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How to make a talisman with your own hands

The talisman is designed to protect its owner and any troubles, hardships, prevent accidents that may happen to him, is intended to bestow the health of his master and constantly be his support and protection. How to make a talisman, will depend on its energy focus.

You can do it yourself and you can do it by entrusting such a thing to a specialist in magical affairs.

How to make a talisman with your own hands

But you need to get acquainted with the person who will make the talisman for you personally, and feel its energy: if it is warm and positive vibes, then feel free to trust to make the talisman for yourself, but if you feel like the cold emanates from it, you should make the talisman yourself .

What is the talisman for

How to make a talisman with your own hands

Why do you need a talisman

A talisman by definition must perform four basic functions of protection.

  • The first function and the main one is the direct protection of its owner. To protect the talisman should from evil spirits and evil intentions of evil spirits, and also should withdraw bad people from its owner.
  • The second function is a warning: the talisman with the help of impulses and signs sent above must warn its master about the danger and signal it as much as possible.
  • The third function plays the role of attracting good luck and happiness to the house where the owner of this talisman lives. Only in this way can a person find peace and comfort in his home if he is lucky and happy in all things.
  • The fourth function is designed to solve many problems that now and then appear on the horizon. Do not allow these problems to develop further and go to the rank of difficult-to-solve and difficult-to-do cases and issues.

Determined by the size and shape of the talisman

How to make a talisman with your own hands

Choose shape and size

In order to always talisman accompanied his master, it is better to make it small or of a size that would easily fit, for example, in a handbag or pocket of men’s trousers. Depending on what shape your future mascot will have, it will be endowed with certain properties aimed at performing its various functions.

  • Triangle. This form is similar to the pyramidal. And the pyramid was used by Egyptians as a symbol of good luck and prosperity. Therefore, choosing a triangular shape for your future talisman, you endow it with properties that bring good luck to your home, as well as the ability to communicate with otherworldly forces aimed at creation.
  • Square. Indicates the unity of the four elements when choosing a talisman: water, air, earth and fire. It is considered a symbol of constancy and inviolability. The four elements united in a talisman will give a lot of strength and energy to their master. Very often, the square was taken as the mascot as the side of one of the faces of the cube, and the playing cubic bone was chosen as the mascot.
  • Oval. Talismans of this form will give the mind of its owner a certain flexibility. Oval will help to determine the correctness of the chosen solution. As a rule, feeling all the flexibility of the oval, this form is unconsciously chosen by people for their talisman, from birth endowed with certain talents: these can be actors, artists, composers.
  • A circle. The circle absorbed all the qualities of a harmonious mixture of financial affairs and love affairs. Therefore, the vicious circle will contribute to the intact family idyll of the spouses.

We decide on material for a mascot

How to make a talisman with your own hands

When choosing a material for a talisman, you cannot use synthetic or artificially obtained materials. Here, preference is given only to the natural product.

Only talismans, made on the basis of natural natural materials, and not synthetics, obtained by chemical means, can truly protect their owner to the full.

Before you choose the material, think that you would be most pleasant to carry always with you. After all, for someone it can be a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric, and for someone a wooden or metal object.

The main thing is that positive emotions emanate from the material, and you feel it.

It can be stones of different values, it can be a glass talisman or, say, straw, for example, straw shoes, or a cloth linen bag filled with different things. In any of these examples, the material should be pleasant to you.

For each sign its own mascot

How to make a talisman with your own hands

Dependence on the sign of the zodiac

Thanks to the structured system of zodiac signs, all people can be classified into twelve groups.

And each of the groups will have a certain kind of their talismans.

It is connected in a natural way with the energy of the cosmos and our universe.

People born under the same constellation, even at different times, are endowed to a certain extent with similar features, they are characterized by the same characters in character, respectively, and the talismans chosen for people of the same sign can also be the same. Here are the correct mascots for each zodiac sign.

Talismans for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

How to make a talisman with your own hands

View of the stone mascot

The sign of Aries opens the zodiac system, as a stubborn and persistent representative of all fire signs. Such people will be assisted by talismans made in bright green and orange colors, like the color of fire.

It is advisable to choose a square shape, since this sign always knows what it aspires to.

