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Prayer — Symbol of Faith: text in Russian, how to read

People often ask me what the Symbol of Faith prayer is. I will tell you about this prayer in detail today.

There will be considered the main points that relate to the meaning and history of the text. This will help to fully realize the importance of this prayer.

Prayer in a person’s life

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of prayer text. Every self-respecting Christian must offer prayers in the morning and evening.

In addition, he attends and festive liturgies. That’s just not everyone understands the importance of prayers. In particular, some do not understand the meaning of the prayer «Symbol of Faith».

Most often, people who have only recently become involved in religion begin to ask various questions to spiritual leaders who are concerned with a given prayer.

Prayer - Symbol of Faith: text in Russian, how to read

Of course, it is very good that people are interested in the history of a particular prayer and try to find out all the details. Because this desire helps them to become much closer to the Lord. And so the clergy are happy to answer such questions.

Moreover, they never reproach people for not knowing.

It is noteworthy that some of the church people make a very common mistake. After all, they look down on those people who only recently came to religion.

This behavior is completely unacceptable. Even if a person does not know anything about religion, you cannot blame him for this.

In particular, if he still makes some effort to fix it.

The main task of every righteous Christian is to help those who cannot find the way to the Lord or who are experiencing certain difficulties on the way to finding faith. That is why it is so important to try to answer all their questions, which, in particular, concern the Symbol of Faith prayers.

Prayer: its importance in Orthodoxy

Orthodox Christians use prayer with one goal — to appeal to the Almighty. And this appeal can be very different.

Someone is praying for forgiveness. After all, all people are sinful. Every person is sooner or later aware of this truth.

And when this happens, he necessarily appeals to heaven with a plea for mercy.

But some Christians, praying, ask for completely different things:

  • happy marriage — when troubles begin in family life, the first thing that comes to mind is to ask for help from the saints or the Virgin Mary. Since not always a person is able to somehow fix the situation;
  • healing from the disease. Any disease is always a test. And sometimes to make it really difficult. In most cases, the reason for this is the insufficient strength of human faith. And in order to beg for help from heaven, people resort to the help of prayers;
  • success — it is not a secret to anyone that it is thanks to luck that many people manage to achieve heights. That’s just not always Ms. Fortuna remains on the side of man. When she turns away from him, troubles come to life. In order to somehow bring good luck, some believers are asking heaven.

Of course, this does not mean that it is only with these requests that people turn to the Most High.

Most often, Christians offer prayers to heaven at times of danger.

Moreover, the priests believe that in most cases it is the danger that is the very push that brings a person closer to faith.

For example, if a builder is close to death during repair work, he will silently begin to read a prayer addressed to the Lord. After all, the Creator is his only possible savior, who is able to ward off misfortune and prevent the angel of death from taking the soul of the unfortunate.

Acceptance of the Faith

If we talk about this prayer, it appeared much later than the others. The reason for this was the adoption of the creeds. At first, Christianity, as a religion, existed side by side with various prejudices.

Moreover, the main problem was that Christianity was based solely on a few foundations. And these bases were thesis.

As a result, very often there were various problems that were associated with distorted doctrines and heresy.

Prayer - Symbol of Faith: text in Russian, how to read

It was this circumstance that forced the highest ecclesiastical officials to get together in order to introduce certain amendments. Of course, the amendments introduced were more detailed.

The meeting of clergy took place in the year 325 from the birth of Christ.

At this meeting, very important amendments were adopted:

  • the condemnation of heresy — if earlier the church was very tolerant and even with a little understanding of different heresies, after clarifying the amendments, it was decided to somewhat toughen measures against heretics;
  • rejection of the ideas of Judaism — for many years the Orthodox Church used the rules and restrictions that were characteristic of Judaism. However, now this seemed inappropriate, so it was decided to abandon such traditions;
  • the establishment of days for rest — as it is known, earlier it was considered Saturday as a day off. On this day, it was strictly forbidden to work. But later the bishops came to the conclusion that Sunday should be a day off;
  • setting the date of the celebration of Easter — until 325, the bishops could not decide when it was better to celebrate this celebration. But the significance of this holiday for Christians is very high. But after this meeting, the date was precisely determined;
  • acceptance of the creeds — for each religion, without exception, characterized by different creeds. And therefore, it is quite normal that over time, Orthodox Christians also wanted to officially adopt their own symbols. At this meeting, which was held in Nicea, only 7 creeds were accepted.

Surely, after reading the last paragraph, many believers began to ask quite a reasonable question as to why only 7 symbols were accepted, if there were only 12. Indeed, at the moment it is known that there are 12 symbols of faith.

However, at a meeting held in 325 near Constantinople, only 7 of them were accepted. The remaining five were approved much later — in the year 381.

This year there was a Second Ecumenical gathering. This time the collection took place directly in Constantinople.

It is noteworthy that the “Symbol of Faith” prayer, in which there are the lines “I believe in the one god of the father of the Almighty,” is very significant for Christians. The priests believe that it is no less important than the prayers «Our Father» and «The Virgin Mary rejoice.»

But it is precisely these two prayers that are most often used by both priests in their liturgies and Orthodox Christians who prefer to pray exclusively within the walls of their own home. That is why church ministers so strongly insist on the need to know and understand this prayer.

Symbol of faith

It is necessary to immediately note the fact that this prayer is radically different from the rest. Since there are no requests in it that would be addressed to the saints, the Virgin Mary or the Lord.

This is what distinguishes it from other prayers. Speaking about the meaning of prayer, it is necessary to understand that it is a statement of certain dogmas. And they should be known to all Christians who wish to live according to the covenants of the Lord.

Moreover, it is important not only to know these dogmas, but also to believe in them faithfully.

The creed is the foundation of Orthodox Christianity. And therefore it is not difficult to guess that all the tenets of Orthodoxy will necessarily be contained in the prayer.

Please note that it is accepted to read this prayer:

  • at the entrance to the temple — very few people know that when entering the house of God, it is necessary not only to cross over, but also to read the prayer. Unfortunately, many people forget this;
  • at baptism — during this sacrament, the clergy must read such a prayer. It is believed that without reading the rite can not be completed. After all, it is from birth that a righteous Christian should know the basic Christian dogmas.

But one should not think that only in these two cases it is customary to read this prayer. Such text is also quite often used in other sacraments, when it becomes necessary to read an additional prayer.

This prayer tells of the creation of the world itself, the life of Jesus Christ, and how to be freed from sin through baptism.

It is noteworthy that only a few characters tell about this. And therefore it cannot be said that the whole prayer is built only on the narration, for example, on the creation of the world.

This must be taken into account.

Prayer - Symbol of Faith: text in Russian, how to read

Before you begin to read a prayer, a person must completely get rid of sinful thoughts. This is extremely important.

And therefore it is impossible to hurry with the perusal of prayers. In addition, it should be understood that there are two options for this prayer.

The first will be extremely incomprehensible to people, since it is written in Old Slavonic, which is still used by priests. The second is the text in Russian, it is more understandable.


  1. The prayer «Symbol of Faith» is used very often in various sacraments.
  2. Entering the temple, every Christian should read it and only then go.
  3. You can read a prayer in Russian in order to better understand its meaning.

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