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Amulet, talisman this amulets

Amulet, talisman, charms, pentacles and magic signs in magic.

Amulet or Talisman?

Amulet, talisman this amuletsThe talisman is a living or inanimate being that brings good luck.
The English version of the word comes from the olive. The talisman is considered a kind of amulet, complicated by its shape.

Talisman brings good luck. And the amulet protects the person, dwelling, and so on.
Luck, happiness — the concepts are extensive, multifaceted. One person needs money, another needs knowledge, the third wants to get rid of ailments.

Everyone can choose an appropriate amulet for their own case, so that their hopes will come true.

There are a lot of such signs. Signs can attract good luck, help in heart, industrial, political, financial affairs.

Worn by man, they will not allow these or other situations to get out of control. They help in the fight against competitors, and in court cases.

They will save from ruin, they will return faith, hope, love, even life at times. They give wisdom, insight.

Saving from fruitless searches and desires. Talismans will help in the fight against human vices.

Amulets and talismans will help return the lost. Will protect from wandering in the darkness of ignorance.

They will allow you to accumulate magical power, restore the truth, protect your homes and businesses. They will enhance your natural abilities.

Allow your talents to develop. Will provide a good outcome of any affairs, will restore the lost composure. Signs in a special way inscribed on amulets and talismans, these are your magical, mantic, natural friends.

This is your «thread of Ariadne», able to bring out any of the mazes of the fate of many and many Minotaurs. These signs will allow you to provide comfort, comfort, peace, harmony in your home. Will help to reveal true values.

Find new loyal friends, ardent lovers.
And this is not all the properties of an amulet or a talisman.

The word amulet, derived from the Latin amoliri — «to divert.»
This is the sign for any sign or thing to which a protective power is attributed. Which protects from evil spirits, injuries, diseases, or simply the ability to repel adversity. Amulets are usually worn around the neck or around the wrist.

Only live talismans are not worn on themselves.

Planet symbols in amulets.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsThe word comes from the Greek «sumballein», literally — «throw together.»
This word is often used in relation to the status of a person. For example, in the combination of «sex symbol.»

But this concept is much broader. The concept of «symbolism» includes the representation of things and concepts through symbols.

Appeal to the symbols of the planets in the manufacture of talismans and amulets. It is explained by the fact that invisible threads and connections stretch between the planets and the Earth.

They are used, including in practical magic. The relationship of the seven planetary influences, and the signs of the zodiac established.

Although in many respects it is conditional and approximate. However, some patterns are too obvious, and they can not be overlooked.
Even the ancient astrologers found out that each planet controls a certain day, hour, kind of creativity. Just a gem, number, color, plant, animal.

  • THE SUN. Brilliant and gorgeous, manages Sunday, gold, topaz. The day is good for increasing wealth, acquiring influential friends and patrons. Pale and mysterious.
  • MOON. This is a satellite, but still. Manages Monday, the fate of traveling on the water, white, pearls, silver.
  • MARS. Blood-red gloomy planet of warriors and heroes. Manages Tuesday, iron, blood-red ruby.
  • MERCURY. Messenger of the Gods. Controls the environment, mercury, shimmering opal.
  • JUPITER. High Donor. Manages Thursday, blue, tin, amethyst.
  • VENUS. A lover of all sorts of pleasures. Manages Friday, promotes happiness in love, material success. Wearing mascots of emerald flowers. And copper products attract her attention.
  • SATURN. The planet of time and karma. Manages Saturday, handed power to lead, zinc. Provides success in construction and education.

The properties of the planets have always been used by magicians to enhance the effects of spells. So, the drink made in a green vessel, on a green tablecloth on Friday, had tremendous love power.
The manager, the traveling salesman will be helped by an amulet of opal. There are many possibilities of this kind.

Talisman, amulet — how to make?

Often, people want to make their own amulets and talismans on their own.

Basic rules for making magical means of protection and attracting good luck.

The basic rule is as follows. Talismans and amulets are always made only with the consent of the person who needs them. Like, remedies or means of attracting luck.

When making amulets to protect and attract good luck, remember the following rule.
Every sign and symbol has its own possibilities. And you should not try to «exceed» their powers.

