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Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the world

The amulet of the Sun is a powerful talisman that was present in one form or another with every nation that lived on our planet. The meaning of these various charms has always been the same — it is protection, bringing happiness and light to life.

Amulet of the Sun — what is it

Almost every nation that ever lived on our planet worshiped the sun as the most powerful and eternal power. Mages of all times revered the day-star as a symbol of inexhaustible energy and power. Man made many discoveries through frequent observations of the sun.

These include the wheel, calendar and many other things. People have always associated hope and grace with the Sun.

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldNow we know many pantheons of different nations. Almost every one of them has a Solar deity.

It would seem that these pantheons are unrelated to each other, and the peoples lived apart, not interested in other gods.

Sun amulets are found in many cultures, including the Slavs, they are popular to this day. Modern man, despite the many distractions and a completely different way of life than our ancestors, did not forget that he could give the ward to the one who would wear it.

Egyptian Sun-Charm

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldThe Egyptian solar amulet is called the winged disc of the Sun. It represents the form it took Gore to fight Seth. This amulet will be interesting to those who like the Egyptian culture and not only powerful, but also beautiful magical things.

The symbol in the form of a solar globe with wings was used not only in Egypt, but also in Persia, Australia and South America.

All these peoples not only used the winged disc of the Sun as a talisman, but also in ritual practice. It is a strong symbol of cleansing, striving for the divine and union, communication with higher powers.

Later, the winged disc was popular among masons as a symbol of the soul’s striving for perfection.

Such a guardian will protect its owner from any misfortune, the evil eye, damage and other methods of causing harm through witchcraft. But protection is not its only property.

The winged disc of the Sun will bring harmony with your inner “I”, peace of mind and peace.

Sun Cross — amulet

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldCharm the Solar Cross belongs to the Indian and Slavic solar symbols.

He personifies the four elements, four important days in the life of our ancestors — the winter and summer solstice and the spring and autumn equinoxes.

This amulet was considered one of the most suitable for warriors and forest keepers.

As a pony guard, the Sun Cross means an awareness of who the wearer is, his or her own capabilities and origin. It accumulates in itself the strength and wisdom of the past generations, therefore it is used to gain wisdom and powerful protection.

With it, you can save family and health, find happiness and raise healthy and obedient children.

It is not recommended to wear the Solar Cross to young people, it can lead to negative consequences such as mental disorders and changes in character. He needs only mature people. Children also do not wear a solar cross; parents need it in order to have ancestor help in raising children.

Especially need this talisman during important events and stay on the road. It is well suited for military, teachers, athletes and artists.

Aztec Sun Amulet — Meaning

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldThe Aztecs used the so-called Sun Stone. He served them as a multifunctional calendar.

With the help of this stone, the Aztecs recognized the time of solar and lunar eclipses, the time of planetary circulation, and other astrological and calendar data. The original of this stone is considerable, but there are many miniature copies.

They are used as a talisman by those who are not alien to the Aztec culture.

This amulet of the Sun has a multifaceted value. First of all, it is used to learn how to manage your time rationally and correctly.

He needs people who do not have time, despite the constant haste, or suffering from laziness. With it, you can develop your intuition and even predict the future.

Another value of the Aztec Sun stone is an increase in profits. It is believed that with this talisman a person will receive more money in less time.

He will teach you how to profit from any business and manage your time.

Slavic charm Sunflower

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldWard Sunflower belongs to the ancient Slavic solar symbols.

A solstice in the old days was called a solstice — both summer and winter. Therefore, it is believed that there are two varieties of this symbol.

The first is directed along the course of the Sun, the second — against. They received the name of Thunderstorm and Gromovik.

Solstice portrayed on the front door and the gate to protect the home from the negative aspects of the elements — storms, floods, lightning and others. He was worn by warriors in order to become invulnerable in battle and survive even in the most severe conditions.

Solstice is considered a male symbol, women more often wore another amulet — a lunik, which has a connection with the Moon, and not with the Sun. But this talisman is useful to all warriors without exception, and if a woman is such, he will not bring harm to her.

Native American Sun Amulet — Spirit of the Sun God

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldMany North American Indians worshiped the Solar God, and the luminary itself was endowed with consciousness and considered him alive. It was considered the root cause of life on earth, and the fact that life takes.

Charm with the image of the spirit of the sun god is also endowed with consciousness. He is considered capable of influencing the causes of all events that occur with the owner of an Indian talisman.

The basic meaning of the Sun God’s spirit is to attract good luck, to gain the glory of a warrior and win in any endeavor. It strengthens the character and encourages bold action, gives courage.

It symbolizes readiness for any situation and a reflection of all the troubles and hardships, the evil eye, damage and negative energy.

The Sun God will always warm the soul, share life energy and fill with power. The Indians believed that such a guardian was so strong that it could even warm them on a cold night.

Scandinavian charm the wheel of the sun

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldThe sun wheel is present in Scandinavian cave paintings. At all times, this nation considered him one of their charms.

