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Prayer «Our Father, Behold Thou in Heaven!» «: Text in Russian


There is no person who would not hear or did not know about the existence of the prayer “Our Father, Whom Thou Art in Heaven!”. This is the main prayer to which Christian believers in the whole world turn. The Lord’s Prayer, as it is called “Our Father,” is considered the key property of Christianity, the oldest prayer.

It is given in two Gospels: from Matthew — in chapter six, from Luke — in chapter eleven. The most popular was the option given by Matthew.

In Russian, the text of the prayer “Our Father” exists in two versions — in modern Russian and in Church Slavonic. Many people mistakenly because of this believe that there are 2 different prayers of the Lord in Russian.

In fact, this opinion is fundamentally wrong — both options are equivalent, and this discrepancy occurred due to the fact that during the translation of the ancient letters, “Our Father” was translated from two sources (the aforementioned Gospels) differently.

From the story “Our Father, Behold Thou in Heaven!”

Biblical tradition says that the prayer “Our Father, Who art thou in heaven!” Jesus Christ, the Son of God, taught the apostles himself.

This event took place in Jerusalem, on the Mount of Olives, on the territory of the Pater Noster temple.

The text of the Lord’s prayer was captured on the walls of this temple in more than 140 languages ​​of the world.

However, the fate of the temple Pater Noster was tragic. In 1187, after the capture of Jerusalem by the troops of Sultan Saladin, the temple was completely destroyed.

Already in the XIV century, in 1342, they found a piece of wall engraved with the prayer “Our Father”.

Later, in the 19th century, in the second half, thanks to the architect Andre Leconte, a church appeared on the site of the former Pater Noster, which later passed into the hands of the female Catholic monastic order of the barefoot Carmelite. Since then, the walls of this church are decorated each year with a new panel with the text of the main Christian heritage.


When and how is the prayer “Our Father” pronounced?

“Our Father” is an indispensable part of the daily prayer rule. Traditionally, it is customary to read it 3 times a day — in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening. Every time the prayer is pronounced thrice.

After it, they read “The Virgin Virgin” (3 times) and “I Believe” (1 time).

According to Luke in his Gospel, Jesus Christ, before giving the believer the prayer “Our Father”, said: “Ask, and you will be rewarded.” This means that “Our Father” must be read before any prayer, and after that you can pray in your own words.

When Jesus bequeathed her, he gave permission to call the Lord Father, therefore, to the Almighty to address the words “Our Father” (“Our Father”) is the full right of all those praying.

The Lord’s Prayer, being the strongest and most important one, unites believers, therefore it can be read not only within the walls of a religious institution, but also outside it. For those who, due to the employment of their pronunciation, “Our Father” is not able to devote adequate time, Reverend Seraphim of Sarov recommended reading it in every position and whenever possible: before eating, in bed, while working or studying, while walking and etc.

In favor of his point of view, Seraphim quoted the words from the Scripture: «whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.»

Addressing the Lord with the help of “Our Father”, believers should ask about all people, not just about themselves.

The more a person prays, the closer he becomes to the Creator. “Our Father” is a prayer, which contains a direct appeal to the Almighty. This is a prayer, traced in which the departure from the bustle of the world, the penetration into the very depths of the soul, detachment from the sinful earthly life.

An indispensable condition for uttering the Lord’s prayer is striving towards God with thoughts and heart.

Structure and Russian text of the prayer “Our Father”

“Our Father” has its characteristic structure: at the very beginning of it there is an appeal to God, a call to him, then seven petitions are voiced, which are closely intertwined with each other, concludes with glorious words.

The text of the prayer “Our Father” in Russian is used, as mentioned above, in two equivalent versions — Church Slavonic and modern Russian.

Church Slavonic version

With the Old Slavonic version of the sound “Our Father” as follows:


Modern Russian version

In modern Russian, “Our Father” is available in two versions — in the statement of Matthew and in the statement of Luke. The text from Matthew is the most popular.

It sounds like this:


The variant of the Lord’s prayer from Luke is more abbreviated, does not contain glorious words and sounds as follows:


A person praying for himself can choose any of the available options. Each of the texts “Our Father” is a kind of personal conversation praying with the Lord God.

The Lord’s Prayer is so strong, sublime and pure that after its utterance every person feels relieved and calm.

“Our Father” can be read with any problem that has arisen in life, and preferably several times a day. For these purposes, it is recommended to purchase a church consecrated icon.

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