If a person feels that he needs such helpers, he must first choose the type of funds. The purpose of this work is to obtain practical skills for self-manufacturing of protective equipment.

Also, their subsequent cleaning and proper use in the future.

Materials for making magical amulets.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsIn the manufacture of such funds, it is desirable to use natural materials: fabric, leather, cardboard, wood, metals. The choice of material is always individual.
If we keep in mind the planetary influences, then gold is given to the Sun.
Silver — the moon. Mercury «quick silver» — Mercury.

Copper — Venus. Tin — to Jupiter, and lead — to Saturn.
You can order a ring, brooch, bracelet with appropriate symbols that will attract the attention of the planets. These jewelry will be your amulets and talismans. SUN — diamond, topaz, set in gold.

LUNA — pearls, crystal, quartz, framed in silver. MERCURY — opal, agate, sapphire. VENUS — emerald, turquoise, set in copper.

JUPITER — pale sapphire, amethyst, carnelian, framed in tin. SATURN — onyx, sapphire, set in lead.

The symbols of the planets, including the alchemical, will be widely used in our work. In the manufacture of runic means you can use wood.

Ash is especially good, the World Tree.

But in the absence of it can be used beech, aspen, pine, hazel, birch.

The colors of amulets used in magical means of protection.

The colors are recommended to choose according to the classical principle.

Red color.

This is the color of love, passion, aggression, blood. It symbolizes anger, war, threat, the danger of bloodshed, courage. In medieval Christianity — the color of mercy, love.

Seraphim, who are in the heavenly hierarchy located near God, «are in the divine heat.» Which is depicted in red. The expression “red calendar day” comes from the custom of celebrating All Saints Day.

Similarly, other holy days.

Green color. This color is preferable to depict the signs and symbols of the world of matter, money, wealth.

This is the color of spring, health, youth. The color of paper money, which was first produced in the United States in 1862. This color even at traffic lights means: «The path is free!»

Blue colour.

This is the color of the highest gifts of Jupiter, position on the public ladder.

It symbolizes both political career and the achievement of the highest rank. The color of the sea, sky, depths, devotion, justice, perfection, peace.

Color is associated with royal power, a noble birth, hence the «blue blood». In Christianity, this color — a symbol of piety, repentance, prudence.

Black color.

It is the color of emptiness, of the abyss. It symbolizes night, death, destruction. Black is used in runic magic for Saturn’s runes.

However, it should not be forgotten that Saturn manages the affairs of construction and education. But in general, this color is used by black magicians in necromancy and other negative cloaks.

In Christianity, this color is a symbol of grief, mourning, crying, lamenting over the dead. This statement was born because of prejudice.

People believed that if they were dressed in black at the funeral, the spirit of the deceased could not be seen. And can not call for him.

The veil on her face should have embarrassed the demons, not allowing them to seduce the soul.

White color.

This is the color of purity, early morning, freshness, chastity, virginity, truth.

White magic, or Teuria, uses only the power of good.

White color is associated with piety, religiosity. The robe of the Pope, the vicar of God on earth, is white, so is the wedding dress of the bride.


This is the color of the Sun, an attribute of Apollo, the Greek god of love. Love talismans can be this color.

However, yellow is the color of the disease. Yellow flag «Yellow Jack» meant the presence of infectious patients on board the ship.

For these reasons, use this color in your work.

After reviewing the basics of the art of making magic tools. Everyone will be able to easily choose the means of protection or attracting good luck.

Basically it will be talismans. Or complicated types of amulet.

So in order to increase the influence of the magic means, we will try to use not one sign or symbol, but several.
It can be stated a priori that no one person will be hurt by his personal zodiacal talisman. He will help man in many cases of life.

Attract success, save from the negative forces of karma and fate.

If a person does not have the opportunity to make such a talisman. Or it is impossible to make it from leather, wood, metal.

You can draw it on a dense piece of drawing paper with paints, felt-tip pens, colored pencils. The talisman made by own hands — an amulet, cleared, and carried at itself, will be the faithful assistant and the friend.

This help may be invaluable.

The treatment of planets in modern astrology.

