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Staurolite Stone — properties, suitable for anyone, photo

Staurolite is a silicate of aluminum and iron, an unusual mineral that forms intergrowth of crystals, resembling a cross. This feature is reflected in the name of the stone (Greek. Stauros — «cross», cast — «stone»), which was given to him in 1792 by the French scientist J. K. Delametri. It is curious that some parts of the “cross” of staurolite can intersect not only at an angle of 90 «, but also at an angle of 60 °.

The latter type of cross is known in the Christian world as the cross of St. Andrew. The color of staurolites usually varies from rust brown to brown and almost black.

From this article you will learn the various properties of the stone, who is suitable Stavrolit, as well as its deposit.

Staurolite Stone - properties, suitable for anyone, photo

Photo stone Stavrolit

Mineral deposits

Staurolite deposits exist in Italy, France, Germany, Austria and in some other countries of the world. In the US, these stones are found in the states of Virginia and Montana.

Staurolites are also widely distributed in Russia on the territory of the Kola Peninsula and the Southern Urals.

The magical properties of Staurolite

Due to its form, staurolite has long been considered a strong Christian amulet that can protect a person (and especially a child) from the effects of black magic.

It is known that US President T. Roosevelt had exactly a staurolite as an amulet.

Medicinal properties

Lithotherapists ascribe to staurolites the ability to help people deal with stress. It is believed that staurolite can be a “detoxicator,” that is, it promotes the elimination of various poisons and end products of cellular metabolism from the body.

They believe that staurolite is able to intensify the work of the immune system.

Influence of Stavrolite on Chakras

Throat, controlling organs of respiration and hearing, and skin; the activity of this chakra contributes to self-affirmation in life; solar plexus, which affects the organs of the digestive system; this chakra is connected with the will.

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