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Prayer for travelers: protecting loved ones on the road

Travel is an integral part of the life of almost every person. It can be business trips, trips to relatives, holidays and so on. But each such event carries a certain risk, because no one is immune from accidents and accidents.

Soon my husband will have a long trip, and really want it to go well. Since I could not influence the situation, I decided to seek God’s help in order to ask him for blessings and protection for my spouse. In this article I will tell you what strong prayers there are about traveling, and how to read them correctly.

For prayer to gain the most power, it should be read in the church near the face of the saint, to whom the words are addressed. It is also necessary to light a candle near the image. If you can not visit the temple, you can pray at home in front of the icon of the saint.

In this case, it is not necessary to light a candle. When you say a prayer, you need to concentrate on the upcoming journey, and imagine how you safely get to your destination. If a close person goes on a trip, and you ask for protection from a higher power for him, then you need to imagine how happy he is coming home.

It is necessary to read a prayer about traveling not only before the immediate trip, but 3 days before the event. The sacred text is pronounced 3 times, while being baptized and bowed before the image of the saint. If the trip is long and rather dangerous, then it is worth reading a prayer every day until the traveler returns. During the prayer it is important not to be distracted and not to stray from reading the text, therefore it is best to perform a ritual when there is no one in the house.

So that the trip was successful, and there were no troubles on the way, you can read “Our Father” and in any way ask the Lord for protection. Sincerely spoken words will certainly be heard. But there are also some very strong prayers:

  • A prayer about traveling to Nicholas the Wonderworker. The text is pronounced in front of the image of the saint, while the container with consecrated water is lit, a candle or an icon lamp is lit, and then they are left to burn out. Water is given to the traveler with him. Prayer must be memorized and repeated daily until the traveler returns.

  • Appeal to Jesus Christ before traveling on water. Nautical vessels are not the safest mode of transport, so before sailing, it is recommended to ask for protection from the Almighty, to bring an icon and holy water. It is necessary to read a special prayer every day of the journey, and after returning home, be sure to thank Christ for his protection.

  • A prayer before the departure of the Most Holy Theotokos to the air. The sacred text has incredible power. It is recommended to read it before the icon of the Holy Virgin, but if there is no such possibility, then it is enough to light a candle and say the words of the prayer.

  • Petition for protection on the way to all saints for drivers. A trip by car is the most dangerous, because it is on the road that the greatest number of accidents and troubles occur. In order for the trip to pass safely, a close person driver must read a special prayer service before the icon of Jesus Christ, and periodically repeat it until the driver returns home.

In order to protect themselves on the road and avoid trouble, traveling people should have an icon of a saint with them, to which they should apply for help. Also with you it is important to have a pectoral cross. During the trip, you need to tune in to the positive and successful reaching of your destination.

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