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How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

Every girl and woman always strives to look beautiful. You can make any bow more interesting and individual by adding the right accessory to it.

Inexpensive, but aesthetic jewelry allows you to experiment with images, each time looking different. The fashion for accessories changes over time, so in order to be in trend, it is worth following what is relevant now.

Fashion jewelry

This article will help you understand the latest trends in the world of accessories and understand what is right for you.

Stylish jewelry did not appear in recent years. The history of jewelry goes back in the past century. But the real popularity of the jewelry was brought by the famous lady of the last century, designer Coco Chanel.

She claimed that only girls with a bad taste choose jewelry. Those who know how to dress well, look elegant and elegant and in jewelry.

To date, quality jewelry is also in fashion. The trends of the next few seasons we will now analyze.

Spring is the time when you need to emphasize your femininity with all your might.

This can be done with the help of beautiful jewelry in pearls.

Pastel light colors emphasize femininity and blend perfectly with classic costumes and dresses.

On a par with artificial pearls, accessories decorated with semiprecious stones, such as rock crystal, jasper or turquoise, are also popular. Large jewelry with massive stones looks really attractive, especially for women with curvaceous.

To make the autumn-winter season less boring in terms of fashion, designers offer not only bright colors, but also unusual decorations stylized as bright feathers of exotic birds.

But with the style should be determined more specifically. The whole image should be designed in the same range.

The combination of Victorian rings with minimalist thin chains looks inappropriate, so pick up the accessories for each other, and not just wear everything you have in the jewelry box.

Among the jewelry on the neck leading positions are occupied by spectacular necklaces and necklaces.

They should be quite voluminous.

Such accessories can be chosen for a different type of appearance. Ladies with curvaceous fit necklace, consisting of flat elements.

But girls with small breasts can diversify their bow necklace, consisting of bulk and large parts.

In each season, designers also offer jewelry such as chains or pendants. On thin women’s necks such accessories look very elegant and feminine. This season, different designers have offered several fashion options.

Someone focused on sophistication, offering women of fashion thin chains. Others have chosen more massive chains that do not require any additions.

These accessories look great on the background of monochrome onions without any extra details. Against such a simple image, bright accents look good and add some zest to it.

These pendants can be very diverse. In different collections, pendants of different styles and appearance are offered: from exquisite crystals or minimalistic geometrical figures to elaborate pendants in the form of complex fantasy images.

It is interesting to look and jewelry, made in the form of collars adjacent to the skin. Chokers have been popular for several seasons in a row. They can be leather, satin, openwork or consisting of small beads.

Of unusual materials, it is worth noting options such as chokers with wood or fur texture.

The width of such decorations is also different. Depending on the features of your appearance, you can pick up wider, or vice versa, narrow chokers. Such accessories are most often used by young girls.

At a more adult age, it looks quite ridiculous.

Another equally popular accessory is exquisite rings. If earlier the combination of several rings in one image was unacceptable, now fashionistas liked the trend for phalanx rings.

They are happy to buy whole sets of rings that are worn on different phalanxes and are combined with each other.

Correctly chosen bracelets will help to complete the interesting female image. If you want to focus on thin wrists or modern manicure, this is the best option.

On fragile wrists, thin bracelets that look like chains with pendants look organic. Executed under an exquisite piece of jewelry, such accessories are suitable for both everyday wear and evening exits.

Brighter and more massive bracelets also should not be deprived of attention. Look at the bright bracelets, consisting of massive beads or metal elements, look interesting, especially in bright summer bows.

Bold and spectacular look massive leather bracelets. This option is more suitable for young girls than mature ladies.

They are best suited for dating or walking. But in a business office bow, on the contrary, it does not look very relevant.

This accessory gives the image of audacity and rebellious notes.

In addition to all other options for jewelry, trend now brooches. For several years, they were safely forgotten, but now they are back in fashion again. On brooches of different sizes drew the attention of many fashion houses.

Brooches, like badges, are now worn not only one by one, but also combined with each other.

They can decorate shirts, dresses, blouses and coats.

Neat earrings also successfully complement the female image. In addition to universal studs and other earrings that have not been out of fashion for many decades now, cuffs will also be popular.

This accessory is suitable even for those who have not yet pierced ears. Cuffs can be worn on the earlobe or any other part of it.

