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Prayer — Open the door of Mercy to us: the text in Russian, how to read

I believe that the prayers addressed to the Virgin Mary, which believers especially esteem, always possess tremendous power. I know quite a lot of them, for almost every occasion there is a separate prayer.

Among them is one, “Open the door of Mercy to us,” which is read in the most difficult situations of life. Today I will tell the features of this prayer and the rules for its ascension.

Prayers to the Virgin

Often a person cannot find a way out of any situation; it seems to him a dead end. Pony, that nothing can be done or changed, people, seeing the slightest clearance, naturally rush to him.

However, having found that way out, not everyone will think about it — what if it is an even bigger dead end than the previous one?

Prayer - Open the door of Mercy to us: the text in Russian, how to read

Thus, coming to a dead end, a person can often commit a terrible sin from despair. An example of such a situation and such a sin of hopelessness can be called an abortion. The killing, in particular, of the unborn child, has always, at all times, been considered the most terrible sin.

An abortion, especially for non-medical reasons, is a huge sin.

It is customary to read this prayer just in such cases. This does not mean that it is worth it to do, and sin has never happened. Far from it.

Reading this prayer, the woman thus asks the Mother of God for intercession before the Lord. The souls of the murdered babies are always waiting for the death hour of their mothers to stand with them before the judgment of God.

Then everything depends on the degree of repentance of the woman, her later life. If she fully repented, then heaven awaits her; otherwise, the gates of hell will open before her.

Sins such as murder cannot be redeemed during life.

How to read

In order for a prayer to reach its goal, you must not just read it, it is important to do it right. Turning to the Mother of God, you need to follow some rules:

  1. Prayer after abortion should be read not only by the mother of the murdered infant, but also by the father. He is the same culprit of the incident, the responsibility lies equally on him. Specifically, his sin is that he forced a woman to this or committed infanticide.
  2. Before reading this prayer, it is best to visit the temple to repent of sins, to confess.
  3. It is necessary to pray not only the Virgin, but also the Lord our God, John the Forerunner and his saint.
  4. Since killing is the worst sin, this prayer should be a constant companion, until the end of a woman’s life. Only in this way can a faint hope of forgiveness appear.
  5. Any woman’s relative can read the prayer if she herself asks him to do so.
  6. If a woman had any problems with pregnancy (ectopic or frozen), which led to her interruption, even if not by her will, she can also read this prayer. This will provide an opportunity to ask the Mother of God for a new, full-fledged pregnancy, which will end in time with the birth of a healthy child.
  7. You can ask in your own words, being at home, it is not even necessary to know the text of the prayer by heart. Here the mood with which it is read is more important. If every word comes from the heart, there is a greater chance that prayer will be heard.

Many people who try to read prayers in the version in which they are written complain that it is sometimes difficult for them to grasp the essence of what is written. Of course, better when read in the original spelling. “Open the door of mercy to us,” says the following:

  • The first lines indicate that the appeal goes directly to the Mother of God — the only mother of our Lord. Proceeding from the text, it is clear that the applicant asks his hopes for it, asks for deliverance from troubles.
  • further, it is hoped that in the hour when it is necessary to appear before God at the terrible judgment, the Mother of God will act as intercessor, making it possible to avoid a terrible fate.
  • the prayer ends with a request for salvation.

Despite the fact that this prayer is very strong, it will not remove the guilt for their deeds. Abortion will also remain a sin, because even with full piety in the future, if you lead the most pious life, the child is not resurrected.

Many women do not even consider abortion, especially in the early stages, a sin. They say that this is not a child, but only a fetus, it does not feel anything.

However, regardless of the time limit, this is a full-fledged murder, for which you will have to pay for your whole life and, possibly, after it.

Prayer - Open the door of Mercy to us: the text in Russian, how to read

Many people think that having done this, it is enough to repent, read a prayer several times and continue to live in peace as before. This error and prayer will help only when the woman really realized the full horror of the deed, repented and never do anything like that.

In addition, every mother is obliged to pray for the rest of her unborn children.

When they pray to the Virgin

When people turn in prayers to the Virgin, they hope for her help and intercession before God. The implication is that She will convey to Him human words, acting as a mediator.

After all, the Virgin Mary is the earthly mother of Christ, born after the immaculate conception. A person turns to her if there is some kind of trouble hanging over him, if someone is sick and there is no way out of this situation.

If a person does not need to ask for something, he is not in danger, he can read the prayers to the Theotokos in order to avoid the various temptations that lie in wait for each stage of life or difficult turns of fate.

Very often, the Mother of Heaven is addressed in cases of illness of her own, children or close people. A confused and frightened person, reading the prayers to the Theotokos, receives long-awaited peace and hope for the best.

The most important is sincerity.

Of course, it is good when prayer is read in Church Slavonic, but not everyone can do it. It is much more convenient to read in Russian, it is not even forbidden to read a piece of paper.

Even then it can be put in a wallet and worn as a kind of amulet. No one should know about this, otherwise the Virgin Mary can turn away.

Mother of God often pray to the mother for her children — these are prayers that have unquestionable power. They are very important for the children themselves, although they may not be aware of this.

Even the Lord himself accepts the prayers of a sincere maternal heart immediately. The Virgin Mary is the mother herself, loving, kind and caring, worrying about everyone equally.

Its main purpose is relentless prayer and intercession before the Lord for all those who ask.

Of course, no mother has the right to ask for her child any benefits that would cause harm to other people.

Women who can not get pregnant, too often turn to the Virgin Mary. Having tried all conceivable medical methods, they come to God and ask for the birth of a child as a great miracle.

Sincere prayer for the birth of a child is often quite enough for a miracle to happen. A huge number of women with terrible, fatal diagnoses, subsequently successfully became mothers.

Especially in this helps Tolga Mother of God.

Prayer - Open the door of Mercy to us: the text in Russian, how to read

If children are ill, mothers in their sorrow ask for help from the Virgin-Intercessor. This is correct, because She, herself a mother, as no one can understand, comfort and help. Prayers about the health of children are many, they are very strong.

A woman can pray in her own words at home.

Nativity of the Virgin

21 in the whole Christian world they honor the Mother of God, this holiday is called the Nativity of the Most Holy Mother of God. Her parents, Anna and Joachim, could not have children for a very long time and were almost desperate, but for a long time they prayed tirelessly about this as a miracle.

In the end, they sent their daughter, the Virgin Mary.

On this holiday, all the prayers read by women eager for and unable to have children are especially strong and effective, and very soon.

The mention of this holiday can be found in the sources of the 5th century, and from 7-8 centuries the holiday was celebrated everywhere and very solemnly in the Greek Church. In the 7th-9th centuries, temples were built in honor of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in many ancient cities of Russia.

Solemn worship on this day takes place in all churches, monasteries and temples. This day in Orthodoxy is also called the Little Most Pure or Aspos Day. The extent to which the holiday will be celebrated widely depended, first of all, on the harvest.

If he was good, then the festivities could last a whole week.

They cooked a festive feast, slaughtered sheep, cooked dishes from beef, jelly from the legs and heads of a bull, baked pies. It was necessary to invite sons-in-law to the holiday — the mother-in-law with the mother-in-law had no right to ignore them.

Even more widely this holiday was celebrated where the temples of the Nativity of the Virgin were.

Not only many prayers are addressed to the Mother of God, many icons have been written from her, which adorn not only churches, but also houses of ordinary Christian believers.


  1. Prayer after abortion is very strong, but does not remove sin.
  2. Women pray to the Virgin for the health of children and for the gift of a long-awaited child.
  3. You can pray anytime, anywhere, most importantly — sincerely.

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