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Jade Stone — properties, suitable for anyone, photo

Nephrite is a translucent white or green mineral. These are compounds of silica mixed with compounds of magnesium, iron, nickel, chromium and vanadium.

From this article you will learn the various properties of the stone, to whom Nephrite is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Jade Stone - properties, suitable for anyone, photo

Photo stone Nephrite

The Spanish encountered jade when they conquered the Aztecs in 1519. Upon learning of its medicinal properties, the conquistadors called the mineral hietta di hijada — “loin stone”. In Europe, it was followed by the Latin name lapis nephriticus — “kidney stone” (lapis — “stone”, nephros — “kidney”), which soon fell to “nephritis”.

Mineral deposits

For a long time Burma was the main center for the production of jade. In addition to Burma and China, jade deposits exist in Central Asia, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, India, the Eastern Pamirs and the Polynesian islands.

Nephritis from the Canadian province of British Columbia is known as “Canadian jade.” In Russia, individual clusters of jade greenish-gray color were found in 1910-1915. in the southern Urals.

The magical properties of jade

Confucius considered jade to be a symbol of intelligence, humanity, devotion and truthfulness. Among the ancient Turks and Mongols, jade was considered a victory stone, swords and belts were decorated with them.

In Europe, jade personified honesty, integrity, decency, courage, loyalty and wisdom. Jade is advised to be worn by people who are trying to change their lives.

Medicinal properties

The healing properties of jade stone are enormous. It has long been in China pounded jade was added to the «elixir of immortality» — a drink to preserve youth and health.

Due to the large heat capacity, a piece of jade, attached to the stomach, acts as a soothing pain warmer. It is believed that white jade prevents stomach ailments and soothes the nerves.

The red jade healing stone stimulates heart activity.

The influence of Jade on the chakras

Cardiac, affecting the cardiovascular system, chest, spine and arms; this chakra causes love, strengthens the will; solar plexus, which affects the organs of the digestive system; this chakra is connected with the will.

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