Stylish cuffs can take different forms. They are attached to the ear with the help of special clips, which allows you to wear them even to those who have no puncture in their ears.

It looks interesting cuffs, which are mounted on the nose and are connected by a chain with a puncture on the earlobe.

For girls who want to feel like a princess at any age, will suit exquisite hair ornaments, made in the form of tiaras. They help not only to create an interesting image, but also to fix in the right position their styling or hairstyle, consisting of a set of curls and strands.

Fashion jewelry is the perfect complement for any image.

Whatever style you choose, the right jewelry will make it only better and more interesting.

Bright and massive accessories, for example, fit perfectly in the style of «boho». It can combine many massive accessories at once, complementing volume necklaces with massive earrings, brooches and bracelets.

The combination of colorful fabrics and bright accessories looks in this style is quite appropriate.

In a classic bow, such combinations will be clearly superfluous. If you prefer the official style, then massive jewelry should be worn over monochrome monochrome bows.

A simple discreet outfit, complemented by a bright accessory, looks many times more interesting.

As for age, bright accessories suit young girls. A combination of completely different decorations is allowed.

With age, you need to be more selective when choosing your jewelry.

Stylish costume jewelry is not always simple homemade jewelry. Accessories are used in their collections and famous fashion designers.

This tone, as already mentioned, made Mademoiselle Chanel, making fashionable images more accessible to ordinary people.

Fashion jewelry is a great alternative to expensive accessories made of precious metals and natural stones. Well-chosen jewelry can diversify any image.

The same outfit with different accessories will allow you to create several images that you can choose for any situation.

DIY jewelry: how to create a unique image

How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

Gone are the days when do-it-yourself jewelry was considered bad taste and lack of money. Many designers develop collections of jewelry that are much more expensive than gold jewelry with diamonds.

So, what is costume jewelry?

According to the definition costume jewelry (from french bijouterie) — jewelry from inexpensive materials.

For the production can be used a variety of metals and alloys, transparent and colored glass, plastic, ceramics, wood and leather.

But high-quality jewelry can consist of expensive crystals, gilding or silver plated. Such jewelry in appearance may be indistinguishable from real jewelry, and cost — much more expensive.

Style classification

Classic style

The first group — jewelry, which can be called classic. This is manifested in the form, materials and color compatibility.

Modest models of beads (for example, short strings of pearls), chains with small pendants, elegant bracelets. These decorations are appropriate both in the day business style and in the evening exit.

Fashion jewelry

The second group is the so-called fashion jewelry. The color combinations are neutral, although they can be quite bright. Unlike classic jewelry, fashionable can combine several different materials and technologies.

Fashion constantly dictates its trends, and such jewelry can be made of feathers, beads, textile laces.

Avant-garde decorations

And finally, avant-garde decorations belong to the third group. The main principle of this group is unusual. Non-standard forms, asymmetry, at first glance a strange combination of materials.

Often used rare unusual materials. This group is often attributed to ethnic jewelry, as well as fashionable steampunk style.

Material classification

Consider the basic materials that can be used to create jewelry with their own hands (of course, many materials can be combined with each other).

Knitted beads or slings

Initially, sling buses are not just an original piece for mom, but also a fun toy for a baby! The method of making is simple: different sizes of beads are crocheted with cotton threads.

For the entertainment of the baby, the beads are made bright and thematic (with fruit or animals).

But thanks to the simplicity of manufacturing, girls often make slings for themselves.

Fabric beads

Beads made of fabric are made very simply and very quickly. To do this you will need a strip of fabric and a few wooden beads.

A long case is sewn from the fabric into which wooden beads are inserted one by one.

After each bead, the small case must be tied with a knot or tied with a cord. Beads must be the same size.

The ends can be simply stitched together, and you can sew stitches.

These beads look great with summer bags sewn from fabric.

Lampwork is a way to create glass beads by melting glass in a gas burner fire. The peculiarity of these beads is that each is unique and inimitable.

The direct creation of beads requires a specially equipped workplace with tools. Therefore, many needlewomen prefer to buy ready-made beads, and then collect them in wonderful bracelets or jewelry for watches.

Polymer clay

  • Bright and unusual decorations are obtained from polymer clay. You have the opportunity to make artificial flowers from polymer clay and exclusive beads and buttons.
  • Plastic decorations are especially good for creating a romantic look or for completing an avant-garde and ethnic look.

