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Amulet Pentagram: the meaning of charm

Amulet pentagram is a geometric shape — a five-pointed star formed from the extended sides of regular triangles. A pentagram enclosed in a circle is called a pentacle.

It is noteworthy that many peoples came to the use of this ancient sign as an amulet and talisman independently of each other.

Amulet Pentagram: the meaning of charm

Amulet pentagram is very effective

In Egypt, it was called the Star of Isis (or Anubis), and in Greece it was called Pentalfa (due to the similarity of the pentagram with the interweaving of five Greek letters “alpha”). This sign was revered in India, Japan, China and many other countries.

Even more remarkable is the huge number of meanings attributed to the pentagram at different times and by different people — let’s look at some of them.

The story of the amulet

The first images of the pentagram, found by archaeologists, were made approximately ten thousand years BC. Moreover, there is no guarantee that they are really the first — perhaps this sign was known to people and much earlier. There is an interesting version that the Mesopotamian priests came to the discovery of this symbol, observing the movement of the planet Venus.

For eight years, she passes alternately all the signs of the zodiac, carrying out five turns and drawing a trajectory that coincides with the principles of pentagram drawing.

But it is possible that other nations have discovered this symbol in completely different ways. The first known value of the pentacle as an amulet was in its protective function — for the Sumerian, Ancient Egyptian, and Assyrian and Babylonian civilizations, this was one hundred percent talisman. He was painted on the doors of houses and on clothes to protect against various disasters.

Also, the pentacle was considered a talisman capable of assisting in matters.

It must be said that over the centuries and up to the present, the pentagram charm has been one of the most effective methods of protection. This function can be used in everyday life, in magical work, in threatening situations.

Another value of Pentakl was and remains the comprehension of higher knowledge and the achievement of wisdom, as well as help in performing magical practices. Pythagoras discovered the golden section in this symbol, after which he began to consider it the embodiment of geometric perfection.

In addition, the Pythagoreans correlated with the pentagram the existence of the five elements of the creation of the world (fire, earth, water, air, ether) and saw in it a reflection of the universe, which is in harmony.

The most famous species of amulet pentagram

  1. The Pentagram of Agrippa depicts a human figure inscribed in a star (like the Da Vinci design). Next to each ray of the star is depicted one of the five letters, symbolizing the element of the creation of the world. Such a “pentagraph” was another sign of the heyday of the Humanism era, regarding man as the personification of the divine principle, attaching great importance to the Microcosm and spiritual growth. Accordingly, such an interpretation of the pentagram is perfectly suited for creating a talisman that protects the physical and mental health of a person, contributing to the achievement of wisdom and spiritual wealth.
  2. The Pentacle of Solomon is a guard against witchcraft and unexpected dangers. According to legend, this magic symbol was discovered to King David by an angel, and he gave the talisman to his son Solomon. It is believed that the pentacle helped the king to achieve power, wisdom and power, as well as an unprecedented flourish for his land. However, even Solomon was not immune from mistakes, which indicates that the authorities should be treated with an amulet with extreme caution. Also, this sign is considered a talisman of wealth and prosperity.
  3. An inverted pentacle is a rather ambiguous symbol. With the light hand of Eliphas Levi (a fairly well-known magician and philosopher of the second half of the nineteenth century), the star directed upwards with two rays became the sign of Baphomet or Satan. Although until that time, amulets with an inverted pentacle were rarely mentioned in negative terms, and often even served as a symbol of the Bethlehem star, the lower ray of which indicated to the Magi the birthplace of Jesus. In 1966, this concept was supported by La Wei, making the inverted pentagram a symbol of the Church of Satan founded by him and placing an image of a goat’s face in it. This idea has become extremely popular among the creators of mystical films — their efforts to talisman with an inverted pentagram was finally established in the reputation of «satanic».

Amulet value and selection

Amulet Pentagram: the meaning of charm

It all depends on the location of the pentacle.

The history of this sign successfully illustrates the simple truth that any symbol or talisman gains exactly the power and values ​​that people endow with it.

The pentagram was and is a powerful protective amulet, as well as an assistant in the comprehension of higher knowledge. The inverted sign was given a negative value — and to a certain extent it began to embody it into reality. However, one should be aware that this is only one of the incarnations of an inverted pentacle.

Whether to use it or not depends on how much you believe in its negative energy. If such faith responds strongly enough to you, it is better to choose a classic pentacle directed upwards as a talisman.

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