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Danburite Stone — properties, photo suits

Gemologists know two stones with similar names: danburite and damburit. They should not be confused, since the second is only a synthetic corundum of light pink or dark yellow color. Danburite is a natural mineral, calcium borosilicate, named after the Danbury field in the USA (Connecticut).

In this article, you will learn the various properties of a stone, to whom Danburite is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Danburite Stone - properties, photo suits

Photo stone Danburite

In nature, there are pale yellow, just yellow and yellow-brown prismatic danburite crystals. With their shape and color, they resemble topaz. However, sometimes there are pinkish danburites.

Although transparent danburite crystals are suitable for cutting, and the price of such stones can amount to more than one hundred dollars, products with danburites do not occupy prominent places on the shelves of jewelry stores.

Mineral deposits

In addition to the United States, danburites are mined in Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, Burma and Madagascar.

The magical properties of Danburite

Possession of danburite is believed to increase a sense of responsibility and compassion.

Danburite attracts new acquaintances to his owner, who then often become his friends. Danburite increases accuracy and diligence, makes the flow of thoughts smoother.

It is believed that danburite is able to “cleanse karma”, eliminating the problems that have accumulated in generations.

Medicinal properties

Danburite helps fight stress, has a beneficial effect on the liver and gall bladder. Dandburite jewelry enhances the effect of other healing stones, relieves muscle clamps and has a general tonic effect on the human body.

Effect on Danburite Chakras

Parietal, nourishing glands of the brain; promotes the development of spirituality, religiosity and communication with higher powers; cardiac, affecting the cardiovascular system, chest, spine and arms; This chakra causes promotes openness, sensitivity.

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