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Obsidian stone — human properties and value

Obsidian stone - human properties and value

Obsidian semi-precious stone does not have a crystal lattice, as it was formed at the time of solidification of volcanic lava. The stone resembles glass, therefore it is often called volcanic glass. Minerals are mined in places with increased volcanic activity.

Basically, the mineral has a black color, but there are peanut stones, red-brown and iridescent.

In nature, there are several varieties of obsidian:

  • snow is a black stone with white splashes like snowflakes;
  • peanut — a black stone with dotted inclusions resembling a peanut shape;
  • iridescent — a rare breed of obsidian with colored patches.

Jewelry is made of stone, however, it has gained the greatest popularity as a building insulation material — perlite.

Mystical properties

All minerals are inherent in magical properties, as they have an impact on its owner. What are the characteristics of obsidian?

Firstly, it absorbs the evil thoughts of a person and relieves them of depression.

Absorbency is widely used to protect against negative influences from the outside: damage, evil eyes, curses.

The stone protects its owner well, if you constantly wear it for these purposes.

The ancient magicians used obsidian for predictions: in volcanic glass, specially processed, you can see pictures of the past and the future. The stone activates the intuition and abilities of the medium, so magic artifacts are made of it. With the help of a mineral, magicians summon and subdue spirits in their work.

Ritual knives for sacrifices are made from obsidian, and earlier they were used for embalming corpses.

The stone helps to get rid of the annoying attention of others, so it is used as an “invisible cap”. To become inconspicuous, you need to wear a jewelry with a mineral or keep the rosary of obsidian in your hands. Minerals are loved by bankers as well — it helps to repay debts.

In the office, the pyramid of obsidian on the table will be able to protect from annoying or unfriendly visitors, as well as the authorities quibbles.

See photos of peanut obsidian:

Obsidian stone - human properties and value

Obsidian is a cunning stone, so it should be used with caution. Its distinguishing feature is the ability to create the illusion of omnipotence and incredible power, as a result of which a person can get into trouble.

Therefore, in the Caucasus, they sincerely consider obsidian to be the stone of Satan. Unsure of their strength, people should avoid contact with this stone, as they fall under the charm of an unknown force, which pushes them to death through risky actions.

However, for people with a stable psyche, the stone helps to overcome the most difficult life challenges, endowing them with firmness of spirit and unshakable stubbornness. Obsidian can relieve from the fear of change, extinguish doubts and uncertainty, helps in making responsible decisions.

Healing qualities

Obsidian is used to heal certain ailments. The properties of stone to rescue from cold due to overcooling of the body are widely spread.

The stone normalizes blood pressure and the digestive system, strengthens the immune system.

Obsidian is an excellent talisman against any disease. To do this, you just need to wear stone jewelry, especially during flu epidemics.

However, people with kidney disease need to be careful with the mineral: with prolonged wear, it adversely affects the work of the kidneys, reducing their tone.

The regenerative ability of the stone is noticed: it helps to restore the skin with various injuries and burns. Obsidian is considered a talisman for both men and women: it bestows potency and ability to bear children.

Obsidian stone - human properties and value

Zodiac signs

Who is obsidian, which zodiac signs? Astrologers believe the stone is universal.

Especially good is obsidian in a frame made of silver — this increases its natural properties. However, there are some features in contact with volcanic glass:

  1. Taurus is difficult to get along with changeable and active obsidian, as they love stability and lack of change.
  2. Aries stone can enter into uncontrolled aggression, so contact with the mineral should be limited — only to achieve the goal.
  3. Gemini stone will bring only positive changes, astrologers recommend wearing it constantly.
  4. It is better for cancers not to use volcanic glass ornaments — it will play a cruel joke with them.
  5. Libra and obsidian do not understand each other. The energy of the stone is completely opposite to the energy of Libra.
  6. Scorpio obsidian helps to achieve peace of mind and peace, it is in perfect harmony with the energy of quick-tempered representatives of this sign. However, one should take breaks in contact with the stone so as not to turn into a hopeless narcissist despot.
  7. Capricorns have excellent compatibility with obsidian, as well as Aquarius, is their stone.
  8. Fish can use mineral jewelry to gain confidence, however, with prolonged wear, the opposite effect will occur — anxiety and panic.

If you do not like to wear jewelry, you can purchase various mineral crafts — jewelry boxes, candlesticks, pyramids, and other items.

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