Natural Semi-Precious Stones

To create jewelry made of semiprecious stones, you will definitely need the stones themselves, as well as various chains, earrings (earrings for earrings), fasteners, bead caps, and much more. But the resulting beads can be a real talisman, bringing the owner health, success in business and love.

Beads or beads

There is a mass of methods and techniques of different complexity for creating handmade bead jewelery. Here are some examples.

  • Baubles. The easiest way to weave beads, which is most common among teenage girls.
  • Cords. This technique is much more complex and requires care in manufacturing. The slightest mistake will twist the strict geometric pattern of the cord.
  • Beads vozdushki. Strangely enough, initially this technique originated as a way to use low-quality beads of different sizes and beads with jagged edges. But now such beads can be a real treasure! Their creation does not require special skills of weaving, as well as strict schemes — everything depends only on your imagination.
  • Necklace of beads. Such necklaces are most reminiscent of lace collars. Can be a simple, but quite elegant decoration for every day.
  • Brooches with beads. As a brooch, it can be a separate woven product (for example, a flower) or a figure reinforced with a base (leather or felt).
  • The combination of beads with soutache also looks beautiful:
  • Pendants of beads or beads that are strung on a wire — these are true works of art!

Leather and Suede

Costume jewelery made from suede and leather, perfect for country style and western.

  • The easiest way to make jewelery made of leather is to cut pieces of skin of different shapes from leather and pass a cord through them, mixed with beads.
  • A little harder to make flowers from the skin with their own hands.
  • In more complex leather jewelry, real patterns are created or figures are cut out.

Natural materials (wood, stones, shells)

Wonderful summer decorations can be made from shells, varnished and strung on a string.

Ordinary stones can also be used to create jewelry. Most often, an interesting shaped stone is braided with wire to create a suspension:

And wooden decorations have long become classics:

Felt — a great material to create jewelry. The decorations are very bright and truly sunny.

A few rules to follow when using jewelry:

  1. Decide what you are making decoration for? If it should complement your image, then it is better to make a classic elegant necklace or neat earrings. If the purpose of the jewelry is to create a style, then it is better to turn to bright, large jewelry made from different materials.
  2. Decide on the style of decoration. Will they fit the event? For example, bright beads in ethnic style will look ridiculous with a business suit.
  3. Accessories should be in harmony in color with your outfit, but they are simply lost in the same color scheme. See stylist color advice.
  4. The factor of the combination of jewelry and clothing in shape is also important. So, if the dress has a round neckline, then round earrings can complement the image.
  5. Do not overdo it with the quantity. Stylists do not recommend wearing more than 3 types of jewelry. And if the accessories are rather large and bright, then it is better to combine them in pairs: a bracelet and earrings; ring and beads.

Now you know how to make jewelry with your own hands and how to wear it properly. Good luck in your work!

Fashion & Style

How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

The collars, originally and skillfully embroidered in the Middle Ages with threads of gold and silver, were called necklaces at that time. It was assumed that these decorations would be worn with different outfits, therefore, they were initially performed in various forms — turn-down or standing.

One of the performances of this jewelry in France was necklaces, visually resembling collars, fastened at the back of the neck. Such jewelry was named necklace.

Such necklaces came up with and styled the wife of the English King Edward VII, Princess Alexandra. And soon the necklace was worn not only by French women, but also by women of all European countries.

Read more The most famous historical necklaces

Gothic style in the interior, clothing and accessories hides the overall lifestyle of a person. These are symbols and decals in the direction of creating an extravagant and original image.

Goths today are pronounced personalities who prefer a certain style, often consisting of handmade elements that replicate real medieval jewelry.

Real fans, ladies’ hats with a veil, small handbags, and, of course, decorations are rather exquisite accessories in the Gothic style.

The irreplaceable companions are ready — these are silver jewelry. Massive rings of this metal, collars and bandages, as well as bracelets with mystical symbolism are integral elements of people who recognize this lifestyle. Read more Gothic necklace

Necklace is a certain type of necklace with pronounced central elements of decor. In ancient times, these ornaments were worn by women who possess some power, or who are wives of noble or famous people.

The famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra, still considered by many nations as a symbol of beauty and femininity, wore a unique necklace for those times. Read more Cleopatra’s necklace

It is considered to be that a necklace is a purely feminine adornment and it is not typical for a man to wear it. However, throughout human history, men’s necklaces decorated the neck and chest of various monarchs and dukes, pharaohs and ancient Roman rulers.

