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Muscovite Stone — properties, photo suits

Along with biotite, lepidolite and phlogopite, muscovite is a fluorine-containing aluminosilicate, one of the four most common types of mica. From this article you will learn the various properties of the stone, to whom Muskovit is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Muscovite Stone - properties, photo suits

Photo stone Muscovite

The term «muscovite» was introduced into mineralogical practice in 1850. It was formed from Muscovy (Muscovy) — as the West used to call the Russian lands in the past. Muscovite is often formed as a result of changes in aluminum minerals.

Geologists note that the so-called muscovite schists are the most common type of metamorphic rocks. Most often, muscovite is found in the form of leafy and scaly aggregates. However, they also find separate crystals that have grown into the rock.

Muscovite color varies from white and yellow to pinkish and greenish.

Mineral deposits

High quality muscovite deposits exist in Pakistan, Brazil, USA and Finland. In Russia, muscovite is mined in the Urals, in the Irkutsk region and in Karelia.

The magical properties of Muscovite

It is believed that a muscovite amulet protects its wearer from external negative influences and helps to build links with the astral realms.

Medicinal properties

Muscovite has a beneficial effect on the endocrine system. It is known that along with lepidolite muscovite is a part of many grades of clay.

Adhesion therapy is also a trendy alternative medicine direction.

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