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Who and when helps the icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem

There is a huge number of different religious shrines and relics. Each of them has its own specific meaning, and it can help in specific areas of life.

The icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem is quite recognizable, you can learn more about it in the following material.

Who and when helps the icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem

Historical information about the icon

Jerusalem face of the Virgin is considered one of the most popular and revered today. His story goes back to the very beginnings of the Christian religion.

The icon depicts the lifetime image of the Mother of God with a demonstration of the smallest details of her face.

The Holy Virgin has always provided assistance to the Christian people. They prayed earnestly to her, wanting to heal her body from various misfortunes and diseases, asked to ward off the epidemic, to protect herself from any negative energy.

Creator Jerusalem icon of the Virgin stands holy Evangelist Luke. The time of writing is the 15th year after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

There is an opinion that considering the shrine is the first of the other seventy faces of the Most Holy Mary.

The initial task of the face was to preserve the Jerusalem population. In addition, the face has great miraculous power, which can be found a large number of documented evidence.

The very first miraculous event that the icon made, healed the Monk Mary of Egypt from the evil eye.

Location of the icon

In the 5th century, the shrine was transported from the Church of the Resurrection of Jesus and ended up in the Cathedral of Our Lady (Constantinople).

In the period from the 6th to the 7th centuries, Constantinople was constantly staged at violent attacks and siege by the Scythians. However, the city was lucky and he was able to withstand a miracle.

Believers say that it was the Jerusalem Mother of God who contributed much to this.

The location of the image in the interval from the 12th to the 16th century is the Sofia Cathedral of Veliky Novgorod. There the icon was also received very respectfully and with love.

In many ways, such a respectful attitude is explained by the help of the face in eliminating human phobias and various pathologies.

In the 17th century, Tsar Ivan the Terrible was ordered to redirect the healing shrine.

So she was in the Moscow Assumption Cathedral.

And in the early years of the 19th century, she fell into the Kremlin, where she was able to achieve mass respect and glory.

In 1812, the unexpected happened — the image suddenly disappeared. To this day, no one can say with certainty where the original version of the face is now stored.

According to a number of assumptions, it is believed that the Jerusalem relic was stolen by the French and now its location is the Cathedral of Notre Dame (Paris).

In 1977, a request was sent to France regarding the search for the icon. However, the answer was negative — the Chief Inspector of France said that there was no such shrine in the cathedral.

Where can I find lists of icons

Face of the Virgin «Jerusalem» had the most important significance for Russia. Therefore, when the priceless shrine was lost in 1812, the people were very upset about it.

Fortunately, some lists (copies) of this image have been preserved. Where should go to see them?

  • To the altar of the Assumption Cathedral.
  • To New Jerusalem.
  • To the Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God (Izmailov).
  • In the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity (Veshnyaki).
  • In the temple of the Resurrection of the Word.

The date when this religious shrine is honored falls on the twelfth (Old Calendar), or twenty-fifth (New Style).

Who and when helps the icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem

Description of the face

Experts on the icons called the type, which corresponds to the face of the Holy Virgin Mary of Jerusalem, — Odigitria (also called the Guidebook).

The Virgin Mary holds the baby Jesus with one hand, and presses the other one to her chest. This gesture is a symbol of deep empathy, devotion and love for his Son, who took on the role of the sacrificial lamb for all human sins.

With the same hand, the Virgin Mary seems to be pointing at Christ, saying that he is the salvation for each of us. The face of the Holy One and Jesus is permeated with meekness, as well as inner strength, which contributed to their humble acceptance of the Will of God.

With the help of his left limb, the baby Christ holds the scroll — the symbol of His teachings, that is, the True Faith. And the fingers on the right limb add up to a blessing position.

Looking at the image, it may appear that the Divine Mother and the Son communicate with each other telepathically, indicating their complete spiritual unity.

In some versions of the Jerusalem face, you can also meet the parents of Mary, the righteous Iokim, with Anna. In some versions of the icon there are apostles and martyrs on the icon.

What will the Jerusalem icon help people

The described image has existed for a very long time, and during this period amazing healings from various pathologies and misfortunes have constantly occurred.

The main prayer of the face allows you to eliminate paralysis, various eye pathologies, and even heal from blindness!

Also in the memory of the people are cases of stopping the plague and cholera epidemics after a mass reading of the common prayer to the person.

More Jerusalem icon warns of accidents, fires.

What is asked in the prayers of this icon?

  • As a rule, people read the prayers of the image, when unpleasant events are coming, they are in a state of despondency, grief.
  • You can ask the face of the Holy Virgin to help cure physical and mental ills.
  • Reading the common prayer at the face of the Virgin helps to stop the invasion of enemies.
  • Offer your prayers to the icon if you plan to go on a long trip or a working trip to protect yourself from various problems on the road.
  • Appeal to the Most Pure and wanting to gain family well-being, successfully conceive a baby, as well as preserve their family hearth.

How to pray the face

Before turning to the icon with a prayer, study the few simple rules. They are important because they allow us to strengthen the prayer:

  • prayer is performed in a relaxed state, for some time you must stand in silence in the face;
  • do not try to represent the images of saints in your consciousness, because in this case you do not get a real picture, but encounter an illusion;
  • Remember that when you pray at the icon of the Virgin and the saints, you are in fact seeking the divine help of the Creator;
  • a prayer can be held out loud (but not loudly) or mentally;
  • it is very important that you sincerely believe that prayer will help you is one of the keys to success;
  • ask what is real: earthly blessings, love, faith, wisdom;
  • Prayers are not recommended in which you ask yourself for wealth, fame, or want to get revenge;
  • A prayer can be directed not only personally to your person, but also to your closest circle, but then the names of those who are asked are surely mentioned.

In the temple it is possible to order a water-holy prayer with an akathist at the face of the Virgin of Jerusalem. When the prayer service is completed, consecrated water is distributed to the parishioners.

Water is used in the morning, on an empty stomach and always with the reading of a prayer.

Important recommendation! If you want to accomplish the miracle that you ask for in your prayers, be sure to firmly believe in the Lord, follow his commandments, stick to church canons, confess, and commune.

Then your prayers will certainly be heard by the Mother of God and she will provide you with her gracious help.

Who and when helps the icon of the Mother of God of Jerusalem

At the end of the topic:

  • The Jerusalem image of the Virgin is very significant in the Orthodox world.
  • In 1812, the original face was lost. Where it is in our day is unknown. Only lists of icons in Israel and Russia are preserved.
  • You can turn to the face, wanting to eliminate various diseases, save you from trouble, so that the journey is safe. Also ask for health for themselves and their close surroundings.
  • The most important condition for absolutely any prayer is that a person has sincere faith in a Higher Power and their help.

If you want to share your opinion on the topic in question, be sure to do it at the end of the article.

And you can learn what prayers to the Jerusalem icon from the following video:

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For proper divination: focus on the subconscious and do not think about anything at least 1-2 minutes.

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