Kollar, so called this necklace, symbolized the authority with which the person wearing it was endowed. Personally, such decorations can be seen in many family portraits of various emperors and minor European officials.

Also kollary can often be found on the neck of the judges.

The necklace consisted of a massive chain with large links and a symbolic tip, often flat, which depicted the family coat of arms or other symbols of the family or profession of a person. In its structure, it can be called a necklace-medal.

It is known that all members of the Teutonic Order wore collars with the emblem.

Necklace was popular long before the medieval period of history. Celts and Saxons wore various types of such neck ornaments. These necklaces were often ritual and religious in nature and were replete with various runes.

It was believed that the runes can not be touched.

That is why the Celts never had rings with runic images, but wearing protective symbols and signs under the heart was commonplace.

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Every person, in every home, is full of old things.

Sometimes we do not throw away something because of pleasant memories, sometimes because the thing is beautiful, although unfashionable, useless, old, and sometimes we just hope that the thing can still fit in with something.

It’s safe to say that you have some little things that just lie and gather dust! Maybe try to give these things a new life?

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A few years ago, wearing a watch and a bracelet on one hand was considered a move, then now everything is exactly the opposite! The fashion of working-class neighborhoods has defiantly climbed onto the runways — and now almost every fashion house presents its own variant of combining watches and bracelets!

The most beautiful and stylish are watches, the bracelet of which and the separate jewelry bracelet are the same or very similar in style! Moreover, some watch manufacturers even produce pretty duos — a watch with a metal bracelet and just a bracelet!

They are made in the same style, so they look the most noble and spectacular! Read more How to wear a watch with a bracelet

One of the novelties of fashion this season can undoubtedly be called a necklace collar. A beautiful combination of simplicity in the design and placer precious or semi-precious stones does its job. It is worth noting that such a decoration was known in the early twentieth century.

Then, it was the peak of fashion for all schoolgirls and grammar-girls.

Girls spent their days making beautiful collars for themselves, experimenting with beads and materials at hand. In the era of rigor and conservatism, such a decoration was almost the only possible way to look beautiful, because wearing a conventional classic necklace was forbidden, and it also made a lot of money.

A necklace collar can be made in two ways: in the form of a ready-made collar, which should be worn over the ordinary and directly by weaving precious stones and beads into an already existing shirt or blouse collar. To date, a large abundance of such collars allows any fashionista to truly roam.

The edges of the necklace collar may have a smooth rounded shape, or strict sharp notches. Read more Necklaces: lace, as decoration!

Silver, like any other metal, can be melted.

It doesn’t matter what you need it for — maybe you want to master the profession of a jeweler, or cast a military amulet from an old chain and a broken earring! But it’s not such a simple occupation — it requires special devices and compliance with safety regulations, because hot silver can cause you a serious burn, and you can still make a fire!

Therefore, it is better not to melt silver in a city apartment! Well, imbued with importance?

Then let’s get started! Read more How to melt silver

Medical earrings are those earrings with the help of which they are currently piercing their ears. With the help of a special apparatus, called a pistol, the earlobe is practically painlessly stitched with an elegant little stud, which is made of surgical steel or an expensive alloy.

After the puncture has healed, the carnations-earrings are removed, and those that you want are already worn!

But to remove these earrings, it turns out, is not so easy! Immediately make a reservation that you need to remove medical earrings not earlier than in a month so that the punctures can heal. To remove the earrings, you will need: Read more How to remove medical earrings

Balls of beads look even more interesting than simple beads — they shimmer and flicker like New Year’s toys, delighting the eyes! The home craftswoman can decorate a new decoration with beads, a necklace, a bracelet or earrings made with her own hands, and you can use a bead ball as a keychain!

Several balls, in addition, can serve as a good decor for your dressing table. Maybe try to do?

In order to make a bead ball, we will need: Read more How to make a bead ball

Beautiful jewelry-2019: fashion jewelry ideas, new items, trends

How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

Jewelry for women is like a good mood, they should always and everywhere be with cute and lovely ladies, perfectly and delightfully complementing the images for special events, business bows and everyday sets of modern fashionistas.

New-fashioned jewelry for women is always and everywhere appropriate: the most important thing is to choose concise and harmonious women’s jewelry in different styles that would be organic and fit perfectly into women’s outfits.

