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Charms brooch

Charms brooch

Amulet — Brooch — decoration , entered into the consciousness of our ancestors from the era of the mysterious Middle Ages. The brooch of the Middle Ages was made of precious materials — stones, metals, the size of the jewelry — are different, there were also too large.

Over time, not the weight of the decoration became valuable, but its refinement, miniature.

Alamy — the predecessor jewelry brooches, which decorated dresses, both women and men, appeared and were popular in the 16th century.

Ancestors of brooches are also patterns attached to the festive clothes on the seams, on the back, on the shoulders, collar, on the chest.

Brooches are currently less popular than before. However, an elegant decoration for an evening dress, with a taste selected, will never be superfluous.

When choosing an important sense of proportion and taste, harmony with the clothes and hair color of the owner. You should pay attention to the stone in the frame.

For a dark-eyed brunette is a good brooch with aquamarine, amethyst, emerald. Light-eyed and fair-haired people are remarkably fit carnelian, amber, jasper.

Amulets for red-haired women — with turquoise and jade.

Brooch with agate (agate — white stone) protects against diseases, strengthens the body, promotes the assimilation of everything new.

An aquamarine brooch protects against love afflictions; decoration relieves stress, soothes.

Diamond brooch protects against unkind people in difficult situations. However, you should not wear jewelry, if the stone has at least a small flaw, watch. so that the decoration was not the slightest crack. So you can call trouble.

Amethyst brooch adds confidence; the person becomes more wise and balanced.

Brooch with turquoise worn for good luck. Turquoise drives away pessimistic thoughts, longing, and a strengthening effect on the health of the owner.

Such a brooch is not only an ornament, but also a charm from all sorts of negativity.

The owner of the product in gold-framed emerald does not recognize the bitterness of betrayal and betrayal of friends. This stone of loyalty also relieves pain and fatigue, protects against diseases.

If there are prerequisites for misunderstanding or a conflict situation in a family, wear such a brooch-talisman.

One of the oldest charms, popular in eastern countries, is a brooch with corals. Decoration protects from damage and the evil eye.

Medallion or jade brooch — a decoration that soothes and relaxes. Nephritis attracts from the opposite sex sympathy, interest, love.

A ruby ​​brooch can bring bad luck.

A strong amulet is a brooch or a medallion with carnelian. A silver-rimmed jewel will give its possessor confidence and strength — it’s better to wear such jewelry to young girls; Mature women wonderfully fit as a amulet carnelian in a frame of gold.

Well-being attracts brooch with jasper rimmed in silver. Such a decoration will help you overcome any peripeteia of life.

Amber brooch — an amulet of health, happiness, success. Amber brooch protects against negative influence, bad thoughts.

Modern science confirmed the wonderful properties of amber: it is used against inflammation in the body.

Brooch amulet — beautiful decoration. It happens, you just look at the beautiful thing, and peace comes to you, harmony.

Sometimes people, choosing an amulet brooch, nourish blind faith in the supernatural qualities of jewelry — these are extremes. Each of the decorations is, above all, an elegant bauble. which, however, can bring good luck and make you happier if you believe in it.

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