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Charms bracelet

Charms bracelet

The word «bracelet» — of French origin, is an ornament that has the form of a closed or open ring. Bracelets are worn on the arms (from the wrist to the elbow), sometimes on the legs. The bracelet is a jewel popular all over the world.

The magic of the East and the originality of the West, the traditions of Ancient Russia have a lot of stories associated with the bracelet.

For some people, a bracelet is not just a decoration, an elegant accessory, through which you can express, emphasize your individuality, but an amulet that protects and guards against the negative influences of the outside world.

There is an opinion that the bracelet as an amulet is chosen by people who lack confidence in themselves. By “ringing” a hand, or hands, a person protects himself from the influence of the surrounding world, in which he feels himself not comfortable.

The silver bracelet adds pessimism to inner peace; the amulet bracelet embraces a hand, at the same time controls the person’s emotions and serves as his defense.

Bracelets are created from different materials, in the context of various cultural and religious traditions, using a variety of technologies, but they all perform one function: to give the owner his confidence, to calm, to protect.

Bracelet — decoration, giving grace, sophistication, originality. A bracelet is always a beauty. However, you should know when and with what wardrobe to wear it.

Bracelets gilded or silver are combined with classic style and any colors. However, such a bracelet looks ridiculous with sportswear.

Bracelets made of beads, leather and many other materials can be easily combined with leather clothing, denim or worn under thick sweaters. However, you should take into account the texture and color.

Recently, popular bracelets associated with the ancient oriental traditions of India, Tibet. Some prefer bracelets made in Russian traditional style.

Choosing a bracelet amulet, try to feel the power of its energy, feel its magic.

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