Designers and fashion designers in each season demonstrate new and fresh ideas of jewelry for women that can be made as jewelry or jewelry.

Trends of jewelry in 2019 will allow lovers of various styles of clothing to be at their best and captivate with spectacular elements that adorn different parts of the body.

Thus, the designers presented fashionable and top-end jewelry, both in a democratic and restrained version, and glamorous, spectacular and intriguing jewelry for girls.

A wide variety of fashionable jewelry in 2019 is the key to stunning images. After all, the trends of fashionable bows in the upcoming season dictate to us to rely on jewelry, which will be in the «center» of any fashionable bow, overshadowing even the accessories.

The easiest tandem of your favorite things you can make memorable and irresistible thanks to the choice of exceptional jewelry that will be fashionable in the 2019 season.

In addition, the designers each new season replenish their collections with new-fangled ornaments. At the peak of popularity will be large and massive jewelry in the form of bracelets and rings, spectacular ethnic jewelry, earrings with beautiful stones, massive necklaces, as well as laconic jewelry in a minimalist direction.

An important aspect when choosing trend jewelery is quality, regardless of whether it is jewelry or fashion jewelry, the brilliance of stones and metal should be excellent, admiring the charm and elegance of jewelry.

Let’s see together, what kind of jewelry 2019 for women will be the most fashionable and top? The best jewelry for women in different styles and solutions you can see in the photo examples, which are shown in our gallery and discussed in more detail below …

The latest trends in jewelry in 2019

Before choosing one or another jewelry in the season of 2019, you need to study and familiarize yourself with the trends of jewelry, their diversity and variations. Let’s get started …

Having studied the fashion collections of eminent fashion designers, one can determine the following jewelry trends in the 2019 season:

  • actual brilliance of crystals, rhinestones and semiprecious stones, which attracts unprecedented attention and interest in fashionable jewelry that can be completely covered with sparkling elements in the 2019 season. Jewelry in the form of a necklace, earrings and rings can be made with rock crystal, topaz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, malachite;
  • Trendy in the season of 2019 will be a variety of brooches that were «in the shadows» in recent times, and today again at the peak of popularity. Choose large metal brooches in the form of medals, complemented by stones and rhinestones, in the form of snakes, butterflies and various bugs, as well as brooches with chains will be just right for refined bows;
  • retro jewelry in the form of pearl yarns and pearl necklaces will also be in trend, which will improve the refined and elegant looks of real ladies;
  • bird decorations are another trend of the year 2019, which will help to easily make memorable images with bird-like ornaments on rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Top bird-shaped jewelry has been demonstrated in collections of houses such as Gucci, Lanvin, Alexis Mabille Natasha Zinko;
  • ethnic jewelry will be fashionable, as well as ornaments in the form of pendants amulets and talismans;
  • Fashionable earrings-2019 are certainly massive and large, hanging even to the shoulders, richly decorated with rhinestones and stones, as well as metal elements;
  • Trendy look chokers will be a variant of a thin leather thread strung with letters in rhinestones, which will allow you to be a trendsetter. But the rest of the chokers in the season — the anti-trend, which is worth forgetting.

It is also very important when choosing jewelery -2019 to create one main emphasis in the form of a large jewel: either earrings, or necklace, beads, chains, or bracelets. Other additions are important to be moderately concise.

For the warm season — choose cute jewelry from the «bright metal», for example, lemon gold and silver, which will give a fresh touch to the image, creating a pleasant accent.

Popular jewelry for the season 2019: earrings

The main trend of the earrings in the season are intriguing variations in a massive presentation: “chandeliers”, clips and huge rings. Fashionable earrings with a lot of stones, both large and not very, tassels.

The most fashionable earrings should be made in a spectacular and memorable decision, sometimes descending to the shoulders, fashionable earrings will be the main focus in any image, especially solemnly elegant.

The unusual trend for earrings is asymmetry: it is fashionable to wear one earring in the ear, which must necessarily be large, or different large earrings, which sometimes differ greatly in design.

Such a trend for earrings-2019 is for brave and extraordinary individuals who want to stand out.

Charming jewelry-2019: chains, necklaces and necklaces

At the peak of popularity will be jewelry on the neck in a variety of styles — from retro and classic to bold and bold solutions for decorating the neck.