Tauruses are also persistent in their intentions, although they are earthly representatives: the most appropriate talisman for Taurus will be an elephant figurine, made in the same natural gray tones.

Gemini has a dual character. Therefore, for them, an excellent talisman will be metal objects, for example, a lock with a key that will be made in light blue tones.

Talismans for Cancer, Leo and Virgo

The injured Cancers since birth are associated with the Moon, which magically touches the most soulful strings of their hearts. Therefore, the color for talismans should also resemble the color of the moon, and the moon has always been associated with silver in many nations.

The silver figure, made in the form of the cancer itself, is the perfect talisman for this zodiac sign.

All Lions have a proud temper. The best talisman will be the same figure as a lion and the same golden color as the lion itself.

How to make a talisman with your own hands for Virgo will determine how well she will later find a common language with her talisman. Indeed, for the Virgin mascot need to sculpt. As a material only for this mark, clay or sand is used.

And then they put on the talisman a paint of light tones and completely cover with it the figurine chosen as a talisman.

Mascots for Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

How to make a talisman with your own hands

The talisman in the form of the scales themselves, made of silver or silvered, will be suitable for unbalanced scales.

Scorpio, the most magical and mysterious sign of the zodiac, you need to choose talismans, made in ivde toads or frogs, symbolizing their power and wealth. Very bright by nature Scorpios prefer talismans, made in red.

Sagittarius need to make a talisman in the form of a horseshoe for good luck, or arrows. In any case, their talismans should be made of any metallic material or bronze.

Talismans for Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Capricorns are well suited for different coins, which they gladly string on their horn. Accustomed to hard work, Capricorn truly deserves as a reward for his hard work a talisman of gold, or at least gilding.

Aquarius, which is very unstable in character, prefers talismans associated with air, the same element as that of Aquarius itself. This may be a figure of an angel, which will always protect the air and inspired Aquarius, made in silver tones.

Close the list of Pisces talismans suitable for zodiac signs: everything is simple enough here. For fish you need to make talismans that symbolize their water element. It can be figures of sea creatures, starfish, pebbles from the bottom of the sea.

And the color of such talismans should be close to the sea: from light blue and turquoise to dark blue tones.

When is the best time to make your talisman

How to make a talisman with your own hands

Mascot Time

All talismans designed to protect and protect their patrons, made to do on the growing moon. The growing moon absorbs all the forces even more, so the talisman will gradually also be filled with the magical properties of protection.

The growing moon is a sign of the beginning, the birth of a new life. And your talisman is the beginning of your defense.

The atmosphere when creating your own talisman should be calm at home. A room with church candles and no outside noise is best suited.

The time of day is late evening or night.

The best talisman is best put under your pillow on the first night after you have made it.

And in the morning to get and carry with them all the time.

So it will be even more charged with your energy and merge with your energy flows together, and will also have a karmic connection with the cosmos in the future.

Different orientation talismans are better done on different days of the week. For example, financial welfare will be accompanied by a talisman that you made on Wednesday, since Wednesday is the middle of the working week, and it is not too late to earn any capital. Love talismans are created on Friday, just before the weekend: after the work week, it’s time to think about rest, and if the rest is with your loved one, then the talisman will accompany the successful flow of love events.

On Sunday, talismans, made for good luck and fortune in business, are considered the most successful. Each of the days of the week corresponds to one of the planets in the universe, which gives the talismans made with certain defensive forces.

Numeric values ​​for talismans

Numbers play a magical role, if you write them in the manufacture of talismans.

A certain number carries its meaning and focus on certain concentrated energy flows.

If you have the makings of a leader and a conductor, then the number one will help you develop your initial abilities — one, and you’ll be the leader in everything. If you want to be in a pair — choose or embroider on your talisman number two.

The trio will favor creative people with a subtle nature, and choosing the number four will stabilize not only the family, but also your working position.

If you are an avid player in a casino or frequent clubs with slot machines, you need to make a talisman with the number five. And the number six will take you up the career ladder.

The magical and lucky number seven is rightfully added to the talismans for good luck and good luck in business. The eight — a symbol of infinity — will orient you to peace and tranquility.

And choosing the number nine and adding to your talisman, you will receive a surge of vital energy in the future, and all your undertakings will end successfully.

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