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Smithsonite Stone — photo properties

Smithsonite is anhydrous zinc carbonate. From this article you will learn the various properties of the stone, to whom Smithsonite is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Smithsonite Stone - photo properties

Photo of Smithsonite Stone

The name of the mineral reminds us of the history of the Smithsonian Institution, the building of which is located in Washington. It began in 1829, when the English chemist and author of many books on mineralogy, James Smithson, died in Genoa.

In his testament, Smithson requested that all his considerable condition be transferred to this particular country for the organization of a scientific institute. The only condition is if his nephew Henry James Hangerford has no heirs. Providence was pleased that this was the case, and in 1836 the US Congress officially accepted the inheritance of the British scientist.

Another 10 years later, the creation of the Smithsonian Institution was signed.

Mineral deposits

Smithsonian crystals are found in Greece, Italy (Sardinia), Spain, Mexico, Namibia and the United States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah).

From this article, you will learn the various properties of a stone, to whom Govlit is suitable, as well as its deposit.

Smithsonite’s magical properties

Smithsonite helps to invade new areas of knowledge, claim leadership, and be more insightful. The stone allows its owner to feel the love of the world and begin spiritual growth.

Timid smitsonit will help get rid of the fear of a new acquaintance.

Medicinal properties

Connoisseurs of the healing properties of minerals believe that the pinkish smithsonite crystals have a beneficial effect on the heart and throat. They improve the functioning of the lymphatic system and thereby have a stimulating effect on the immune system.

Smithsonite is said to promote healing of wounds.

The influence of Smithsonite on the chakras

Frontal, affecting the organs of the head; This chakra is also associated with the meridians of the bladder and intestines, it helps to realize ideas, stimulates activity in the physical world; throat, controlling respiratory and hearing organs, and skin; activity of this chakra contributes to self-affirmation in public and professional life, brings a sense of satisfaction.

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