Ornaments on the neck in the form of thin chains in a multiple tandem or a pair of thin chains, supplemented with cute inscriptions, hearts, leaves, asterisks, flowers and other laconic pendants will become popular.

Trendy in 2019 will be bundles of chains, elegant pearl necklaces, large necklaces with stones and multiple metal elements, which will effectively decorate the beautiful women’s sets.

Trendy jewelry for women: bracelets-2019

Stylish bracelets in all their variety are demonstrated by fashionable designers in the form of solutions with stones and rhinestones, metal elements, plastic and leather bracelets, minimalist bracelets in a laconic design.

Unusual bracelets-2019 can also be found in the twin solution: a fashionable bracelet on the wrist, forearm, or even a shoulder that looks very nontrivial and delightful for creating snazzy and exciting sets.

Looking after trendy bracelets, one can give preference to both bulk and massive products, and stylish bracelets with pendants-medals, bundles of chains and spectacular ethnic bracelets.

Trendy Jewelry-2019: rings

Lovely ladies always decorate their fingers with various decorative elements, one of which was trendy rings.

Beautiful rings in the season of 2019 are made in large models that are richly decorated with stones and metal parts that cover most of the female handles.

The rings will also be trendy, which are similar to each other in design and adorn several fingers at once, perfectly sparkling on the handles. Large futurism style rings with unique and attractive design will be trendy.

You want to look unique and charming — ultra-trendy jewelry will help you in this: elegant necklaces, beads, chains, trendy bracelets, amazing rings, spectacular earrings, photos of which we will show you further …

How to turn a favorite object into a talisman

How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

Talisman is the concentration of positive energy and positive emotions in any subject.

There is some difference between the talisman, amulet and amulet.

A guardian is a thing that protects against something, for example, from illness, misfortune and misfortune.

Amulet — attracts both positive and negative energy and can be directed, both for good and harm. The talisman is considered the strongest when it is presented to you or is inherited.

Purchased talismans can begin to possess magical power only after a certain period of time, because they are saturated with someone else’s, not always good energy, most often neutral. Therefore, they need to be charged after purchase with their positive energy.

Any thing that is dear and close to your heart that accompanies you throughout life can serve as a talisman. For example, it can be a chain with a cross, a ring, a pendant, a semiprecious stone, an old coin.

There are a lot of similar things suitable for the discharge of a potential talisman.

One has only to listen carefully to yourself and determine which of them is dear to you the most.

Let’s try with you to make a similar talisman with your own hands.

Take, for example, an ordinary ring that you wear on your finger, and which, perhaps, is dear to you, as the memory of a loved one, friend, parent, etc.

The main thing is that you feel some positive emotions to this subject.

How to make a talisman from the ring

To make the ring a talisman, you need to charge it. Let’s see how this is done. The described method is common to existing magicians.

Put the ring in your left hand on the open palm and start talking to him.

Words must be spoken sincerely, from the heart. And we say the following: “We are of the same blood with you. You and me! ”We repeat this phrase three times.

Then, take your saliva with your finger and circle the ring three times in a clockwise direction. By the way, you can do it together with words.

Words like a kind of energy are needed as a magical formula. Saliva is a fluid medium of the human body, it contains all the information about you, as well as blood.

But it is unlikely that everybody can afford to prick a finger and squeeze a drop of blood to use it in our magic ritual.

Therefore, we manage saliva.

Next you need to take the usual matchbox, light a match and make three circular movements over the ring in a clockwise direction. After that, we will blow a match, so that its smoke will smoke your object, in this case a ring.

In general, these simple actions are enough to turn your favorite subject into a talisman.

This talisman will work for one thing. That is, when you say the words: “you and I are the same blood,” in my heart, in my mind, you should think, for example, I want this talisman to bring me love, or success in business, or help me earn money.

That is, you need to think when charging the mascot, some one, his most intimate desire. And this talisman will do everything to make your wish come true, provided that you carry it with you at all times.

We wish you all good luck and prosperity!

Hobbies for the stylish and fashionable: making jewelry with their own hands

How to make a decoration mascot: ideas and instructions

Women from childhood love jewelry. But is it worth waiting for when men give them?

Try yourself in a new hobby and fill the box with your own handmade jewelry.