THE SUN — energy, light, honor, happiness, fullness of sensations.
LUNA — emotions, soul, subconscious.
MERCURY — mind, information, speech, mobility, intellect.
VENUS — charm, love, attraction, money.
MARS — activity, courage, initiative.
JUPITER — authority, gifts, brilliant opportunities.
SATURN — karma, fate, time, duty, responsibility.
URANIUM — freedom, novelty, insight.
NEPTUN — subconscious, idealism, mysticism, mystery, faith, surprise, unpredictability, genius.
PLUTO — hidden reserves, extreme situations.
CHIRON (VOLCANO) — duality, social adaptation.

Studying the position of the planets in the signs of the zodiac, the astrologer seeks answers to many questions.

On the nature of man, his appearance, susceptibility to disease.

About his relatives, friends, life expectancy, even about death. Interpretation of horoscopes is difficult because you need to take into account many factors related to each other. Observations show that people born under the same zodiac sign are very similar.

Zodiac signs are divided into four groups (three signs in each). They correspond to those primary elements (elements).

Earth, water, air, fire — they control.

Group I
Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Element Fire.

The governing planets are the Sun, Jupiter.
Group II
Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Element Earth.

The governing planets are the Moon, Venus.
Group III
Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. Element Air.

The governing planets are Saturn, Mercury.
Group IV
Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Element Water.

The control planet is Mars.

The purpose of this work is not the study of astrological tricks. In all their diversity and contradictory judgments, only the basics are considered here.

Essential for understanding the ideology of a talisman, amulet for signs of the zodiac.

Talismans on the signs of the zodiac.

For each sign, you need your own amulet. Only a properly selected amulet will work and protect.

Aries. March 21 — April 19.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Mars. House horoscope I.
The English name of the first character is Aries. It comes from the Latin aries — «ram».

Which, as the ancients believed, resembles the outline of a constellation. The sign is a curved ram horns.

However, some astrologers believe that the sign depicts the eyebrows and nose. On which, like the rest of the features, affects Aries.
This is a sign of pioneers, warriors, leaders.
Typical Aries are courageous, self-confident, active, idealistic, impulsive, loyal. They are committed to free love, freedom in general. Sometimes they are too proud.

Prone to dictatorship, sometimes to tyranny. Rude, impatient, selfish, authoritarian. Rare on the heat of passion sign.

Aries can not tack, avoiding danger. He is prone to unconscious adventurism, he uses inspiration as a lever to achieve goals.

He is the initiator of awakening, rebirth of the spirit. He is characterized by a love of change and social activity.

Taurus. April 20 — May 20.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Venus. House horoscope II.
The English name Taurus is derived from the Greek taurus — «bull». The second sign denoting the third constellation of the zodiac. The symbol of the sign is a simplified image of the head of a bull.

It is sometimes claimed that this is an image of the endocrine glands. On which the mark has an impact, as well as on the entire neck. Tauruses are friendly, patient, generous, decisive, constructive.

Have a strong will, practical. However, conservative, uncompromising, stingy.

Can be jealous, boring, narcissistic. Prone to hoarding, prejudice, have a very unyielding nature.

In the esoteric, house II, the house of Taurus, is called the Port of Inferno. Originating from the Latin, or «Lower Gate», or «Yellow Devil», or «Gates of Hell.»

Which dog the dog Cerberus. He is Taurus.

This house provides information that inhibits human development. Directs his attention to material values.

The first third of the house informs about the material situation of the person. The second shows the attitude to material problems and points to the ways in which these benefits will be acquired. The third part of the house determines business partners, contacts with other people, debts, obligations, winnings.

Negative qualities of the sign — a dislike for innovations, excessive propensity for pleasure, adventurism.

Twins. May 21 — June 21.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme. ruler Mercury. House Horoscope III.
The third sign corresponding to the fourth constellation of the zodiac. The English name Gemini originated from the Latin geminus — «twins».

The ancient Sumerians and Babylonians called the constellation «great twins.» The Greeks called these stars Castor and Pollux in honor of the sons of Zeus. When Castor was killed, the surviving brother asked his father to place him in heaven, depriving him of immortality.

Zeus did just that.

Traditionally, the symbol is depicted as the arms of twins, hugging one another. The sign affects the shoulders, arms, and lungs. Because of its shape, the sign is sometimes called the “butterfly” of the zodiac.

