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Prayer «99 Names of God»: text of the prayer, interpretation

A huge number of prayers were created over the entire existence of Christianity. Prayer appeals to the Lord and the Saints can help the believing Christian to solve various problems.

But there are among the many prayers, special ones, to which the prayer «99 names of God» belongs in particular.

Prayer «99 names of God»

This prayer is a very strong prayer message. It is designed to help those who are tired of the endless failures of life and the emergence of persistent intractable problems. This is usually due to the fact that a person does not always have to pay for his mistakes or sins.

Having incarnated in the human race, each of us is doomed to take on the problems of a particular kind. And we have to work through the sins of our ancestors.

Why read this prayer?

The uniqueness of this prayer lies in the fact that the believer does not ask for anything in it. Such a prayer appeal is aimed at obtaining the opportunity to re-start your own life. With this prayer, you can completely redeem your fault.

It is recommended to pray for 40 days, without missing a single day.

In prayer 99 names of our Most High Lord are sounded. There is not a single superfluous word in the prayer text.

It is believed that if you pray for 40 days, then after that life will begin to change radically. Moreover, it will be filled with success, in all cases luck will come along, and all bad luck will fade into the background.

But it should be understood that much in a person’s life will depend entirely on his behavior.

It is necessary to adhere to the following rules:

  • Open your heart to God. This means that you should attend the temple as often as possible and follow all the Christian canons.
  • It is necessary to abandon the fact that all failures and disasters in life are associated with negative external influences, which is the evil eye or damage. It should once and for all realize that all negative cases are consequences of wrong actions and thoughts of a person.
  • Be sure to pray in the morning and in the evening, this will allow you to maintain in your heart a sincere faith in God.


What does holy scripture say?

The Holy Scripture speaks of the need of every believer to communicate with the Almighty through prayer. This can be done in different ways.

Some people prefer to attend the temple, there they find comfort for their soul and they come to the insight, which allows you to solve the problems. Other people prefer to pray in privacy at home. The Holy Scripture says that there is no difference where one prays.

The main thing is to offer a prayer to the Almighty and various Saints with sincere faith in the soul.

This prayer can change a person’s life for the better. But this can happen only if the words come from the depths of the heart and are filled with sincere faith. In this case, the prayer “99 names of God” will inspire a person to new achievements, which will make his life successful.

It must be remembered that we ourselves build our own destiny, and God directs us to the true path and gives hints for the correctness of important decisions. That is, prayer is only support for us.

The prayer «99 names of God» has a very great power.

It belongs to the miraculous prayer texts and can unpredictably affect the life of a believer.

Holy Scripture says that God always takes care of people and their prosperity. He is Almighty and can do everything, but in order for a person to become successful, he needs it.

Prayer will be as strong as the person praying will invest in it. How much sincerity will be invested in the words of prayer, so much will it come back.

It is very important not only to ask God for mercy and welfare, but also to thank him for all that he gives.

Text of the Prayer «99 Names of God»

The prayer text consists of ninety-nine names of the Lord. Its peculiarity is that it does not contain any personal requests.

Such a prayer must be memorized and not a single word changed in it:


Interpretation of the prayer «99 names of God»

In the prayer of «99 names of God,» the names of our Lord are listed. In each name, the person praying puts his soul.

Separately, to interpret each name is not necessary, because they are already clear to every believer.

Can only dwell on individual ones.

Beneficence and grace are inseparable concepts. In the holy scripture it is said that only God is the source of all good in the world.

Therefore, everything that happens in reality must be taken with gratitude. That is why in the first place in prayer is the Beneficent Conversion.

The Lord is All-Good and this is emphasized many times in Scripture. The goodness of the Lord does not extend to the narrow region in the world, but to the whole world and all beings who live in it.

God loving all his creations, he lovingly takes care of all life and notices the needs of every creature.

When a person does not understand the goodness of God, he cannot become successful. He focuses on his thoughts and perceives only his worldview, not noticing what is happening around him, which is God’s prompting to the right action.

Understanding the goodness of God bestows the receipt of the enormous benefits of the earth and the acquisition of eternal life.

God is Omniscient and All-Hearing. It is impossible to hide anything from him.

That is why sincerity is important in the process of reading a prayer. For every word spoken, there must be true faith in the Lord and in his power. But God never forces a person to make certain decisions.

He can only give hints. By this, he supports the free will of all living on earth.

God loves all the living, but marks only the righteous. Therefore, before making a request to the Almighty, you need to repent of all your sins, whether slave or unknown.

God is just. He will always hear true and sincere repentance. The Lord will never punish without a reason, but every bad deed will not remain unpunished, unless the person strives to correct what he has done.

Holiness and God’s truth are always intertwined. Therefore, only a person who is aware of this can count on the help of God and the mercy of the Most High.

In the world around us, there is nothing permanent and unchanging, everything gradually changes, grows or grows old, and is also destroyed, and something new comes to replace it.

Only one God is permanent, and it is this fact that is emphasized by the majority of his names.

There can be no change in God; it remains the same, for the Lord is eternal.

God is omnipresent, so he is present every moment in human life. From him you can not hide.

His omnipotence is manifested in the fact that for him nothing is impossible. That is why a righteous believer with a soul open to God is always in the most difficult of his earthly affairs and can count on the help of the Lord. God always gives his goodness and good to those who deserve it.

He takes care of people like his father and seeks to close them from all sorts of trouble.

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