Make an emphasis on color and mood, bring your image to perfection, add a playful touch or try on the veil of mystery? This and much more can be achieved without buying expensive accessories and fashionable haute couture clothes.

Enough to master making jewelry with their own hands.

Women have the right to choose in jewelery sophistication or simplicity, modesty or showiness, but one should not forget that jewelry has its own character. They are a direct reflection of your taste.

That is why homemade jewelry will always be a win-win.

Himself a jeweler: the benefits of practical hobby

Women’s hobbies are interesting and diverse, in most cases — useful. Needlework is probably one of the most prominent examples.

Especially when it comes to making handmade jewelry.

Necklace under the dress, bracelet under the bag and earrings, in harmony with the individual style! No one else will be able to limit the creative flight and fantasy by a meager assortment.

And it’s not just about the perfect complement.

In no case should one lose sight of the price: neither with the purchase nor with the manufacture.

A cheap button decoration

Perhaps one of the main advantages of this unusual hobby is the ability to independently choose the value of the product. This is justified by the fact that nowhere can one meet such a rich choice as in stores specializing in the “assembly” of jewelry.

You can find various details in them, consult a specialist, pick up what you are looking for and find new ideas.

However, this does not mean that the components can be found exclusively there. Old beads, an exclusive stone, which could not be used by any means, and long torn chains, as well as rhinestones, rings, ribbons and threads, can gain a new life!

You just need to experiment and turn on the imagination.

Where to start mastering jewelry

If you are interested in making jewelry as a hobby and not in work, you do not need to be a professional or a specialist. It is enough to remember the main tools: clamp and scissors.

Special pliers (or clamp) come in handy to compress and decompress the rings without any problems. These very rings (from 2 to 5 millimeters in diameter) serve to connect parts.

For example, pendant and chain, chain and clasp. Scissors are always used for their intended purpose: to give the necessary length of tape, thread, fishing line, wire or chain.

We never forget that we should first measure out seven times, and only then cut them off! And then you can act on intuition — the assembly of jewelry is in many ways similar to the designer.

All in your hands.

Beaded necklace

Click on the picture to go to the MK to manufacture these earrings

The task is a little more complicated when the necessary components need to be done personally. For such purposes, often use polymer clay, from which you can make anything — flowers, emoticons, letters and various shapes.

In the process, it resembles plasticine, and, when frozen, becomes like plastic. After that, the part you made can be used as a pendant or keychain.

However, such a thing can come up with an infinite number of applications.

In addition to the assembly, there are interesting jewelry making techniques. Thus, the Shambhala bracelets that have become a hit in recent years can be performed only if you know the basics of macrame.

Weaving beads is always useful, especially if you prefer or would like to work with fishing line.

Felting in the creation of jewelry is most often used in the form of soft colored balls, which can be the main elements of a necklace or bracelet, giving them a special lightness. Stylish bracelets and other jewelry made of genuine leather are always in fashion, for which old leather things can be used, and a thin cord soutache technique.

Old boot brooch

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This means that for this type of creativity one does not need to possess any individual abilities. Enough knowledge that you have in the field of applied art, and if you do not have it, fantasy is the main tool.

Also, ideas for costume jewelry with your own hands can be drawn from online photos or magazines.

Short cut from hobby to extra income

As you know, a hobby is the best job. Every year the production of designer jewelry is becoming more fashionable and profitable.

Perhaps this can be explained by the fact that in the 21st century, when manual labor is replaced by new technologies, there is no room for individuality. At the same time, running a small business for the manufacture of jewelry contributes to personal and creative development.

Work at home is always associated with comfort and an indispensable feeling of freedom, since you are not tied and evaluate your own opportunities. Jewelry can be created alone, with children, with a team, or you can alternate.

It is not necessary to make jewelry for sale, the author’s creations will always be a pleasant and unique gift to a friend, loved one, family and friends.

Of course, running a small business is based on demand. But are there few people who want to look attractive and unique?

When choosing a hobby, the main thing is to feel the attraction. Designer jewelry has always been in fashion, so attractive in its own way.

Dear ladies, create and develop, not forgetting that beauty is a terrible power!

Jewelry Making Master Classes

Want to move from words to deeds? Then choose any of the master classes and try yourself in various techniques.

More MK is waiting for you in a special section.

Do not be afraid to base on waste materials, unnecessary things and even the gifts of nature. Exclusivity is born in attempts to do something atypical.

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