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Amulet of curses, the evil eye and damage

Since ancient times, people have tried in every way to protect themselves from the action of negative forces. For this, a variety of conspiracies and rituals were invented.

One of the effective ways to protect yourself from evil was to make yourself an amulet, a so-called amulet from curses, from a shaman.

Amulet of curses, the evil eye and damage

Defend yourself from curses

How to make an amulet yourself?

Amulet of curses, the evil eye and damage

We charge amulet with positive energy

You can make such an amulet on your own, even better if you do it with your own hands. In this case, you will invest your energy when creating an amulet, which means that its action will be even stronger.

We offer you today to make yourself an amulet according to the ancient Babylonian technology. Even in ancient Babylon, people defended themselves with the help of it from the negative effects of various kinds.

The value of the Babylonian amulet

Amulet of curses, the evil eye and damage

Famous type of amulets and amulets

The name of this amulet is the square of Ra. Such a talisman and ward had earlier a very high value, while in order to make it you will need absolutely ordinary handy materials.

To do this you will need a regular metal plate.

Of course, in ancient times, people made talismans from a variety of materials. It depended on what kind of material they were allowed to purchase wealth.

Simpler people, with a small income, made such amulets out of simple burnt clay. And those who had the prosperity could afford to buy for these purposes a piece of silver or gold, of course, such a talisman was kept as the apple of their eye.

The technology of manufacturing a charm from damage and the evil eye

Amulet of curses, the evil eye and damage

Self-made amulets

We do not offer to bake clay or buy gold or silver specifically for this purpose, it was not very modern and, perhaps, expensive, but finding a metal plate in your home is unlikely to be difficult. That is what we propose to do. The plate can be from the most different metal.

It can be copper, bronze, silver or brass. No matter what kind of material, magic, which will be in the talisman does not depend on it.

From a metal plate it is necessary to cut a square, which will have a size of about 25 to 25 mm.

The corners of this magic square must be made more rounded so that when using the thing you do not cut yourself.

In addition, the ancients also believed that magical energy could flow through the sharp corners of a square.

Now you need some very sharp object. This can be a knife, needle or a sharp spitz. Take what is convenient for you to draw on the metal.

With this sharp object on the metal you need to draw now two circles, the upper parts of which will converge at one point. One circle will be larger, and the second will be in the center of it, that is, it will be smaller in size.

Such two circles mean double protection against evil forces. It is desirable that the edges of the circles were smooth. For this you can take a larger coin, and smaller and circle them.

In the circle, which is less then you need to draw an eye with the help of the same sharp object. This eye will be a symbolic reflection, which will protect you from the evil eye.

And one more symbol that needs to be displayed on this metal plate is a triangle that needs to be placed at the bottom of the eye.

This is a magical sign of the pyramid or else it has the name Ziggurat.

The upper point of this triangle will be in contact with the lower shell of the eye, which means there will be a constant replenishment from the triangle to the eye. Thus, your talisman will be constantly on a constant charge. In principle, the amulet of damage and the evil eye is ready.

Now it is necessary to solder to it a loop, into which it will be possible to insert a chain in order to carry this amulet from curses constantly on its neck.

How to wear a curse amulet?

Amulet of curses, the evil eye and damage

Amulet in the form of a ring or pendant

As you may have guessed, the amulet from damage and the evil eye must be worn on a chain, like a small pendant. If you have made the amulet of the Ra square from curses with your own hands, then in addition it is somehow not necessary to recharge it, it is so full of your energy.

Thus, you have fully identified it with your own biofield. If you ordered this amulet from some other person for yourself, then you can give the talisman for recharging to an experienced shaman.

You can also charge such an amulet from curses yourself. It’s easy to do, here is the algorithm:

  • Pour clear water into a glass and lower your amulet of curses there.
  • With a clean and disinfected needle, pierce your finger and drop a few drops of your blood into a glass of water.
  • In this state, leave the glass with the amulet for the night.
  • By the next morning, your talisman is already fully charged and ready to protect you from all evil forces.

If you want the talisman to protect you from curses with greater efficiency, then wear it around your neck, do not take off, that is, around the clock. In antiquity, this is exactly what they did, because it may be that your ill-wishers will want to send damage to you at night.

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