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Prayer to the Holy Trinity: the text in Russian, how to help

I have been studying prayer texts for a long time. Today I will tell you how to properly address the Holy Trinity, what prayers need to be offered and how they should be read.

Holy Trinity in Orthodoxy

The Holy Trinity is a term from the field of Theology, not everyone has thought to the end of this concept. However, it is one of the most significant in Orthodoxy.

God is one, but his essence is threefold — the Father, the son, and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity: the text in Russian, how to help

The human mind cannot understand such a thing as the Trinity. This dogma is the most mysterious, incomprehensible and contradictory. This concept has a secret, the meaning of which is not rationally explained.

It is believed that if the human mind is burdened with sins, then it will never understand the essence of the concept of the Trinity, if it does not reject the need to explain everything.

The basis of Christianity is the belief in the Trinity, this is its main difference from other religions. Three main points about the Triune God:

  1. God is threefold and has three hypostases — the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. Each of them is God himself, not three separate Gods — one essence.
  3. Each of these persons has its own qualities.

However, it is impossible to give specific definitions of each hypostasis. The main feature of each of them is the uniqueness of uniqueness.

Each of these personalities can be perceived only in relation to the other two.

A believer must understand that it is impossible to attach any familiar measurements to God. Therefore, there are no divisions or gaps in the Holy Trinity, it is a single whole.

The human mind cannot grasp the essence of the Trinity. As a comparison, you can cite:

  • the sun is round, radiating light and heat.
  • mind generating thought.
  • spring or source hidden in the bowels of the earth.
  • a word or spirit that proceeds from their God-like soul.

God the Father is the unborn (he has no beginning, not created), God the Son is the birth (they are born of the Father) and the Holy Spirit is the emanation (that is, comes from the Father).

They have everything in common — one will, one power and one action. Moreover, their unity is not some sum of three Persons, but a literal and unconditional unity.

However, since the Father is original, it is logical to assume that he is the beginning.

He begets the Son and harass the Holy Spirit.

For the Son and the Holy Spirit, the Father is the cause, Their beginning is not subject to His will.

Comprehension of the Trinity

Trying to grasp the essence of the Trinity, everyone asks the question — how to comprehend it, because the human mind in principle does not understand this? According to the church, this is possible only with a mystical revelation that comes down if a person has attained God’s grace.

That is, even with all the desire, a person will not achieve this until such a grace of God is bestowed on him.

It becomes available only to those who serve God, whose thoughts and hearts are pure, they lack worldly passions. In order to try to comprehend this phenomenon, you need to be cleansed from sins, open your heart to the world, imbued with love for the environment.

In fact, this is what the Trinity teaches, because its unity is possible only thanks to the power of Love.

There is an attempt to explain the unity of the Trinity, comparing it with the human soul:

  1. God the Father represents the mind of man.
  2. God the Son is the word and the thought.
  3. The holy spirit is the soul.

None of Them possesses the greatest power and authority, They have no time and space.

One of Them cannot exist separately from the other two.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity: the text in Russian, how to help

However, in Orthodoxy there are prayers. Each of them is addressed specifically to someone from the trinity.

And this is not what pagans are talking about — the worship of three different gods. After all, each of their Divine Hypostasis does not separate itself as a separate person.

For this reason, one Hypostasis can be prayed without harming the One Entity.

Icon «Holy Trinity»

According to the Orthodox Church, there is no definite spelling of the Trinity. It is incomprehensible, respectively, it can neither be described nor captured. Those images that are available are rather symbolic images of the Trinity in the form of angels.

However, many people mistakenly assume that this is the hypostasis of the Trinity.

The most famous icon of the Trinity can be called the icon Rublev «Hospitality of Abraham.» It is written in the form of an Old Testament plot, where by the guise of angels are meant:

  • in the center is the father, he blesses the cup.
  • the son is the angel on the right, dressed in a green robe, bowing his head.
  • the Holy Spirit is the angel on the left blessing his son.