As a rule, Gemini is generous, generous, sociable, inventive. Have a lively mind, beautiful character. Sometimes they are too childish, immature in judgments, annoying, impatient, impermanent, superficial.

They love to argue for no reason. House horoscope III — the house of information, thinking, relatives and friends.

This house is often overly “overloaded” by planets among creative individuals. In terms of energy, this house is considered to be the home of fraternity, apprenticeship, unification of people.

Crayfish. June 22 — July 22.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler of the moon. House horoscope IV.
The fourth sign, named after the fifth constellation of the zodiac. In early astrology, the sign symbol was the image of cancer. In modern — claws, sometimes the sign is interpreted as coiled sperm.

What does the seed mean in general, both male and female? The mark affects the chest and stomach. In Latin cancer — cancer.

Cancers are very sensitive, romantic, intelligent, insightful. Have a great intuition. Often homebody, loyal to the family, with excellent artistic taste.

However, too cautious, narcissistic, too emotional.

Do not reckon with the opinions of others, are prone to acquisitiveness. Dependent on mood swings, biased, superficial.

House horoscope IV — the house of marriage, parents. This house is determined by the deep indicators of personality, attitude to ancestors, traditions. In the esoteric tradition the house is called «Underground».

It is believed that he is related to the karma of man. This house was called by the Pythagoreans «grave», that is, a place where everyone returns sooner or later. Love for loneliness — a distinctive feature of Rakov.

Loyalty is their key word.

A lion. July 23 — August 22.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler of the sun. House horoscope V.
Fifth sign. The English name Leo goes back to the Latin oneo — “lion”.

The character of the myth of the exploits of Hercules, Leo lived near the city of Nemea. The sign is a mane of a lion and its tail, it affects the lungs and the liver.

Lions are courageous, strong, generous, kindhearted. Rely on themselves, possess a sense of dignity. Narcissistic, self-confident, impetuous, sometimes dogmatic, prone to showing off, belligerent.

House horoscope V — emotions, children, happiness. In an esoteric sense, this house is called the «Good Genius.»

He is considered to be rewarding the person with gifts of Fortune. But this is not only a house of pleasures and passions, but also of self-determination, freedom, creativity.

Virgo. August 23 — September 22.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Proserpina. House horoscope VI.
The sixth sign corresponding to the seventh constellation. Virgo is considered the goddess of fertility, love, like Perce-background or Demeter. The symbol has two interpretations.

The monogram of the first three letters of the Greek word parthenos is «deva.» Or from the initials MV words Maria Virgo (Virgin Mary). The sign affects the stomach and intestines.

Virgos love order, harmony. They are polite, practical, discerning, quiet, punctual, intelligent, discerning, intelligent, graceful. They are arrogant, picky, petty, vindictive, overly critical.

House horoscope VI — the house of human health at the level of body physics. Esoterically home is the home of the Service. Pointing to what a person serves, what he obeys.

The house is connected with the earth, material goods, with the body requiring attention.

He points out that a person must work karmically in this incarnation.

Only the house gives information about who will lead us. Key words of the sign are vigilance, dignity, intelligibility.

Libra. September 23 — October 23.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Chiron (Vulkan). House horoscope VII.
The seventh sign, named after the eighth constellation. In ancient times, the constellation was called «claws».

The name «Libra», apparently, dates back to the period of early Christianity. When the autumnal equinox fell on this constellation.

Until the procession moved it to the next constellation Virgo. This constellation is depicted as a woman associated with Astrea, the Roman goddess of justice, who holds scales.

But sometimes only with weights. The sign affects the spine and kidneys.

Scales are polite, artistic, elegant, friendly, sociable, peaceful. Quickly adapt to circumstances.

They can be indecisive, impractical, lazy, sloppy, frivolous, vain, easily persuaded. House horoscope VII — the house of partnership, marriage, friends.

The house reveals a relationship with the world, points to open opponents. In esoterica there is a house of scales, on one side of which is a man, on the other — an opinion about him.

Key words of the sign are magnetism, endurance, perseverance.

