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Prayer «Virgin of the Virgin, rejoice»: the text in Russian, how to read

I have been studying prayers and reading religious literature for a long time. For those who have just recently turned to faith, I would recommend using the prayer to the Virgin Mary.

Today I will tell you how to raise it correctly and in what cases it should be done.

Prayer «Virgin Virgin rejoice»

In moments of grief, a person seeks salvation in turning to the Lord. However, quite often Christians offer prayers to the Virgin Mary.

It is believed that she is the embodiment of forgiveness and mercy. It is for this reason that many believers prefer to read the prayers addressed to her. The most famous and frequently used is the prayer, “The Virgin of the Virgin Hail,” which is well known to every person who attends church.

About it we will talk in more detail.


The story of the emergence of prayers

It is noteworthy that this prayer has another name that is better known in the circles of the clergy — the angelic greeting or the angel’s message. If we turn to the lines of the scriptures, we can learn that the angel Mary greeted the Virgin Mary with such words.

This angel came down from heaven to tell the woman the good news. After all, she soon had to give birth to a child.

And not just a kid, but the one who is prepared for the role of the Savior.

This event is described in great detail by the words of the Evangelist Luke. Such great importance is attached to him in vain.

After all, it was the birthday of Jesus Christ that became a significant event that changed the course of history.

And today this day occupies a special place among church holidays. After all, in the Annunciation it is customary to attend church and pray more diligently than ever.

The priests insist that it is on this day that people need to offer prayers, since the heavens are most supportive.

It is believed that on this day almost all requests addressed to the Almighty are necessarily executed. Of course, one cannot, when attending church, be 100% sure that the prayer will necessarily be fulfilled. Since in this case much depends on how a person prays sincerely or not.

In addition, the power of faith is of particular importance.

The stronger a Christian believes in a miracle, the more powerful his prayer becomes.

Not to mention that the holiday has tremendous sacral significance. Since, starting from this day, actually begins this spring. Scientists tend to explain this phenomenon in a scientific way.

However, every Christian knows that in reality the good news awakens nature. And although ministers of the church are not inclined to argue with scholars, it is hard to deny the fact that on this day nature is changing.

That is why even unbelievers on this day are so hard to control their emotions.

Texts of prayer

There are several variants of the text of this prayer. The first option is the most widely used and this is the prayer that is familiar to all Orthodox living in Russia.

That is, it is the prayer «Virgin Mary, rejoice.»


However, there is a second option, which is also quite famous, and this is “Ave, Maria”. There are no differences between these prayers.

In fact, it is the same prayer, but in different languages.

Prayer «Ave, Maria» is written in Latin. Even convinced atheists, listening to how they sing this prayer, unwittingly begin to admire the pure beauty of the text.

Despite the fact that the prayer to the Theotokos today is very famous and to find a person who would not know about her is quite problematic, she had a time of oblivion. Now clergymen call these times dark. Because in those years, many people simply turned away from the faith.

And this led to terrible consequences.

He reminded the laity of this prayer, the notorious Seraphim of Sarov. It is believed that it was thanks to him that the rule was to read a prayer every day.

Although before this prayer was recalled extremely rarely. This saint put a lot of effort in order to guide people on the right path. He greatly honored the Virgin Mary.

And so, over time, even a Diveevsky monastery was founded in her honor. This monastery is considered to be the abode of the Virgin.

Miracles of prayer

It is very interesting that a great many diverse miracles are attributed to this prayer.

Priests know many stories about the miraculous salvation of people.

And the most famous of them is the story of a soldier who went to war on the front against the German invaders.

Seeing off his son to the war, the mother carefully sewed a piece of paper on his tunic on which the words of the prayer were written. Many times the life of a young man is happy by a thread.

He stormed buildings that were well guarded, went against tanks with conventional weapons, sat in trenches during enemy attacks. And every time he mysteriously managed to avoid death.

It is simply impossible to explain this with ordinary luck. After all, the young man managed to cheat death 7 times.

When he returned from the front safe and sound, his mother told her that she offered prayers to the Virgin Mary every day. And at the same time she prayed so passionately that she often remained completely without strength.

But it was the power of maternal love that helped the young man avoid death.


Very interesting is the fact that the Mother of God is especially revered by the Russians. It has long been believed that she is the patroness of the Russian people.

Perhaps for this reason so many monasteries were built on the territory of the Russian Federation.

And although many do not agree with the opinion that the Virgin Mary really favors Russia, it is precisely this opinion that most clerics have come to. After all, there are many historical facts that prove that heaven favors the Russian people.

And to deny it is meaningless.

When and why read prayer

It is necessary to immediately note the fact that at present this prayer is included in the list of daily and evening rules. In other words, it is recommended to read it every day.

Moreover, the number of repetitions of the prayer text should be large enough. It is believed that you need to read such a prayer at least 150 times.

Some Christians, having heard how many times it is necessary to repeat the text of the prayer, declare that this is simply impossible. However, it is not.

If you think about it, then this requirement is more than doable. For example, no one forbids reading a prayer on the way to work or a business meeting.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that this prayer is used during the morning service, as well as only once at vespers. But at home you can read it as many times as you like.

The priests insist that in this case the choice should remain only for the person himself. That is, no one can tell Christians how much time they need to devote to prayer. This is a crucial note.

Since it is often the case that believers begin to ask similar questions. And this uncertainty for many is an excuse for postponing the reading of a prayer. That’s just completely inappropriate.

If the heart tells the person that he should read the text of the prayer 10 times, then this is exactly what needs to be done.

Now let’s talk about when exactly this prayer is used. Strangely enough, most Christians do not even suspect how often this prayer is used.

In addition, it is read during the service.

Very often prayer is used:

  • pilgrims — making pilgrimages to holy places, people must read such a prayer. They believe that in this way they pay tribute to heaven. And the clergy fully support them in this quest;
  • tourists — in particular this applies to those tourists who prefer long hikes. It is believed that the Virgin Mary is the patroness of all travelers. And therefore, if a person has a long way to go, you need to pray before the road and ask for the patronage of the Virgin Mary;
  • the afflicted — the Mother of God is the intercessor of all those who are suffering. Therefore, if a person is faced with life difficulties or confusion has settled in his soul, it is imperative to pray.

It is worth noting that after reading the prayer, each person can state his request in simple words and ask for mercy from the Virgin Mary. At the same time it is necessary to try to express your thoughts as accurately as possible.

If a Christian has material difficulties, he can also ask heaven for intercession.

How to read a prayer

  1. Prayer should be repeated 150 times. Of course, no one speaks of simply reading the prayer monotonously for an hour. It is better to break the process into several stages.
  2. If a person has decided to offer a prayer in the walls of the temple, then he must stand near any venerated icon of the Mother of God.
  3. When reading a prayer at home, you should stand facing the icon. A lit candle will not be superfluous.


  1. Prayer is widely known and often used.
  2. The second known version of the prayer is the famous “Ave, Maria”.
  3. It is recommended to read the prayer at least 150 times a day.
  4. After the ascension of prayer, a person can voice his request and do it in simple words.

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