Nowadays, it has much less popularity than, for example, the Hammer of Thor, but, nevertheless, the wheel of the Sun is a strong amulet that can be useful to everyone.

Preserved the wheel of the Sun is closely related to fertility, rich harvest and wealth. This is a great talisman for money and wealth.

It is well suited to those who wish to increase their income and get excellent results in gardening.

The wheel of the sun must be made of gold. Only in this case the amulet will bring you abundance, high incomes and a rich harvest.

Slavic symbol of god Yarilo

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldThe Slavs considered the image of the sun to be the symbol of god Yarilo. It is not referred to as swastik symbols, it is exactly the realistic-artistic image of the day luminary. There are many swastik solar symbols, which were used by both Slavs and Hindus and other peoples.

About several of them can be read above. But it is known that our ancestors were never limited to them.

The sun is extremely positive. The talisman with his image brings happiness in affairs and the creation of a family, the opportunity to raise strong and obedient offspring, to gain wealth, happiness and well-being.

It will become a source of health and vitality, longevity and good mood. Both men and women can wear Yarilo amulet.

It has protective properties, like most solar talismans.

This charm can be not only personal, but also home.

From time immemorial, the external walls of houses were decorated with images of the Sun to protect the family from harm. Inside the house you need to hang it or in the hallway, or in the room in which the family is going.

For example, it may be a living room or a kitchen.

Amulet Black Sun

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldNot everyone can wear an amulet depicting the symbol of the Black Sun. At the time of the ancient Slavs, he was present only on the clothes of the Magi.

According to the legends, the secret of the character was revealed to people only in the most difficult times when he could save an entire people.

The sacred meaning of the Black Sun is the revival and destruction of the old in the place where the new should be built. Therefore, such a charm will give wisdom and understanding of the mysteries of life, expand the boundaries of consciousness and force you to accept destruction as that which is necessary for creation.

In addition, the Black Sun Charm has powerful protective abilities. He binds the wearer to the world of the departed ancestors.

Even now, many believe that with the help of the Black Sun, one can communicate with the departed, comprehend their wisdom and secrets of the universe.

Amulet of the Sun do it yourself

Amulet of the Sun in different cultures of the worldIf the symbolism of different nations for some reason does not suit you, you can make an amulet of the Sun out of any gold jewelry that was purchased specifically for this purpose. This is desirable, but not necessary, if there is no opportunity to buy a gold jewelry, but you need a sun protection, you can use the thing you already have from this precious metal.

It is necessary to make an amulet 22, about 3-4 hours — at this time the sunrise begins. It is advisable to catch the moment when its first rays illuminate the earth. This is the best time for solar magic.

It is better to do this in nature, but it is also possible at home, if there is at least one window facing east. If not, you will have to go out to the courtyard.

Prepare a glass of pure spring water in advance; dip a golden ornament in the same glass. When the rays touch the water, read the plot:

The power of the sun will not go away, it will not disappear, it will come to me.

Now close your eyes and try to feel how the solar energy fills the soul and golden jewelry.

Leave the glass on the windowsill until sunset, and then remove it, pour out the water, and wrap the charm in a clean, natural fabric of white color. His need to hide until 22, the day of the winter solstice.

Only then can it be worn.

How to use the Sun Charm

First of all, any amulet needs purification and activation. In this case, smoke from the burning of herbs is best suited as a cleaning tool. But not just any herbs that were in your house.

Need a mixture of sage, chamomile and hypericum. In the smoke you need to hold the amulet for some time.

During fumigation you need to light a white candle.

After purification follows activation. The plot is read during fumigation or mental filling with its energy, holding the amulet in the hands of:

Light spirits of fire! I charge you: consecrate the sun amulet with your light. May he give me strength and greatness, success and good luck, beauty and health!

May he protect me from the evil of black magic. My words, your deeds. Let it be so.


There is another conspiracy that is read after fumigation, holding the guardian so that the breath is touching it:

I, the servant of God (name), summon the spirits of fire, conjure you, come to me, consecrate my talisman, with your strength, give me the power of light, charisma, magic, so that I can be fortunate in saving anyone from the magic black, from the eye of the evil, from the work and evil man. Let the talisman become my best assistant, let him be the strongest protector, let him lead me through life, let him bring all the good, let him guard against all the bad.

Yes, all this will come true. Amen. Amen.


After fumigation and activation, the talisman must lie for a while near a burning candle in order to feed on the energy of the fire. Approximately once a month, he must, from sunrise to sunset, be under the sunlight to recharge.

If this is not possible, candles will do, especially in winter, when there is not enough solar energy.

Sometimes the charm will darken. This means that he is working on a solution to some problem or is busy defending.

At this time, the charm needs to be cleansed; immerse it in ordinary salt for a while.

Salt after purification must be thrown into the sewer, it cannot be used in cooking and for magical purposes, because it absorbs negative energy.

In general, such a talisman can really change life for the better, especially if it has turned into a continuous series of black stripes, and I want to finally get to the bright one.

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