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Prayer for help in difficult life situations

Everything happens in our life: joy and sorrow. We are not insured against serious problems, such as unfair accusations, harassment, serious illness or family scandals.

When this happens, many give up. But there is always a way out — you need to rely on God, because only in his power to help you.

A prayer for help in a difficult life situation really helps — I have been convinced of this many times. For example, during the severe illness of the father, the prayer to the Virgin Mary helped: the operation was successful, the doctors themselves were surprised at how quickly the father went on the mend, despite his old age.

Another case — the problems of his daughter. When she went to a new school in grade 10, her classmates began to hurt her.

Neither long conversations with the instigators of the persecution, nor the intervention of the director helped — just the teenagers began to do their dirty work on the sly, but this did not improve the life of the daughter.

I prayed to Nicholas the Wonderworker to help correct the situation, and the miracle happened literally three days later: the classmates suddenly lost interest in the daughter, and soon the director suggested that we move to a parallel class, where the atmosphere was much calmer.

Prayer for help in difficult situations

Prayer to the Guardian Angel

In difficult life situations, if the problem relates to you personally, it is best to contact the guardian angel. Trust his intercession, rely on your holy helper!

And he will certainly unravel even the most difficult task, will cope with the trouble.

Here it is important to remember that a person’s problems do not begin for a reason: it means that we somehow angered the Higher Forces. Remember your sins that come to mind, repent before God and call upon the guardian angel.

Be sure to thank him for his holy patronage.

More than once the prayer to the guardian angel helped people who found themselves in a dangerous place at the wrong time — for example, in a dark quarter at night or in an unpleasant company. There are stories when people lost their way in the forest in the evening, but the prayer to the guardian angel helped them find the right path.

Prayers for children

How often in our troubled times we have to worry about children! It happens that a son or daughter choose not the best company, they drop out of school, they start to get involved in alcohol.

Very scary for children, for their health and future. In this case, it is extremely important not to expect that the problem will be solved by itself. This will not happen!

It is important to pray for the child every day, asking God to send a son or daughter on the right path.

Parental prayer is the most powerful and effective means. You can pray to the Savior, Nicholas the Wonderworker, as well as the Virgin Mary.

The Mother of God hears all the prayers offered by mothers and fathers, and always helps our children, even if at some point they stumbled and went on a bad path. Be sure to repent to the Virgin Mary in your own sins, it will increase the power of your prayer.

Prayer for help in difficult situations

Prayer Matrona of Moscow

Holy Matrona is one of the most beloved saints in our country. And this is no accident: Matronushka really helps, the evidence of this is the experience of hundreds (or even thousands) of people who received help from the saint in the most difficult situations.

Matrona Moskovskaya helps everyone who asks for help and sincerely repents of their sins.

It helps with financial problems, and in case of serious illness, as well as with family quarrels and scandals.

If there is a person in the family who suffers from alcohol addiction, the saint prays to God that the drinking person should come to his senses and change his behavior.

A matron helps with troubles at work — if you are threatened with unfair dismissal, if you are harassed by your bosses or you are persecuted by your colleagues (unfortunately, this happens quite often). You can’t lose a job, but it’s very hard to go where you are humiliated and insulted.

Ask the holy Matron for help, and she will support you. The holy old woman herself experienced the persecution, which is why she immediately hurries to help those who are wronged unjustly.

Prayer for help in difficult situations

Financial difficulties

If financial problems become critical, then it’s time to seek help from the Higher Forces. Pray to the saints every day, admit your mistakes, sins and be sure to hope for their help.

You can contact the Nicholas the Wonderworker, Saint Spyridon or Saint Trifon.

More than once, Saint Nicholas came to the aid of those who did not have the means to buy expensive medicine or had problems with paying the loan.

Prayer solved all the problems — relatives helped or the bank agreed to soften the conditions, without increasing the interest on the loan.

The main thing is to ask sincerely, to have real faith that God will come to your aid through the prayers of his saints. While reading a prayer, do not think about your problems or everyday things, focus on communicating with saints.

A wife can pray for her husband, such a prayer has a very great power. If the husband has not been raised for a long time, and he is an excellent worker, if he has been looking for a good place for a long time, but cannot find a spouse, he can undertake prayer work — turn to Nicholas the Wonderworker, Matrona of Moscow or the Virgin Mary.

Prayer for help in difficult situations

Family Troubles

If trouble is created in your family — your husband drinks, violence happens, or scandals and quarrels upset you, then you can turn to the Virgin Mary, as well as to Saint Xenia.

Holy Xenia saved many families from divorce, helped to improve relations and even helped with the birth of children to childless couples. Through the prayer of Holy Xenia, all conflicts and disagreements passed, love and harmony returned to the couple.

Reading psalms is also very effective, psalms number 90, 50, 57, 11 help especially well.

Guess today using the map of the tarot «Map of the Day»!

For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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