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Prayer for the lost thing

My story is as follows: I lost my passport two days before my departure to the sea. I rummaged through the whole house, looked through every folder, every shelf. It was to tears sorry that the vacation will be gone just like that.

When I finally gave up, I decided to read the prayer to John the Warrior (I heard that it was this saint who helped to find the loss). After prayer, my condition improved, I calmed down and even internally agreed with the situation. Everything that happens, you need God!

And miraculously found a passport!

In the evening, when I was about to go to bed, I suddenly remembered that I had visited a neighbor to scan documents. It was already late, but I could not stand it, I knocked on the next door.

In the end, my guess was true! For joy, I almost kissed my neighbor: the passport really lay under the cover of the scanner!

They did not use the device, so they did not notice that there was something superfluous there.

Such a miracle was done for me by Saint John the Warrior. I thanked the saint for a long time, and during the holidays I found an Orthodox church and put a candle in front of the image of John the Warrior.

By sincere prayer, the believer is given real help in any endeavor, including in the case of losing things.

Miraculous Prayer

The prayer for the lost thing helps, so do not be afraid to ask the Higher Forces for help if you have lost something valuable to yourself. Ask God through the prayer of the saint (most often John the Warrior or Spyridon Trimifuntsky) opened your eyes and sent you to where the searches will be successful.

If it seems to you that you are asking for small things, do not worry. Ask God for forgiveness for distracting him because of the loss, but explain that the missing person is very dear to you (tell us why, and also describe how you feel after losing this item).

Then you can read the canonical prayer dedicated to John the Warrior or Saint Spyridon. It is also believed that the search for the disappearance will be successful if we pray to the great Nicholas the Wonderworker.

This saint can help in almost any business, including when searching.

My friends found the missing car keys, rings, jewelry, phones, books.

There were even packages lost at the post office, as well as forgotten credit cards and wallets in the cafe.

At the same time, some people lost valuables in busy places — in shops, on the beach, in the park.

It would seem that there was no chance that there would be a lost thing. But everything went well!

Good people appeared who found the loss and returned it to its owner without any reward. Other people found their loss in places they had already searched for many times.

Many say that in the apartment the lost thing appears as if from nowhere. Others, like mine, after the prayer, suddenly had new ideas where they could search for more.

And these ideas turned out to be true!

But, as a rule, sincere prayer is rewarded: your desire is fulfilled quickly and accurately. Therefore, be sure to pray and you will be heard, for a true believer there are no barriers.

Prayer for the lost thing

Is it worth reading plots?

In the people it is believed that the loss of any thing is the tricks of the brownies, wood-goblins or other demons. They have fun, tease us, steal various objects.

In this regard, there is a popular notion that in order to return a loss, it is necessary to turn to the evil forces, which stole one or another object.

Perhaps, after such conspiracies the loss may be found. But a believer should think: who helped her find it? Obviously, it is precisely those demons who stole her and to whom the appeal sounds in a conspiracy.

Does it make sense to contact them and ask them about something?

An Orthodox person will not communicate with the forces of darkness. This is both dangerous and unreasonable, and goes against the Christian faith. Even if everyone recommends that you read some kind of “miraculous” conspiracy, do not listen to anyone.

It is better to pray, and then not demons, but God himself will help you find the loss. Even if the texts of the conspiracies look quite harmless, it is better not to risk it and not to communicate with demonic forces.

Prayer for the lost thing

Appeal to John the Warrior: a prayer to find a lost thing

As already mentioned, one of the best helpers for loss is John Warrior. The great saint lived in ancient times, in the era of persecution of Christians.

John, as a professional mercenary, was sent to kill Christians.

But the warrior himself adopted the Christian faith and became the protector of all the oppressed. He patronized those who had stolen something significant, fought with thieves.

That is why we are now turning to John the Warrior for help with the loss, and the saint is in a hurry to tell us where it is better to look.

The most important thing during prayer is faith. Just believe that they will help you, that they hear you and trust you, and the words of your prayer will be heard.

If you wish, you can turn directly to God or Nicholas the Wonderworker, but with a detailed explanation of what exactly you are asking for (what is missing and why this thing is so dear to you). There is also an idea that a lost thing will be found if you read the prayer “I Believe” many times and Psalm 50 (penitent).

Read the text of the prayer or psalm thoughtfully, slowly. Tune in to the fact that you are talking to God (or his saint).

Think about the fact that for God nothing is impossible, and that, at the sincere request of the believers, he will come to the rescue, and your search will be crowned with success.

Prayer for the lost thing

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