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Prayer for good luck and success in everything

Believers are turned to the Lord and His holy saints not only for protection and a request for the salvation of the soul — many ask for help in ordinary everyday affairs. Often, for the well-being of life, people lack just the banal luck.

In such a situation, the Orthodox prayer for good luck and success in everything can help.

Prayer for good luck and success in everything

How do Orthodox prayers for good luck work?

It has long been the custom that every true Christian believer, before starting any work, was baptized and turned to God and the highest forces with a prayer request for assistance in work. And if the prayer came from a pure heart, any undertaking of a person went well, and good luck and success did not leave him throughout the activity, leading to a fruitful outcome.

Orthodox prayers for good luck can bring success in any business. Their impact is reflected in almost all spheres of life, thanks to which the believer achieves greater results by making less effort.

The secret of the work of any prayer and its strength lies in the faith and energy message going to Heaven from the person praying.

It is not the words contained in the text that have the predominant influence on the result of the petition, but the energy of the believer and the power of his thought. Addressing God and the saints with a prayer for good luck in everything, you need to remember that only a sincere request, sent from a person with pure thoughts, will be heard.

A Christian should be praying with faith in future success, as well as maintaining a positive attitude.

It does not matter where a person will appeal to higher forces with a prayer — whether within the walls of a religious institution or outside it, the main thing is to have an image of the saint to whom the petition is addressed (an icon, a small scape on the neck). Praying for good luck is recommended daily — right up to the onset of positive change for the better. The fastest results can be achieved by prayer, learned by heart and pronounced from memory.

In extreme cases, the text can be rewritten with your hand on a clean sheet of paper and read the words from it.

Orthodox prayers for good luck and success in everything

In general, prayers that bring good luck and success, there are quite a large number.

Among them, one can choose any and read up to a stable manifestation of positive changes in life, in concrete deeds and undertakings.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel — an effective way to attract good luck

Personal Guardian Angel — the primary assistant of any Christian. It is customary to apply to the holy patron and with a request for success and success.

Before uttering a prayer, it is necessary to carefully consider and decide in which particular direction his assistance is required. With these thoughts, you need to start reading the prayer to the Guardian Angel, the text of which is the following:

Prayer for good luck and success in everything

There is another strong prayer to the Guardian Angel, which allows you to receive the support of your intercessor in any endeavor. The words in it are:

Prayer for good luck and success in everything

These 2 simple prayers, with regular use, can become a real key to the well-being of the performer in all his life spheres.

Strong prayer to the Blessed Matron for good luck in everything

Most Orthodox Christians love and honor St. Matron of Moscow. And this is not surprising, because Matronushka was of simple descent, from the people, and during her life did not refuse to help anyone.

Petition to the blessed old woman, even after her death, helps to overcome any kind of trouble, attracts good luck and well-being to the life of the person praying.

How to ask the matron about luck? Very simple. First, one should say a short prayer for the intercession of the saint, which sounds like this:

Holy righteous old woman Matrono, pray to God for us! ”

After these words out loud, you need to share your problem with Matrona, tell you exactly what success is required for you (the request should be specific). It is allowed to express not even one request, but several at once, listing them in order.

Appeal to Nikolai Ugodnik

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker is another divine bearer who, during his life, helped ordinary people cope with their problems. The prayer addressed to him, the text of which is given below, makes it possible to secure good luck for a long time in a very short time.

Prayer for good luck and success in everything

Powerful prayers for good luck and prosperity addressed to the Lord

Addressing the higher forces with a prayer for success and good luck, it should be remembered that the most important helper of any righteous Christian in this matter is the Lord God himself.

The prayers sent to him have powerful energy, therefore they are considered as one of the strongest and most effective.

  1. The first prayer, focused on luck in all walks of life.This prayer text is characterized by a complex action and gives the worshiper even more than what he expected. Prayer to the Creator brings good luck, luck in any endeavors, contributes to the successful resolution of any undertakings. Prayer for good luck and success in everything
  2. The second prayer, reads good luck before any responsible business.This text is pronounced immediately before any event that can dramatically affect the life of the artist. The prayer is read by the light of a lit candle (a candle must be bought in advance in the church, leaving the change for the purchase for the needs of the liturgical establishment).Prayer for good luck and success in everything
  1. Prayer is the third for good luck and success in all.Prayer has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in practice. It should be read in the temple, before the image of the Most High.Prayer for good luck and success in everything

The success of the Orthodox prayer for good luck

Any person who lives his life in faith to the Lord knows that it is impossible to demand the immediate fulfillment of his request from a higher power.

Addressing Heaven with a prayer for good luck, one must prepare for the expectation, fill his life with humility and patience.

The Creator and his holy saints give each according to his merits. And even a strong prayer can be useless if the person’s faith is weak and he himself is surrounded by sinful passions.

In order for the Lord to hear the prayer of the prayer, he must feed and strengthen his faith, commit acts of God, try to lead a righteous life and adhere to all Christian traditions. We must not forget the way to the temple: visiting the house of God should be a habitual and regular exercise. One should thank the Lord and all the saints as often as possible for all the positive events in life.

Only in this case, the Most High will occupy a key place in the soul of the believer and will assist him in everything.

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