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Prayer «Unexpected Joy»: before the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos, the birth of children, conception, pregnancy

The prayer before the icon «Unexpected Joy» is considered a very strong petition. It, first of all, gives inner peace, and this contributes to the fact that a person begins to feel self-sufficient, which helps to become successful.

It is noteworthy that before this image of the Blessed Virgin Mary it is not required to repeat the memorized text. Each time you can turn to the Mother of God with a specific request, the main thing is that it should sound sincere and come from the depths of the soul.

The text of the prayer before the icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary “Unexpected Joy”

Prayer for the conception and gift of children

Women often appeal to the Blessed Virgin Mary in front of the icon “Unexpected Joy” with a prayer about the conception and gift of children.

The prayer text in this case may be as follows:

Prayer for pregnancy and childbirth

A prayer for pregnancy before the icon «Unexpected Joy» will allow you to safely carry the child and give birth to it. Also, prayer appeal will contribute to the fact that in the future a woman will again have to experience a sense of motherhood.

In this case, the prayer may sound as follows:


Prayer of marriage

Appeal to the Blessed Virgin Mary before the icon «Unexpected Joy» can young girls who dream of marriage.

The prayer is as follows:

What does the «Unexpected Joy» prayer help?

The icon «Unexpected Joy» was written in 1683 by St. Dmitry of Rostov. This amazing image was created by him under the influence of all those miraculous healings that took place in the Chernigov St. Ilyinsky monastery.

From the first moments, the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos created began to flow to the world after the next healing took place.

Today, before the icon «Unexpected Joy» prayers are offered with a variety of requests. And if the prayer comes from the depths of the soul and sounds sincere, then it will surely be heard and the believer will be given what he asks.

Prayer in front of this icon gives a person peace of mind and fills the soul with joy. It allows a person to accurately determine their life desires and choose the right path for their implementation.

Many women prayed in front of this icon for the return of husbands from the war during periods of terrible events.

Prayer filled their souls with hope and soon their husbands returned to the family unharmed.

Also a prayer in front of the icon «Unexpected Joy»:

  • It is considered a consolation for parents whose children have left the true path of life. He helped to reach the hearts of his children and returned them to the righteous path.
  • It helps in difficult life situations, when there is no hope for a positive outcome.
  • It is able to completely break the life situation, after it the misfortunes for many people turned into real luck and joy.
  • Gives the happiness of motherhood and supports a safe course of pregnancy.
  • Helps people safely return home from a long journey.


The prayer of the Most Holy Theotokos in front of the icon «Unexpected Joy» brings the sinners to insight. It removes malice, envy and hatred from the soul, fills life with new meaning. It also promotes healing from severe ailments.

And many people do not even think about the fact that they recover after their soul is cleansed of the negative.

In case of any troubles and hardships of life, you can contact the Most Holy Theotokos before the prayer «Unexpected Joy.» She will surely respond to your sincere plea for help and provide support.

For example, her help will be very appropriate if you feel abandoned, and you are tormented by emotional longing, if you are constantly haunted by life troubles and you are tired of problems, if you feel completely helpless, and your mind is overwhelmed by confusion.

The Most Holy Mother of God, as a real loving mother, will comfort and reassure, will give strength to overcome obstacles on the way to the goal. She will help to rise after the Falls and continue life from scratch. It should be understood that the Mother of God always accepts us as such, we really are, she does not punish or condemn.

With this in mind, one should pray to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of the icon “Unexpected Joy” in the morning and evening during difficult life periods.

How to read the prayer «Unexpected Joy» at home

There are no special rules for praying before the icon “Unexpected Joy”. It is very important that sincere faith be present in your soul, and you really need help.

It is necessary to pray sincerely, each word should be filled with the desire to resolve the current situation and the belief that the Most Holy Mother of God will surely hear and help you.

A remarkable feature of the prayer is that it is not necessary to memorize the words of the akathist, which is read by the clergy in the Church in front of this icon. This is a complex prayer text that is necessarily pronounced standing.

It is filled with words of gratitude, as well as a large number of words of praise and joy.

You can refer to the Blessed Virgin at home before this icon in arbitrary words. It is very important to accurately voice your desire and request. It is necessary to describe in detail all that your soul grieves.

Appeal to the Blessed Virgin Mary should sound humbly and with love.

Only in this case will real calm come to the soul.

After prayer, life is painted in new colors and a person acquires the ability to realistically assess the events around him and make the right decisions.

Video: Akathist «Unexpected Joy»

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