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Prayer — Our Father: text in Russian, how to read

I have long been engaged in reading Orthodox literature and studying prayers. Today I will introduce you to the well-known prayer “Our Father”.

I will tell you how to read it correctly, in what cases it should be done.

Prayer «Our Father»

Do not find such a Christian, who would not know by heart the text of this prayer. Even to young children, she is well known. Because it is very often used.

Moreover, it is considered that this prayer is the most significant for Orthodox Christians.

Prayer - Our Father: text in Russian, how to read

People who seldom turn to the Lord, at the moment of danger or grief, must offer this prayer to heaven. Because for them she is the only chance of salvation. And not to take this opportunity means to abandon salvation.

In addition, this text of the prayer is used when the person himself cannot determine what exactly he needs for happiness. In other words, it is a way to ask for mercy and protection from heaven.

What is prayer?

Before we talk in more detail about the prayer «Our Father», you must first consider another important topic.

This is especially important if a person has only recently turned to faith.

At such a moment his knowledge can hardly be called extensive. In most cases, a person knows nothing about faith at all.

And so it is important to teach him and tell about what constitutes the main mystery — prayer.

It should be understood that such a reverent attitude to prayers among Christians has developed for one simple reason. Prayer is their conversation with the Creator.

And this conversation must be treated with special reverence. Some people find it difficult to imagine what a conversation with the Lord is.

After all, it assumes that two people participate in the dialogue. However, only a few cases are known when God did respond to the worshipers.

Perhaps that is why there are people who even dare to deny the existence of a higher deity.

Indeed, in ordinary life, a conversation is a dialogue that is conducted by two people. But in religion it takes on a different meaning. It should be remembered that the Lord, being the creator of all living things, can read the thoughts of any person without much difficulty.

And therefore, when a Christian offers a prayer, the Almighty already knows what is necessary for him. The Creator answers the request not at all in word, but in deed.

He helps those who ask for help.

It is noteworthy that some people do not even know how many kinds of prayers exist. But if a person really seeks to become closer to the Lord, he needs to start seriously interested in religion.

There are such prayers that must be offered at a certain time and in a certain circle:

  • prayers for the people — these texts are fraught with tremendous power, and can be used by both clergy and simple laymen. It is believed that they should be offered up by all the righteous who were able to find their way to the Lord. And since they managed to do this, they should try to beg for mercy for other people who are still far from faith;
  • family prayers are very important prayers that must be offered in a circle of relatives. It is believed that their reading can save people from sin. Especially if there are especially pious people in the family;
  • personal prayers — as the name implies, it is customary to read these texts in splendid isolation, when confusion settles in a person’s soul.

Note that personal prayers are offered most frequently. Because most people prefer to pray alone, not teaming up with someone. This is not to say that it is completely wrong.

However, clergymen strongly recommend their flock not to abandon family prayers and prayers for people. After all, this is a great opportunity to find spiritual closeness with other people.

That is why the priests insist that all Christians should attend church on Sundays.

Prayer - Our Father: text in Russian, how to read

Having examined the three main categories into which it is customary to divide all existing prayers, the question arises, which of them can be attributed to “Our Father”? This is a very important and correct question.

In fact, this text is universal. It can be read both in the family circle and in complete solitude.

Quite often it is used by priests in liturgies. Therefore, it is believed that in any difficult situation, when a person cannot even remember any other prayers, we can read “Our Father”.

Mystery prayer

The power of prayer is faith. If a person who sincerely believes in the might of heaven raises it, he will be granted mercy.

Of course, provided that the applicant is a worthy person.

One cannot expect mercy to be bestowed on a man who has devoted his whole life to deeds, displeasing God, and has not even repented of it. Only if the sinner sincerely repented and did something to atone for his sin will he become worthy.

However, Our Father is the strongest of all prayers, no matter how strong a person’s faith is. And this can be explained by finding out the secret of the prayer. As is known, almost all the prayers known to Christians were written by prophets, martyrs, saints.

However, the prayer in question is radically different from them. Because, according to the scripture, our Father is a prayer bestowed on humanity by Jesus Christ.

Its main purpose is to:

  • to protect a person — throughout his life a Christian has to face various kinds of dangers and temptations. Sometimes it becomes unbearably difficult to fight. At such times, in order to avoid the fall, one should earnestly pray and ask heaven for help. It is recommended to use the prayer that was given by the Son of the Lord;
  • to guide the true path — sometimes it happens that a person, faced with difficulties, cannot find a way to solve problems for a long time. He simply does not see a way out of this situation. To see him, he needs enlightenment. Of course, only heaven can bestow it.

Salvation Stories

When people say they do not believe in the existence of the Lord, the priests tell the story of one miraculous salvation, which is proof of the power of heaven. This story happened during the Great Patriotic War.

They learned about her from a letter from a soldier that was addressed to his wife.

Alexander was an ordinary soldier. During the fighting, he was seriously wounded.

He was sent to the hospital. However, he did not have time to get to the hospital, since the detachment was trapped by the fascists.

The man understood that his salvation was very near. That’s just to get to his fast, he could not, because he was seriously injured and unable to move on his own.

Sasha just hid in the house, pony, that very soon he would die. He began to fervently pray to the Lord, using the prayer «Our Father.»

At the same time, the man clearly heard armed Germans burst into the house. One of them took out a weapon and wanted to shoot at a soldier. But the gun misfired.

Then he threw a wounded grenade.

And threw so that he could not reach it.

Prayer - Our Father: text in Russian, how to read

All this happened so quickly that Alexander did not even understand. He just kept reading the prayer. And only then he realized that the grenade did not explode.

At that moment he first believed in the power of the Lord. After all, he saved him twice. The first time a weapon misfired.

The second miracle happened when the grenade did not explode. Moreover, the Germans no longer searched the house.

It was strange. After all, they knew that inside the house was a wounded and unarmed soldier of the Soviet army.

But for some reason they no longer dared to enter the house.

There are other stories of the miraculous salvation of people. Some call it luck.

That’s just such luck akin to science fiction. Believers understand that this is only a manifestation of the Lord’s mercy towards their creations, which are not even perfect.

But the love of the Creator is limitless, so it helps even sinners.

How to read a prayer?

There are no hard and fast rules. However, there are certain recommendations. First, you can not read the text of the prayer in order to harm another person.

It is strictly forbidden in his prayers to ask the Lord for punishment — it is necessary to remember and not violate this recommendation, so as not to incur the wrath of heaven on himself.

Secondly, when offering a prayer, a person should be completely calm. Therefore, it is recommended to sit in silence for a few minutes before starting to read a prayer.

This will help to tune in the desired way.

Thirdly, it is best to pray before the icon. Because this will contribute to the fact that a person will be able to more strongly feel the divine presence.

However, if there were no icons in the house, this does not mean that you can refuse to offer prayers.


  1. “Our Father” is a universal prayer.
  2. It is believed that its author is not a man, but Jesus Christ himself. He presented this prayer to people so that they could communicate with the Creator.
  3. There are no strict rules and restrictions regarding the prayer process.
  4. Praying is best standing in front of the icons. But if they were not in the house, then you can just pray with your eyes closed.

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