Scorpio. October 24 — November 21.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler of Pluto. House Horoscope VIII.
The word «scorpion» comes from the Latin language. Associated with the myth of Orion, angering the virgin Artemis.

Versions about the character set. It is believed that this sign is the strongest.

Those born under it are emotional, sincere, practical, decisive. They have a special kind of magnetism.

Persistent, able to stand up for themselves, for their interests. Self-confident, can be angry, ruthless, vindictive. They are easy to manipulate.

House horoscope VIII — the house of death, sex, intuition. The esoteric name of the house is “Upper Gate” or “Gates of the Most High.”

It is as if the Most High brings a person into the highest circle. Where other entities are. The gates of heaven open before a man.

House warns a person about self-destruction, loss of property.

Indicates extreme situations in life, often predicting instant death.

Key words of the sign are integrity, devotion, righteousness.

Sagittarius. November 22 — December 21.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Jupiter. House horoscope IX.
The ninth sign, the tenth constellation, symbolically — the rider with a bow. The mark affects the liver and thighs.

Typical Sagittarius open, friendly, honest, optimistic, full of enthusiasm, noble. These are spiritual people, philosophers, great travelers. They are devoted, impulsive, can be lazy, dogmatic, unrestrained.

They need to constantly keep an eye on them. House horoscope IX — home travel, religion, philosophy, crafts.

In the esoteric, home is considered the home of religion; it determines the range of religious beliefs; sometimes this house is called the home of the teacher. The sign itself is a symbol of conservatism in the earthly plane. It determines the movement of a person, the change of places of residence, generally predicts global changes.

To conquer the world is the life credo of Sagittarius. Key words of the sign are honesty, scrupulousness, intuition.

Capricorn. December 22 — January 19.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Saturn. House horoscope X.
The English name of the tenth sign and the eleventh constellation (Capricorn). It goes back to the Latin words caper — («goat») and cornu — («horn»). The famous sign and called the Sea Goat.

The symbol means two Greek letters, tau and ro. The first letters of the word «goat», there is another interpretation of the symbol — the horns and tail.

The mark affects the knees, bones, skin, teeth. Capricorns always achieve the goal. They are resolute, hardworking, diplomatic, cautious, executive, honest, conservative.

May be overly pessimistic, suspicious, narcissistic. They are gloomy, they can not always be indulgent.

House horoscope X — home career. He points to the realization of a person’s goal, his professionalism.

The esoteric name of the house is “Roof”, “Dome of the Sky”, “Crown”. Capricorn loves power, traditions, stands firmly on the ground.

Key words of the sign — accuracy, justice, empathy.

Aquarius. January 20 — February 18.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme rulers Uranus, Saturn. House horoscope XI.
The eleventh sign is called the twelfth constellation. In the Sumerians, this was one of the deified constellations representing their god An. Who spilled the waters of immortality on earth.

Aquarius called the constellation of the Greek mathematician Ptolemy. The symbol of a person pouring water from a vessel has been known since ancient times.

The sign controls the elbows, calves, blood. Aquarius — creators who think not stereotyped.

They are progressive, persistent, self-confident. Independent, tactful, sometimes stubborn, lazy, ruthless.

In general, it is difficult to comprehend. House horoscope XI — the house of hope, fear, salvation.
The esoteric name of the house is “Evil Genius.” This is the home of the test of man and the index of good deeds that are subject to him.
Key words of the sign — courage, candor, insight.

Fish. February 19 — March 20.

Amulet, talisman this amuletsSupreme ruler Neptune. House horoscope XII.
Twelfth, last sign, first constellation. His image goes back to the myth of Aphrodite and Eros, who turned into fish to escape from the monster Typhon.

Symbol — two fish that hold a binding thread in their mouths.

In humans, the sign controls the legs and lymphatic system. Those born under this sign are generous, loving, have a wonderful imagination.

And also, a rich intuition, sentimental, benevolent, romantic, sometimes stubborn, restless, unreliable, melancholic. House horoscope XII — the house of intuition, faith, connections, diplomacy.

Everything is mystical in the care of this house. The house informs about the secret that controls the life of a person. She is either limiting his actions, or giving him space.

In the esoteric, the house is referred to as the «Carter» or «Dungeon» Sign Keywords — Trust, Service, Action

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