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The Prayer “Remember King David and All Meekness”

I recommend all people to get rid of negative emotions and not to keep anyone angry. In the event of anger, you need to read the prayer, «Lord, remember King David and all meekness.»

Today I will tell you more about it.

Danger of being angry

Modern people do not even think about how often they are angry. Anger for them has long been a normal state.

However, everyone seems to have forgotten how dangerous this emotion is. Not for nothing that it is considered destructive. If you recall, it is a surge of anger that most often causes clashes between people.

It is for this reason that anger is included in the list of 8 sinful passions. Although some people do not even realize this.

Oddly enough, but they believe that anger is not a sin. But in the end, they come to church, and they understand that this is absolutely not the case.

The Prayer “Remember King David and All Meekness”

The Bible teaches people to forgive their offenders and not to keep evil on them, as well as to fully control their own emotions. Obedience and meekness are features that should distinguish a true Christian.

You can learn this. And the main helper in this difficult task for Christians should be the text «Lord, remember King David and all meekness.»

The reign of David and the origin of prayer

Immediately it is necessary to note the fact that Christians greatly respect King David. Because he was distinguished by wisdom and humility. Although the king did not always possess such qualities.

At the very beginning of his reign, he was a completely different person.

In addition, contrary to the Christian canons, the man had several wives and categorically refused to try to somehow pacify their own desires. However, everything changed after he committed a terrible sin. It is worth noting that it is this sin that is described in prayer.

Let’s talk about this story in more detail, in order to understand what exactly prompted a change in the character of the ruling king.

One day, the king was walking in the forest and noticed a naked maiden bathing there. She impressed him so much with her beauty that the monarch gave the order to his court to bring her to the palace. The monarch was well aware of the fact that this girl, Bathsheba, was the legitimate spouse of the warlord Uriah.

For many years he served the emperor faithfully. And yet this circumstance could not deter the emperor from committing sin.

Later it turned out that this relationship did not pass without a trace. The unhappy girl got pregnant.

In order to somehow hide his adultery, the king immediately summoned his commander, who at that moment was in another province. But the circumstances were such that the man could not come.

Then the king gave a secret order, according to which no one was to help Uriah on the battlefield. When the man led the army to the offensive, his comrades left, and he was killed.

As soon as the wife of the deceased commander ended in mourning, she was called to the palace. After this, Bathsheba became the wife of the emperor.

From the human race to hide this sin he managed. But David could not deceive the Creator.

He told one of the prophets about adultery and instructed him to go to the castle to talk with David and set him on the right path. Appearing in the palace, the prophet told the king a strange parable.

The hero of this story was David himself.

However, the prophet who visited him, very skillfully veiled the details. And so the monarch could not understand that in this story the main character is he.

When the story came to an end, the prophet asked David what punishment the man deserved. Of course, the king, listening to the story, was outraged and said that a righteous Christian should never do this.

He even said that man deserves death.

As soon as the king voiced the verdict that the parable wanted to assign to the hero, the wise prophet told him the truth. He said that he knew what kind of sin David had committed.

Moreover, he mentioned that the Creator wishes to punish him for perfect adultery. The severity of his sin was so great that he really was threatened with death.

Since he did not just enter into intimacy with the wife of another man.

He went to the deception and betrayal, to get her to his wife and hide the sin committed. Hearing that the Lord was aware of this sin, David simply fell on his knees and offered up a prayer.

He prayed the heavens for mercy. His prayer was short, but the Most High decided to take pity on him.

God did not take away the life of this unfortunate.

The Prayer “Remember King David and All Meekness”

At first, no one understood why the Lord decided not to deny mercy to those who committed such a grave sin. After all, as it is known, sinners must burn in hellfire. But this story shows how generous the Lord turned out to be in relation to his slave, who stumbled.

And later it became clear why David managed to beg for mercy from heaven.

After all, he later became a model of humility and meekness. Since then, he has never violated the commandments of the Lord and lived as it should be a righteous Christian.

In addition, when his son was born, David did his best to raise him as a worthy and righteous man. Later, his son became very famous.

After all, King Solomon was the son of David.

Prayer treatment

After reviewing the history of the reign and fall of King David, everyone will surely understand the meaning of prayer. After all, turning to the Lord with this prayer, David asked:

  • mercy — realizing the whole burden of sin committed by him, the king decided to try to beg forgiveness from the Lord, not only to continue his life, but to dedicate it to redemption;
  • enlightenment — in order to find a way to atone for that terrible sin as quickly as possible, the king asked God for enlightenment;
  • meekness of character — since the king was always a hot-tempered man who easily yielded to his desires and could not resist them, he wanted to learn meekness.

So the person who offers this prayer asks the Lord not only for enlightenment and mercy. He is also trying to beg the Creator to learn the meekness.

After all, it is very important to learn obedience. And if a person is able to curb his feelings, takes control over anger, then he is guaranteed to become much closer to the Lord.

That is why clergymen strongly recommend using this prayer as often as possible.

It is believed that with its help a person can really find a way to curb his own anger. That’s just need to pray with maximum sincerity.

Since if a person himself does not want to learn how to control emotions, then no one can help him with this. This simple truth must be remembered.

After all, some people, offering prayers, hope that their lives will change as after a stroke of a magic wand. I read the prayer and became meek.

Unfortunately, this is not possible.

The Prayer “Remember King David and All Meekness”

Prayer will only help the Christian to find the right and effective way to quell anger and nothing more. Everything else depends entirely on the person himself and on his desire. Not the last role in this issue is played by faith.

If a Christian believes that heaven will help him, then that is exactly what will happen.

What does prayer protect from

Priests hear such a question quite often. Because far from all people understand why it is necessary to read this prayer.

Some of them are sure that it is necessary to use this text only in extreme cases, when anger completely seizes the person. Indeed, in such a situation, truth can be read a prayer.

But this does not mean that it only protects from sudden outbursts of anger.

King David’s prayer can help:

  • to calm down anger — quite often it happens that a person constantly feels anger inside him. Nor can he do anything about it. He just has to put up with this state. That’s just a long stay in a state of such stress, no one can. And sooner or later, if no action is taken, the terrible will happen. To prevent this, one should offer this prayer, sincerely asking heaven for help;
  • to protect oneself from sin — when a person is subject to such negative and destructive emotions as anger, a terrible danger hangs over him. After all, he can at any time be a victim of the fall. In this case, it is extremely important to warn this moment and take control of emotions in time;
  • rejecting evil people — often righteous Christians become victims of people who are obsessed with anger. They can be seriously affected by such people. Moreover, the main danger lies in the fact that a person can completely forget God’s commandments.

In addition, the clergy are confident that the recitation of the prayer of King David can help people get rid of angry thoughts. For this reason, it is recommended to read a prayer every day, leaving the house. This is especially important if a person’s work involves certain risks.

Then the prayer to King David will indeed become an excellent helper.


  1. King David’s prayer can protect a person from anger.
  2. You can read it not only in moments when anger is completely seized.
  3. Reading a prayer every day will help a person to protect himself from people with bad thoughts.
  4. If a person feels that he can commit a fall because of anger, then he must use this prayer.

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