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Serafinite Stone — properties, who suits it, photo

Seraphinite is a relatively new stone, only recently received recognition among lovers of precious minerals. Externally, the seraphinite is a bit like charoite. From a geological point of view, it relates to silicates of complex composition.

These chlorite minerals are present in many types of metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. Their name comes from the ancient Greek word chloros — «green».

From this article, you will learn the various properties of a stone, to whom Serafinite is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Serafinite Stone - properties, who suits it, photo

Photo stone Serafinit

Opaque Serafinite has a beautiful green and blue color. A special charm to the stone is given by fibrous inclusions, which create on the surface of the mineral a peculiar silver mesh, iridescent with different shades depending on the angle of incident light.

Mineral deposits

Serafinite is a mineral of complex composition, it includes compounds of manganese, iron and aluminum. Although chlorites are considered to be very common minerals, seraphinite is mined only in Russia, in the area of ​​Lake Baikal.

The magical properties of Serafinitis

It is believed that the mineral is especially good for use during mediation sessions. This stone is able to attract to its owner and the love of others, and money.

Medicinal properties

Despite the relatively recent appearance of the seraphinite on the world stage, this mineral has already managed to gain fame as a powerful healer. It is believed that the seraphinite jewelry has a stabilizing effect on the emotional sphere.

At the same time, it is argued that this mineral stimulates regeneration processes in the human body at the cellular level, attracting the healing energy of cosmic forces. It is believed that the stone helps to fight parasitic infections.

Influence of the Seraphinus on the chakras

Cardiac, affecting the cardiovascular system, chest, spine and arms; this chakra causes love to people, promotes openness, sensitivity; strengthens the will to transform the world.

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