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Obsidian stone — properties, photo suits

At the time of Ancient Rome, the warrior Obsian brought dark shiny stones from Ethiopia to the capital of the empire, which have since been called obsidians. Obsidians are volcanic glass and come in black, gray, yellow, brown, or red.

Brown stones with black inclusions are called Persians, and gray-white stones are snow obsidants.

Obsidian stone - properties, photo suits

Photo of Obsidian Stone

Beautiful dark stones with whitish patches found in the state of Arizona (USA) received the figurative name “Apache tears”. They are a mixture of feldspar, hornblende, biotite and quartz.

For dark color, obsidian was called a tar stone, and for its characteristic brilliance, it was called a bottle stone. Even in the Paleolithic, obsidian was used to make arrowheads, knives and scrapers. Today, obsidian is decorated with jewelry.

Pendants and pendants are made of this stone.

The magical properties of obsidian

Obsidian absorbs bad intentions, protects from wrong actions, thereby saving from sins. People who wear amulets made of this stone are not afraid of any changes, both external and internal.

Medicinal properties

In India, black iridescent obsidian was revered as a cleansing stone that can dissolve energy plugs. According to the recommendation of the litherapist Catherine Raphael, obsidians are placed on the groin or navel area for energetic charging of the body.

It is believed that beads, beads and pendants from obsidian have a positive effect on the stomach and intestines, as well as stimulate the work of the kidneys, stabilize blood pressure and strengthen the immune system.

The influence of Obsidian on the chakras

Sacral, energizing the rectum and the musculoskeletal system; promotes the will to life, physical energy, potency; causes a feeling of confidence and sustainability.

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