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Selenite stone — which means and what signs of the zodiac is suitable

Moonstones fascinate with their mystery. The ancient Greeks, noticing the inner light of the mineral, correlated these qualities with the moon goddess Selena.

Hence the stone and gave the name — selenite. It is a mineral of sentimentality and sensuality, dreaminess and fantasy. What properties does selenite have? What are the signs of the zodiac?

Consider everything in detail.

Selenite stone - which means and what signs of the zodiac is suitable

Stone description

Selenite is a translucent variety of gypsum. This rock originates in the metamorphization of seawater and represents the mineral sediment on the seabed after drying.

Moonstone has many names and colors. The mineral found near the White Sea is called Belomorite, and the black stone is called Labrador.

The most common selenite has a milky-white color, however, it is possible to find minerals of yellow, bluish or pink tone.

The moonstone has a rather fragile structure and does not tolerate the neighborhood of hard rock minerals. The softness of selenite is so great that its surface may be damaged by scratching a person’s nail.

Due to its soft structure, the stone lends itself well to polishing, therefore it is widely used for handicraft work.

To the stone selenite has not lost its natural properties, finished products are covered with transparent varnish. This protects the surface of the mineral from scratches and other defects.

The fragile and gentle stone is very suitable for girls. To emphasize their femininity, the girl is recommended to wear selenite in the full moon.

Mineral has the opposite effect on men — it gives strength and courage.

Magical properties

The stone is suitable as a talisman to eliminate sharpness and coarseness in character. The natural softness of selenite soothes the violent temper and gives its owner prudence in actions and words.

The moonstone is well suited to eliminate conflicts in the family — the aura of the stone spreads calm and harmony around itself. Being in the zone of action of the fluids of the mineral finds peace and loses aggression.

The moonstone has the ability to attract love to its owner, so he will not be left alone.

And seven elephants from selenite, transmitted from generation to generation, become real guardians of the genus.

The relationship of selenite with the moon is used to evoke prophetic dreams. If you put a stone under the pillow and think about your problem before going to bed, then at night you will certainly have an answer to the question.

If the answer is not received on the first night, he will definitely come in the next dream.

However, the moonstone has a negative property — it strengthens the emotional beginning in a person, especially during the full moon. Therefore, people prone to sleepwalking, wear selenite is not recommended, like those born in the full moon.

People with a healthy psyche selen helps to strengthen the intuition and visionary abilities.

Selenite stone - which means and what signs of the zodiac is suitable

Healing properties

Selenite, like other minerals, has a number of healing qualities. In ancient Egypt, moonstone was used for the elasticity of the body, Tibetan medicine uses selenite to remove sand and stones from the bile ducts.

The ancient Sumerians widely used the properties of the mineral to splice bones and eliminate post-traumatic edema.

In modern lithotherapy, stone is used for:

  • reduce body temperature;
  • eliminate the pathologies of the digestive tract;
  • treatment of diseases of the endocrine system;
  • treatment of the visual organs;
  • eliminate depression and apathy.

The stone strengthens the bone structure, so it is used in the softening of bone tissue and fractures. The mineral also helps to be mobile joints, and ligaments — elastic.

Long contemplation of selenite improves eyesight.

Selenite stone - which means and what signs of the zodiac is suitable

Zodiac signs

Who is the selenite stone suitable for? First of all, this mineral is suitable for water signs — Raku, Pisces and Scorpio.

The moonstone has a varied effect on the representatives of these zodiac signs: Scorpions are pacified, Pisces gives confidence in their abilities, Rakov gives insight into making the right decisions.

Mineral is suitable for all people of creative professions, as well as those who have dedicated themselves to serving God. The stone enhances the intuitive perception of the world, develops a mystical world view and spirituality.

Moonstone Care

To decoration or artifact of selenite served a long time, it is necessary to treat them carefully.

Stone products should be stored in a separate case with soft upholstery.

In the bright sun, the mineral loses its natural properties, so it should be protected from ultraviolet radiation.

You can clean the crafts with a soft cloth or a sponge moistened with soapy water. Soaking the stone in water is not recommended, after wiping with a sponge, wipe dry with a towel or napkin.

Careful attitude will keep the stone in its original form for a long time.

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