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Prayer to Cyprian and Justine: from witchcraft, from spoilage and evil eye, the strongest prayer

You can believe or not believe in the possibility of an energy attack. But, nevertheless, every person is afraid of damage and the evil eye.

Such magical destruction is characterized by a strong negative energy message. They are able to destroy the natural defense of man.

This threatens him with a variety of life failures, and sometimes, may even destroy health. A powerful tool against the evil eye and damage is the prayer to Cyprian and Justine.

The story of two people to whom believers address with a strong prayer is very interesting. It is necessary to know it in order to understand the power of this prayer appeal.

How Cyprian Became Holy

Saint Cyprian lived in the south of Turkey in the ancient city of Antioch. He was a pagan, as his parents gave him in early childhood in service to the pagan gods.

In his youth, he was dedicated to the priests on Olympus and, over time, began to be honored by the people as the main priest. Cyprian became famous in those days because he knew how to control the elements, send a terrible plague and sores to entire villages.

In addition, he possessed a frightening gift to summon the dead.

He sought to transfer his pagan knowledge to other people, he attracted many demons to serve, thereby killing their souls.

One day, a windy young man named Aglaid turned to Cyprian, asking for a maiden named Justinya to be persuaded to marry, and for this he promised a generous reward. But sorcery in this case did not help, since the girl was a Christian and her sincere faith protected her from witchcraft. All the most terrible of his charms, in which he perfected his whole life, already broke about the very name of the girl.

Cyprian was so angry that he sent a terrible pestilence not only for the girl’s family, but also for the inhabitants of the city. But thanks to the strong Christian prayer of the faithful — the city stood.

As a result of all this, enlightenment came to the soul of a pagan, and he realized the whole power of Christ’s faith. Deeply repenting of all his deeds, he came to the local bishop, Anthimus, and asked him to burn all the pagan books.

The next day, Cyprian accepted Holy Baptism.

His whole subsequent life was filled with serving God.

He sincerely and wholeheartedly affirmed the faith of Christ. By this he redeemed his thirty-year service to the demon.

Having passed the entire career ladder, Cyprian was elevated to the rank of bishop. He managed to turn a huge number of pagans to Christ, which saved the souls of people.

In his diocese, they stopped sacrificing and pagan temples became empty.

During the persecutions of Christians under the emperor Diocletian, Bishop Cyprian together with Justina were captured and tortured. All the feats of great martyrs in the name of the faith of Christ were noticed by the Lord, and their souls after death were taken by the angels to heaven.

Who is Justina?

Justinha is a girl who lived in Antioch at the same time as Cyprian. Her story is very remarkable.

The girl was born in the family of a pagan priest and from childhood grew up surrounded by pagans, knowing nothing about the Christian faith.

But it so happened that in her youth she happened to hear the story of one deacon about Christ. He passed her house and talked with his companions.

The story impressed the young girl so much that she independently found a Christian church in Antioch and secretly accepted baptism.

But after a while, she confessed everything to her parents and was able to convince them of the truth of the Christian faith.

Later she devoted herself to the service of the Lord and gave a pledge to be faithful to Heavenly Bridegroom. She spent all her free time in prayer, preserving her virginity. The girl was not interested in the life around her, she strictly observed the fast and all church canons.

When the young man Aglaid, the son of wealthy citizens of Antioch, offered her marriage, Justinha refused. But a dissolute lover of beautiful life, try to get her in marriage with the help of witchcraft and turned for help to the famous pagan witch Cyprian.

He tried to persuade her to marry in all kinds of demonic ways. But he did not succeed, since true faith served her as a real defense.

Time passed, and Justina went to the monastery, and a little later she was elected abbess.

Prayer to Cyprian and Justine: from witchcraft, from spoilage and evil eye, the strongest prayer

The strongest prayer from corruption and witchcraft to Cyprianus and Justinier

In Orthodox Christianity, prayer from corruption and witchcraft is considered very effective.

If this prayer appeal is used by a sincerely believing person, then it will be surely heard.

What is the power of the Holy Martyr Cyprian’s prayer?

A prayer appeal to the great martyrs Cyprian and Justin allows the believer to reliably protect themselves from the effects of black magic. This prayer is at the same time a reliable invisible shield and a powerful weapon with which you can defeat any witchcraft.

The prayer text is imbued with a special power that has a healing effect on the one who has been subjected to an energetic attack.

The prayer of Cyprian and Justine belongs to the miraculous. This is due to the fact that it is capable of every miracle by the will of God.

This prayer expels the most serious diseases that are received by man due to various magical rituals. It is an effective remedy for the everyday eye, which is found everywhere in modern life.

This prayer is often used to protect your own home.

It is important to remember that prayer to St. Cyprian can only help baptized people.

It will be useless for those who did not receive the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christ in their hearts, for Saint Cyprian himself found salvation only after baptism.

How to read it to protect yourself from the evil eye and sorcery?

For a prayer to be effective, it must be spoken 40 times in the morning dawn. To speed up the purification of the energy field, you need to read it in front of the Icon of the Holy.

Be sure to pray when lit church candles. After pronouncing prayer words, it is necessary to sit in absolute silence for a few minutes and imagine that the dark forces leave your soul, and a bright protective aura will form around you.

When a person is very seriously injured from damage or the evil eye, but is not aware of this, then one of the closest relatives can read the prayer to Cyprian and Justine. You can also recite a prayer for holy water, after which it should be given to drink to a person who is under the influence of spoilage.

The text of the prayer Cyprianou and Justine in the original

The text of the prayer in the original sounds like this:

Prayer to Cyprian and Justine: from witchcraft, from spoilage and evil eye, the strongest prayer

The text of the prayer in modern Russian

In order to realize the meaning put into the text of the prayer, Saint Cyprian and Justinier need to be acquainted with the translation.

It sounds like this:

If you realize that you have been energetically attacked and are under the influence of damage, do not rush to use magic. This is a great sin, for which it will take a long time to beg for forgiveness from the Lord. Being a sincerely religious person, you can get rid of damage or the evil eye with the help of a prayer to St. Cyprian and the Great Martyr Justinie.

Just before you begin to pray, you need to go to the temple and receive a blessing from the priest. Also there you need to pray for your health, and put candles in front of the icons of Christ and the Most Holy Mother of God.

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