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Prayer «It is worthy to eat», the text of the prayer in Russian, in Greek, in Church Slavonic, with accents, listen to the online prayer

On the prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary «It is worthy to eat»

The Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos «It is fittingly is» is an integral part of church services. Especially often it is included in the list of prayers during large epidemics. In addition, believers often use this prayer message when they need to recover from bodily and mental illnesses.

Also, prayer helps to find happiness in the family.

The history of the prayer

The history of this prayer is very interesting. This prayer is associated with an old man who lived in the tenth century, near the Athos Karei monastery. He lived in the same cell with a novice.

Once a novice had to be left alone, as the old man went to an all-night vigil to the temple. During the prayer rule, an unknown monk entered the cell and joined the prayer chants.

All prayers sounded agreed until it was time to appeal to the Most Holy Theotokos. Kneeling down in front of the icon “It is worthy to eat” or “The Mercuring One”, the novice began to sing the traditional prayer text, but the monk interrupted him and said that he needed to sing differently.

The beginning of his prayer sounded like this:

Only after that he continued with the words of traditional prayer. It is noteworthy that during the prayer chant the face of the Mother of God began to shine. Having finished praying, the monk ordered the novice to pray only in this way.

Not relying on his own memory, the young man decided to ask the monk to write down the words of a new wonderful prayer heard. But, unfortunately, there was no paper and pens in the cell. Then the monk simply wrote with his finger the words of the prayer on a stone, the surface of which suddenly became soft like wax.

After that, the mysterious monk disappeared from the cell, as if dissolved in space. The novice managed only to ask, what is the name of the stranger, in response to this he heard: “Gabriel”.

The old man, who returned from service, was very surprised by the story of his novice. And, of course, he was very struck by the words of the new prayer.

Of course, the elder immediately realized that the monk who had appeared in the cell was none other than the archangel Gabriel.

The news that the archangel Gabriel descended to earth from the sky quickly spread throughout Athos.

Very soon, this news reached Constantinople itself.

It was there that the stone slab was sent with the prayer inscribed on it in order to prove the authenticity of the event.


Holy Mount Athos

Mount Athos is an amazing monastic place located in Greece. At the behest of the Mother of God, no woman ever walked here. The history of holy Mount Athos is associated with many historical events.

The fate of a Christian shrine was determined by a visit to this place in the 1st century by the Most Holy Theotokos. The visit took place a few years after the ascension of Jesus Christ.

Since then, this place is considered the lot of the Mother of God and everything here is subordinate to her memory.

The legend says that she came to Athos by accident. Her ship, which went to Cyprus, was attributed to Athos by the storm.

The locals recognized the Most Holy Mother of God in her and turned to her with deep respect.

According to the testimony of John the Theologian, who traveled with her, the Mother of God said:

Men who want to visit the Athos monastery must have special permission from the church authorities for this.

An important requirement is modest clothing.

Men spend the night in any monastic community of their choice.

There are 20 monasteries on Holy Mount Athos, and new construction is prohibited. But on the territory of the peninsula there are many monastic settlements.

Every year on the second day of Easter on Holy Mount Athos with the miraculous icon “Mercy”, a many-day religious procession takes place.


Icon of the Mother of God of Mercy, forgiving mortal sins

It is believed that the first Icon «Mercy», the value of which is enormous for all Orthodox, was written by St. Luke. It is this image that is still in the Kykkskoy monastery on the island of Cyprus.

Before getting to this place, the miraculous icon traveled for a long time. At first, she was in Egypt in the temple of a Christian community.

In 980, the icon was transported to Constantinople, where it remained until the beginning of the 11th century, and then was brought to Cyprus, where it remains to this day.

It happened after a very interesting story. So, once the ruler of Cyprus, Manuel Wutomit, lost in the woods, he beat the monk Isaiah who met him there.

For such a sin, Manuel was punished with a serious illness. In the meantime, Elder Isaiah had a vision that the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, painted by St. Luke, would be preserved in the temple in Cyprus.

After that, the old man, who served the cause of God all his life, began to build a temple and ordered the repentant Manuel to go to Constantinople for the forgiveness of his sins and bring the miraculous icon from there. When the Cypriot ruler arrived in Constantinople, he learned that the emperor’s daughter was seriously ill.

Manuil promised that the weakening of the disease will occur only after the emperor gives him the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. And this really happened after the icon arrived at the temple, built by the Elder of Isai by that time.

The Prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos, with which the “worthy to eat” prayer is associated, continues to be on Athos today. The icon depicts the Virgin Mary and her son — little Jesus Christ, who nestles on her.

In the hands of the Son of God — prayer.

It is noteworthy that the Face of the Blessed Virgin and the Baby are covered with veil.

No one dares to open it. To remind you that this action is punishable, an iron brush is attached to the icon’s salary by the monks.

This is due to the case when one of the pagans approached the Christian shrine and intended to strike the holy image. But he did not have time to do it, because his hand was withered.

The very name of the miraculous icon “Miraculus” is related to the fact that believers believe that everyone who turns to the Most Holy Theotokos will receive protection and necessary assistance.

Wanderings around the world

The icon, which is kept in the temple on Mount Athos, only left this holy place four times. And always miracles were associated with her, which confirms her great strength.

Over time, copies of the icon spread to the temples of the whole world. In Russia lists of the miraculous icon began to appear from the 16th century.

Thus, in 1999, in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, the icon «Miraculus» appeared, painted by icon painters-Svyatogorsk. This is the consecrated on Athos list from the original image. Another list can be found in St. Petersburg, in the five-domed temple, built in honor of the Milya, the Virgin Mary.

Masters Svyatogorsk also wrote an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary for the Iverskaya Chapel in Moscow.

Chin on Panagia

This prayer is an essential element of the order of Panagia. The word Panagia, which from Greek means — the All-Holy, in ancient times, Christians called the Mother of God.

In the performed rank, which can be held in the temple on any day, the words are used with reference to the Mother of God in the Prosphora, because it symbolizes the Heavenly Queen.

This solemn ceremony is that the monastic meal from the temple, in which the liturgy was performed, is brought in honor of the Mother of God of a prosphora in a special vessel called panagiaro. Prosphora is crushed and distributed to the brethren at the end of the meal.

The rite of panangia is the glorification of the Most Holy Theotokos as the Protector of the human race.

She, the Holy Mother of God, who gave birth to God’s Son — Jesus Christ, always hears us and is ready to pray for us before God. It is believed that the Bread of Life after the liturgy nourishes our souls.

And in the 16-17 centuries there was a tradition to eat the Bread of the Virgin Mary, even in those days when the liturgy was not conducted.

Believers wore the particles of the received Mother of God bread in special bags-folds on which the image of the Mother of God was painted.


The text of the prayer «It is worthy to eat»

Prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary is considered miraculous. First of all, her power is aimed at physical and mental healing. In addition, prayer appeal is effective in all endeavors.

A sincere believer before starting any work, turning to the Mother of God with this prayer, can count on success.

The prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos, “It is worthy to eat,” more than once saved people from global catastrophes and epidemics. Often, people resort to this prayer to gain family happiness and peace of mind.

If a person sincerely repented of committed sins, even the most terrible, then he can pray for asking for his sins by God, turning this prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos.

Numerous real facts show that when people pray at the icon of the Mother of God «Merciful», they can receive a variety of benefits.

For example, such a prayer is often asked to send rain during a drought.

Prayer bestows strength on a person and helps to fight the most serious illnesses, fruitless couples can ask the Virgin Mary for such a prayerful message about the birth of a child.

Original text in Greek

Listen online to the Virgin Mary in the original:

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