we receive grace and great mercy, we will glorify in the Trinity of One God, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and ever and ever.


Matrona of Moscow prayer for health can be read both for yourself and for a loved one. As a rule, it is read for the next of kin — parents, brothers and sisters.

This text treats even mental illness and blindness, it should also be read in order to get rid of alcohol and drug addiction.

Prayer from the evil eye and damage Matrona of Moscow will save from negative

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortune

The best remedy for evil eye and damage for an Orthodox person, this is a prayer. Prayer from the evil eye and damage Matrona of Moscow will help get rid of any negativity.

But to get rid of strong damage to death, you need a long job, going to church and regularly reading the sacred texts. From the usual evil eye, which is not considered a serious magic ailment, a one-time reading of this prayer is sufficient:

I appeal to you, oh Matrona of Moscow. Help me get rid of the evil eye and damage, rejecting the damn dirty tricks of evil people. Cleanse my soul from soot of sin and do not punish the painful body with pain.

I sincerely repent before you for grief, intolerance, anger, swearing and unbelief.

Ask the Lord God for pity and send me mercy in the form of spiritual Orthodoxy.

May the corruption, the evil eye and the torment of the soul not kill in me the faith in the Lord God. Let it be so.


To get rid of damage or the evil eye, it is desirable to put candles at the icon of the Holy. Candles are purchased in the church. At the same time you need to read the following text:

Matrona Moscow, Blessed Staritsa. Cleanse me from the evil eye and defacement and give me the desire for holy Orthodoxy. Let it be so.


If you began to engage in the destruction of the negative program with the help of the Christian egregore, you should not turn to other forces — demons or pagan gods. Some egregors are in conflict with each other.

Appeal to them at the same time is highly undesirable.

Matrona of Moscow prayer for work

Matrona Moskovskaya’s prayer about work is read when there are problems with employment. If you do not have work, and you need to feed your family, read it, and everything will work out. You can contact Matronushka even when there is a desire to change the place of work, to a more profitable or suitable one according to other criteria:

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortuneOur blessed holy Mati Matron, help your holy servant (name) with your holy prayers to find a job that is convenient for salvation and spiritual growth, so that you may be rich in God and not waste your souls on the worldly — vain and sinful. Help him find a gracious employer who does not violate the commandments and does not force those who labor under him to start work on Sundays and holy days.

Yes, the Lord God will protect God’s servant (name) at his place of work from all evil and temptation, may this work for his salvation be for the benefit of the Church and the Fatherland and parents for the joy. Amen.

To get help with money, wealth, and material wealth in general, you need to read another prayer. But there is an important condition.

Matron helps you find money for necessary things — food, shelter, clothes. No need to ask her for opportunities for a luxurious life.

Luxury and wealth and in life were alien to this Holy. Ask Matronushka for help in money matters only when there is a real need for this:

I trust in you, O Matron of Moscow, and I pray for help in difficult days.

You stand up for the righteous and punish the sinners.

Send me money and cleanse my soul of anger and greed. Let the money come for food and cover the costs of necessary importance.

Ask the Lord God of mercy and do not be angry with me for the paucity of your soul. Let it be so.


Folk omens and customs of the prayers of the Holy Matron of Moscow

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortuneSaint Matrona of Moscow is one of the most popular Saints of Russia. It is not surprising that the people have long noticed that when accompanied by certain actions, prayers to it become more effective.

For example, before turning to the Holy decided to leave church donation, but not in the form of money, but in the form of food and treats.

They usually carry black bread, milk, sugar, tea, crackers, biscuits, vegetable oil, raisins, walnuts, flour, caramel sweets and honey. According to legend, these treats took Matrona during her lifetime.

Treats can be given to a beggar at the church or to any person who requests alms elsewhere in the city. But the poor in our time have little confidence, so you can feed a stray animal or birds.

In the name of reverence for the Holy One, this must be done at least once a week for a month before going on a pilgrimage to its relics or prayerful appeal.

There is another custom — to bring fresh flowers to the relics of Matronushka. She loves white lilac and chrysanthemums, red carnations and tulips, as well as roses, which can be of any color.

These offerings are distributed by the servants to all who suffer as consecrated flowers. They are usually dried and stored in a red corner.

If you believe national signs, it is worth praying Matrona after the Russian bath. Men need to wear a clean white shirt to read the prayer.

Women are supposed to wear a white head scarf and a dress. Both women and men can pray Matronushka, despite the fact that it is more popular among the fair sex.

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortune

Matrona of Moscow prayer - help from any misfortune

According to the legends about the life of Matronushka, she loved the berries of mountain ash, brought from the cold. It is considered a good sign to plant a mountain ash, especially black fruit, in honor of this Saint.

So you can get her mercy for the whole house.

In general, it is possible to receive the help of the Holy Matron of Moscow even after her death. She knew that for some time the people who accepted her help would forget about the healer and the prophet.

But the Holy knew who she would become after death, and bequeathed to people to turn to her in case of any trouble.

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