From another name of this icon, it follows that the Trinity communicates on the subject of saving the people.

Near the icons depicting the Trinity, a great many Christian believers pray daily. The faces of the Trinity are considered miraculous and the prayers read before them immediately reach the Almighty. The problems with which people pray at these icons can be very different:

  • assistance in returning to the path of the righteous, indicating the future path in life.
  • help in the realization of the cherished desire. Prayer will never be fulfilled, if what the person wants with all his heart can harm other people. Just do not think that you can ask about all sorts of nonsense in the form of a new thing or some kind of object. A cherished desire — meaning the achievement of specific goals, the implementation of vital tasks.
  • gaining faith and strength in those situations where there is no longer one or the other.
  • deliverance from the negative of others, from their own sins.
  • prayers for children. Parental love has no boundaries, so prayers for children have powerful energy and unprecedented power. Such prayers can do a lot — to protect against evil people, bad company, making the wrong decisions, choosing the wrong ways, heal from ailments.
  • prayers for parents. There are no definite texts about parents, but a universal prayer is suitable here, it is read three times, baptizing and bowing in the belt. You can add in your own words that the prayer is read, for example, for the mother.
  • about healing. Often, for the first time, a person turns to God at precisely the moment of severe tests. This is not surprising, God does not reject anyone. So here — there is a mass of evidence of this — the Holy Trinity often helped people to overcome even the most serious diseases, even if, according to official diagnoses, they no longer remained. The icon and the burning candle should be placed near the bed of the sick person. Prayers must be read daily, into the water, which the patient will subsequently drink. The main thing to remember is that faith is an excellent medicine, it can create the most amazing miracles.

House icon

Many people have icons in their homes. They are stored in a particular place. According to the rules of the Christian church, it is better that the icons were located — stood or hung — on the eastern wall.

After all, in the custom of Christians to offer prayers, turning his face to the east. However, the following arrangement of icons is allowed:

  • at the head of the bed, especially if it is the bed of a child or an elderly, ill person.
  • opposite the entrance to the apartment, the house — so it will protect the home from the negative of those who enter from the outside.
  • icons can stand on a specially designated shelf or in a closet with a glass door. As they say, it is not so important where exactly the icon is placed, like how sincere and pure prayers are offered in front of it. The only condition is that there should be as much space in front of the icons as is needed in order to create a prayer.

If there is more than one icon in the prayer corner, then it is better to place the Trinity a little higher than all the others. Thus is the power of the Triune God emphasized.

Prayer to the Holy Trinity: the text in Russian, how to help

In the place where the icons are located, there should always be clean, cleaned, there should be no traces of dust or cobwebs. Awe — this is what correctly describes the attitude to the place where the icons are located.

Holiday Trinity

This great Christian holiday is celebrated every year in different ways — it belongs to the Twelve Mobile Holidays and falls on Sunday, 7 weeks after Easter. The Trinity is also called Pentecost, since the descent of the Holy Spirit occurred just on the 50th day of the Resurrection of Christ.

The feast was set by the apostles, and he usually completes the Easter liturgical cycle. In the evening service it is not customary to attach to the icon on this day. Sunday is the sa festive service.

The first prayer in the service is confession before God the Father for their sins and asking for mercy. In the second — the request for the gift of the spirit of God.

In the third — the remembrance of the departed. After all this, another prayer is read to the Holy Spirit.

While reading prayers by the priest, believers lie in prostration.

All the temples are decorated with grass and young shoots of trees, the believers in the hands are welcomed with bouquets of fresh wild flowers. Subsequently, these flowers, dried behind the icons, were used as wards against fires and rodents.

You cannot work for the Trinity, and the celebration should continue not only on Sunday, but also on Monday.


  1. The Trinity is the three incarnations of God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  2. The Trinity icon is the hypostasis in the form of angels.
  3. Trinity prayers have great power.
  4. The feast of the Trinity is the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles.

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